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I’ve reviewed a ton of Tile’s trackers, from the Tile Slim to the Tile Mate, from the Tile Style to the Tile Sport. Out of all the Bluetooth tracker brands, Tile happens to be my favorite. Why? Well, when you’re talking Bluetooth trackers, it’s all about who you know. You want to be in a network that’s as large as possible, as that will increase the likelihood that someone will step into your tracker’s range and help you find your missing item.

Tile, used on more than three million items everyday, owns about 80% of the retail market for Bluetooth trackers in the United States, so it’s a no-brainer that this is the brand to buy from. The real questions that this Tile tracker review is asking are, which Tile tracker is the one for you, and is their latest option, the Tile Sticker, worth buying? Let’s take a closer look.

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Tile Sticker
Tile Sticker
Tile Sticker

This waterproof Bluetooth tracker comes with a 3M adhesive, allowing you to stick it on most metal or plastic products and track them within 150 feet. 

Tile Sticker Design

Tile Sticker
Tile Sticker

The Tile Sticker is very small, at only 2.7 by 7.3 mm wide and weighing only five grams. While it lacks a keyring hole, it does have a 3M adhesive on the back to it can be attached to metals and plastics, making it ideal to track a phone. Plus, this thing is waterproof, able to be immersed in one up to one m of water without breaking down. As long as the temperature is somewhere in the 14 to 149 degrees Fahrenheit range, you’ll be fine, but it may not be the best choice for climates that regularly get below 14.

Tile Sticker on Table
Tile Sticker on Table

Available in black, the Tile Sticker has a three year battery, built-in, and it’s not replaceable, so once the three years are up, you’ll need a new Tile Sticker. Finally, the Tile Sticker has a range of 150 feet, meaning it will show up in your app as long as you’re within 150 feet of it (and we’ll talk about what happens beyond that range in a bit). Now, 150 feet isn’t the largest range I’ve ever seen, as the standard seems to be around 200. Especially considering the Tile Pro has a 400-foot range, I’m a little underwhelmed by the range of the Tile Sticker. Sure, it’s around average, but I’m looking for magnificent!

Tile Sticker Features

What if you lose your Tile Sticker and you’re more than 150 feet away from it? That’s where Community Find comes in. Let me explain further.

Community Find

Bluetooth Tracker Community Network

If your Tile Sticker is out of your network, you might still be able to track it. Anyone with the Tile app downloaded, whether they actually own a tracker or not, can pick up on your Tile Sticker if they’re in 150 feet of it. Simply mark your item as lost in the Tile app and wait for a member of Tile’s enormous network to stumble into it’s range. The person will have no idea they’ve helped you, as everything occurs automatically and anonymously, but this is where Tile’s huge market share is such an advantage. With Tile more than any other Bluetooth tracking company in this country, you have the best changes of finding your item if you’re more than 150 feet away.

Tile Premium

Tile is also one of the only companies I’ve encountered to offer a premium subscription, available for either $2.99 a month or $29.99 a year. Keep in mind that the first Tile tracker you get comes with a one month free trial, so that’s a good way to test out Tile Premium and see if it’s worth it. Here’s what included:

  • Smart alerts: Get notified if you accidentally leave the house without your Tile Sticker.
  • Free battery replacements: This doesn’t apply to the Tile Sticker, as it’s batteries are not replaceable, but it could be relevant to other Tile trackers with replaceable batteries.
  • Location history: See exactly where your Tile Sticker has been over the past 30 days in the Tile app.
  • Extended warranty: Again, this feature only applies to trackers with replaceable batteries and extends their warranties to three years. However, with the Tile Sticker, your warranty will remain at one year.
  • Unlimited sharing: You’ll be able to share your Tile with as many people as you want so that they can help you located lost items.
  • Premium customer support: Only Premium members will be able to text with Tile’s support team.

As you can see, two out of the six features of Tile Premium don’t apply to the Tile Sticker, which is a bit of a bummer. Overall, I don’t think it’s a great investment for trackers with non-replaceable batteries, as you’ll only get smart alerts, a location history, unlimited sharing and access to the text help line.

Smart Platform Integrations

The Tile Sticker works with Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to ask your voice assistant to help you find missing items.

“Alexa, ask Tile to find my keys”.

Getting ready in the morning has never been easier than with these smart platform integrations from Tile.

The Tile App

Tile App
The Tile App

The Tile app is where you’ll track your items, see it’s last location, if you invested in Tile Premium, mark items as lost, set up smart platform integrations, and help find other people’s missing items. The app is highly rated, with a 4.4 from the Apple store and a 3.9 from the Google Play store, as of writing.

These numbers are a bit lower than when I reviewed the initial package of Bluetooth trackers a few months ago, but they’re still pretty user friendly. However, many Android users seemed to be having issues with connectivity after a recent update, so be sure to check out the latest app ratings before purchasing the Tile Sticker.

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Tile Sticker
Tile Sticker
Tile Sticker

This waterproof Bluetooth tracker comes with a 3M adhesive, allowing you to stick it on most metal or plastic products and track them within 150 feet. 

Recap of the Tile Sticker Bluetooth Tracker Review

Tile Sticker Box
Tile Sticker Box

I feel a bit conflicted about the Tile Sticker. While I love the fact that it can be attached to things that lack keyring holes or pockets, it’s range was a bit less than I’d like at 150 feet. So I’d only buy it if you have an item that you need a tracker with an adhesive for, like a phone. If you’re looking to track keys or a wallet, Tile has some other options with higher ranges.

Go with the Tile Sticker if you’re looking for…

  • Adhesive: For those items without an obvious compartment or key ring hole, the Tile Sticker is perfect for flat surfaces.
  • Integrations with Alexa and Google Assistant: I love that Tile works with the two most popular voice assistants so you can find your items hands-free.
  • Great app for iPhone: With a 4.4 rating on the Apple store, iPhone users shouldn’t have any issues connecting with and using their Tile Stickers.

But avoid it if you don’t want…

  • Problems with Android app: Although the Tile app for Android has a decent overall rating on the Google Play store, recent reviews were pretty negative regarding connectivity.
  • Non-replaceable battery: After the battery dies in three years, so will your Tile Sticker.
  • Low range: Although 150 feet isn’t terrible, I’m surprised that Tile’s latest product doesn’t quite meet industry standards.

To explore other options, check out my top picks for bluetooth trackers in 2020.


Are Tile trackers waterproof?

The waterproof Tile trackers include the Tile Sticker, the Tile Slim, the Tile Style and the Tile Sport.

What is the new Tile?

The latest Tile tracker is the Tile Sticker.

What is a Tile tracker?

A Tile tracker is a Bluetooth tracker you can attach on to items so that you can find them using the Tile app. Tile is the most popular Bluetooth tracking company in the United States, holding about 80% of the market share.

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