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Some people are just forgetful, and I hate to say it but I am definitely one of those people. It seems like I’m always missing my keys, my wallet— anything I need at the exact moment I need it. That’s why I’m so excited about the all new Tile Mate.

If you don’t already know, Tile is the best-selling Bluetooth tracker in the country, with a whopping 80% of the U.S market share. Basically, they’re the Amazon of Bluetooth trackers, and they’ve sold over 20 million trackers worldwide. That has to mean something good, right?

In this review, I’ll talk about the Tile Mate’s design, features, and finally, the Tile app. Let’s get started!

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Tile Mate
Tile Mate
Tile Mate

With integrations with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, awesome app ratings, and a 200-foot range, the Tile Mate impresses. 

Tile Mate Design

Tile Mate

At only 35 mm across, 6.2 mm deep and seven grams, the Tile Mate is super tiny and will fit nicely on your key ring. It works in temperatures from 14 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, which is good if you lose something in the winter or in a particularly brutal summer. With an IP rating of 55, the Tile Mate is completely protected from dust and can even be blasted with water jets. You know. If someone happens to blast your Tile Mate with water jets.

Tile Mate on Box

The tracker is completely wireless and has a replaceable CR1632 battery, which I love because it means you don’t have to buy a whole new tracker every time the battery runs out. It connects to your mobile app through Bluetooth LE, has an 200 foot range, and even includes a 119 decibel siren, about as loud as a thunderclap. For such a little device, you can really make a scene with this siren! The Tile Mate only comes in white. Overall, I’m a fan of the tracker’s simple square design.

Tile Mate Features

Back of Tile Mate

I’ve talked a lot about the Tile Mate’s design, but how does it actually work? Well obviously, you’ll be able to look up your Tile Mate’s location on the Tile app. But, if you were paying attention before, you see that the Mate only has a range of 200 feet. What if you are more than 200 feet away from your lost object?

Community Find


That’s where Community Find comes in. If your Mate is within someone else’s Tile’s range, their app will detect your Mate and will immediately notify you. Don’t worry, though— no one else will be aware that anything is even happening, let alone any of your personal information. Just make sure you select “notify when found” in the app.

Smart Platform Integrations

Amazon Alexa

Remember when you were a kid and you asked your Mom to help you find something? Inevitably, she’d enter your room, immediately find what you were looking for, and hand it to you with an attitude. Well, those days are over. Now you can ask to find your Tile Mate through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Alexa, where did I leave my keys again?

Tile Premium

Aside from the basic tracking feature, Tile offers a monthly subscription plan for only $2.99 a month or $29.99 a year. Tile premium includes the following features:

  • Smart alerts: Left your home without your keys? Not with Tile Premium. They’ll notify you if you leave home without your Tiles or Tile-enabled devices. Sign me up!
  • Free battery replacements: Rather than having to go to the store, you’ll get your Mate batteries sent to you directly.
  • Location history: Your Tile app will show you where your Tiles and Tile-enabled devices have been in the past 30 days. I’m not exactly sure why anyone would want this feature, but to each his own.
  • Extended warranty: While the regular Tile warranty is a year, Tile Premium bumps it up to three.
  • Unlimited sharing: Two heads are better than one, and five heads are better than two. Tile Premium allows for unlimited sharing so your friends and family can help you find things!
  • Premium customer support: You’ll have access to a special help line via text.

Please note that Tile Premium is only available to iOS and Android users. One subscription will apply to all of your current and future Tiles and Tile-enabled devices, pretty generous! I would recommend Tile Premium to anyone who’s particularly forgetful, or anyone who hates going to stores. For less than three dollars a month, you’ll pretty much never have to worry about your Tile again.

Get Best Offer
Tile Mate
Tile Mate
Tile Mate

With integrations with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, awesome app ratings, and a 200-foot range, the Tile Mate impresses. 

Installing the Tile Mate

Gabe and the Tile Mate

To begin setting up your Tile Mate, download the Tile app and make an account. Once that’s done, simply press the plus sign in the upper right hand corner and add the device. You’ll then press the Tile Logo on the Mate itself, which will trigger a tune. Then, place the Tile Mate next to your phone and they’ll sync together within 10 seconds. The entire process takes a couple minutes. 

The Tile App

Tile Mate on Tile App

Your Tile app is what you’ll use to find your Tile, so it’s essential that it’s user-friendly. Along with finding your things, you’ll be able to see where you had your object last, ask others for help, and help others with their lost items. Both iPhone and Android users loved the Tile app, giving it ratings of 4.5 and 4.2, respectively.

“Does as advertised and works! Can’t tell you how many times this has come in handy for me. Great product. I also really like the rings they sound like classic 8 bit video game songs… Sort of rewarding to hear them as I retrieve my lost items!”

wrote Michael Silicz in a recent five-star review on the Google Play store.


I’m usually not this positive, but I seriously can’t think of one bad thing about the Tile Mate. Simple design, an easy to use app and installation process, and features that let strangers help you without even knowing it? Sign me up.

At $25, the Tile Mate is reasonably priced compared to its competitors. I would definitely recommend this product, particularly to those already in the Amazon and Google ecosystems.

If you have any additional questions or comments, leave them below! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Gabe Turner

Gabe Turner

Gabe Turner is an attorney and journalist with a passion for home tech and secure, efficient living. Since graduating from NYU Law, he has maintained a paradoxical existence of trying to live life adventurously while remaining staunchly risk-averse. He is torn by the dual desires of wanting to only be in Brooklyn writing about housing policy and smart home tech and aspiring to visit his friends scattered across the globe. Gabe believes that stable, safe communities are the cornerstone to a vibrant and healthy society, and it is this passion that brought him to contribute to Security Baron.

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