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Tile is probably the most recognizable name in the Bluetooth tracker industry. They’ve sold 20 million trackers all over the world and get this: in the U.S, they hold 80% of the market share! Cube, on the other hand, is a smaller Bluetooth tracking company, an e-commerce business based in Michigan. If Tile is the homecoming queen, then Cube is a shy art student, lesser known but still talented in her own right.

Today, I’m comparing the Tile Pro to the Cube PRO— it only seemed appropriate to put two pro’s head to head. I’ll go over the trackers’ similarities, differences, designs, features, and apps. Let’s dive in to the Tile vs Cube review now!

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Cube PRO
  • 200-foot range
  • Works in temperatures from -4 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Integration with Amazon Alexa 

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Tile Pro
  • 400-foot range
  • Works in temperatures from 14-140 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Integrations with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

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Key Similarities

Aside from both being pro’s, what do the Tile Pro and the Cube PRO have in common?

  • Replaceable batteries: both the Tile Pro and the Cube PRO have replaceable batteries with lives of one year each.
  • Smart platform integrations: both trackers integrate with Amazon Alexa.
  • Highly rated iOs apps: iPhone users liked the Tile and Cube apps.

Key Differences

Here are the biggest diversions between the Cube PRO and the Tile Pro:

  • Siren volumes: the Tile PRO’s siren is 27 decibels louder than the Cube PRO’s.
  • Ranges: the Tile Pro’s range is 200 feet larger than the Cube PRO’s.
  • Prices: The Tile Pro is about five dollars more than the Cube PRO.

Now let’s talk about their designs.

Design of the Tile Pro vs. Cube PRO

Tile Pro vs. Cube PRO.
Tile Pro vs. Cube PRO. Photos provided by Tile and Cube.

The Tile Pro and the Cube PRO are pretty similar aesthetically. They’re both square with rounded edges and minimalist in nature. You can buy the Tile Pro in black or white, while the Cube PRO comes in black and silver. I’m pleased to say that both trackers have replaceable batteries, so after the battery dies in a year, you won’t have to completely replace the tracker. Also, both trackers have key ring holes so you can easily attach them to your keys. Nothing throws off your day like losing your keys!

Tile Pro vs. Cube PRO Design
Tile Pro vs. Cube PRO Design

The Cube PRO is slightly smaller than the Tile Pro, but only by 5 mm across and about 1 mm width-wise. However, the Tile Pro weighs about 6 grams more than the Cube PRO, and that is probably due to its huge range. The Tile Pro has the largest range I’ve seen from a Bluetooth tracker: a whopping 400 feet, 200 more than the Cube PRO. Additionally, the Tile Pro has a siren that’s 128 decibels loud compared to only 101 on the Cube Pro.

Durability-wise, both trackers impress. The Tile Pro works in temperatures from 14 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, while the Cube Pro works in temperatures from negative four to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. The Cube PRO is also more resistant to solids and liquids compared to the Tile Pro. The Tile Pr’s IP rating of 55 means that it’s protected from dust and can even take water from a small nozzle. Sounds good, but the Cube PRO takes it a step further with an IP rating of 67. It’s completely dust tight and can be immersed in water up to one meter deep. If durability is what you’re looking for, the Cube PRO is it. Whether you lose your keys in the jungle, the Arctic, or anything in between, the Cube PRO can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Features of the Tile Pro vs. Cube PRO

Needless to say, the main purpose of the Tile Pro and the Cube PRO is to help you track lost items. Let’s take a closer look at how that happens.

Community Features

Bluetooth Tracker Community Network
Bluetooth Tracker Community Network

Both Tile and Cube offer features that allow anyone to help find another person’s tracker. Just mark your tracker as missing, and wait until someone with its respective app stumbles into its range. They’ll have no idea they’ve led you to your tracker, as everything is completely anonymous. The main thing is that you’ll be notified of your tracker’s location.

Tile calls this process Community Find, while Cube calls it Crowd Find— they’re two different names for basically the same feature. The main difference between the two programs is the size of the networks. While Tile is one of the most popular Bluetooth tracker companies, Cube is not as widely used. Obviously, the more apps downloaded, the greater the chance becomes that your item will be found. To give you an idea of the difference in scale, I took a look at the amount of app reviews for each company, a good indicator of total downloads. While the Tile app has 9.6K reviews on the Apple store, the Cube app has only 858. It’s clear that Tile’s Community Find feature will function better than Cube’s Crowd Find. Sorry Cube!

Smart Platform Integrations

Amazon Echo
Amazon Echo

While both the Tile Pro and the Cube PRO integrate with Amazon Alexa, only the Tile Pro currently offers a Google Assistant integration. Cube says that an integration with Google Assistant is on the way, so that’s promising. With the smart platform integrations, you can ask Alexa to find your item as easily as you would ask your spouse— except Alexa will be way less annoyed at you.


Now, let’s talk about a few miscellaneous features that Tile and Cube offer before we get into the apps.

Tile Premium

If you’re looking to kick your Tile Pro up to the next level, Tile Premium is your best bet. It’s a paid subscription that costs either $2.99 a month or $29.99 a year, your choice. Here’s what you get with Tile Premium:

  • Smart alerts: you’ll be notified if you leave home without your Tile.
  • Free battery replacements: Tile will send you replacement batteries on the house.
  • Location history: see where your Tiles have been for the past 30 days.
  • Extended warranty: all Tile warranties will change from one to three years.
  • Unlimited sharing: add friends and family to your account so they can help track your Tiles as well.
  • Premium customer support: you’ll be able to get help from an exclusive text line.

One Tile Premium subscription covers all of your current and future tiles, which is pretty darn generous if you ask me.

Shutter Button

Anyone who says Kim Kardashian isn’t talented clearly has never tried to take a selfie on their phone. Between watching your angles, catching the light, and getting that perfect smize, it can be hard to balance it all. Well, the Cube PRO just made it easier. By going into your Cube app, you can turn your Cube PRO into a shutter button. A shutter button is much easier to use than a phone, as you’re not limited by the length of your arm. You’ll be a famous influencer in no time!

The Tile and Cube Apps

The last thing I’ll cover is the apps. For Bluetooth trackers, apps are key. If they don’t work well, you won’t be able to locate your tracker, defeating its purpose entirely. Let’s see how Tile and Cube’s apps work and what real customers have to say about them.

The Tile App

The Tile App
The Tile App

From the Tile app you’ll be able to locate your tracker or see its last known location, help other people find their Tiles, mark your Tile as lost, or ring your phone (even if its on silent!). Both Apple and Android users loved the Tile app, giving it ratings of 4.5 and 4.2 respectively.

The CUBE Tracker App

The Cube App
The Cube App

The CUBE Tracker app is where you’ll receive notifications, find items, mark your item as lost, and detect other people’s Cubes. While Apple users gave the Cube app a nearly perfectly rating of 4.8, Android users only ranked it as a 2.8 out of five stars! Many people complained of connection issues, which is a huge red flag.

Recap of the Tile Pro vs. the Cube PRO

It’s obvious that the Tile Pro and the Cube PRO both raise industry standards in siren volume, range, and durability. However, I would choose the Tile Pro over the Cube PRO, mainly due to its superior app reviews, larger range, louder siren and bigger network. I would definitely steer clear of the Cube PRO if you are an Android user. In the same vein, if you were looking for a tracker with Google Assistant, then Tile Pro is the right choice for you.

Still undecided? Let’s do one quick, final analysis.

Pick the Tile Pro if you’d like…

  • 400 foot range: the Tile Pro has the largest range of any Bluetooth tracker I’ve seen by 100 feet.
  • Largest community network: as Tile has about 80% of the U.S market share for Bluetooth trackers, their Community Find feature is more useful.
  • Great apps for both iPhones and Androids: the Tile app has an average rating of 4.35 from the Apple and Google Play stores, very impressive.

To learn more, read my full review of the Tile Pro.

Pick the Cube PRO if you’d like…

  • IP rating of 67: you can immerse the Cube PRO in water up to 1 m and it will still function normally.
  • Large temperature range: from negative four to 150 degrees, the Cube PRO can handle most temperatures.

Want to learn more? Read my full review of the Cube PRO.

To explore other options, check out the best Bluetooth trackers of 2020. 


Is there a monthly fee for Tile tracker?

There’s no required fee for Tile trackers. However, if you want alerts if you leave home without your tracker, free battery replacements, a location history, an extended warranty, unlimited sharing and premium customer support through an exclusive text line, you can sign up for Tile Premium which costs either $2.99 a month or $29.99 a year.

What is the best tracking device for keys?

The best tracking device for keys is the Tile Mate. If you’re looking for the best community network feature, Tile wins hands-down. They hold about 80% of the U.S market share for Bluetooth trackers, so there are more Tile apps downloaded than any of their competitors. More apps means a higher chance that your keys will be found, the entire point of the tracker in the first place.

How does Cube tracker work?

If your item is within 100 feet of your Cube Tracker, your Cube app will be able to detect it through Bluetooth. If it’s out of that range, you can mark your tracker as lost and then every Cube app will be attuned to automatically look for it. If the item shows in within a Cube network’s range, you’ll be privately notified.

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