Tile Vs. TrackR— Which Bluetooth Tracker Is Right For You?

Tile and TrackR are two of the biggest names in the Bluetooth tracking market. Both companies offer multiple products to track various items, including keys, wallets, and whatever else you can attach.

We’re taking a look at the differences between Tile’s Sport and Style trackers and TrackR’s bravo and pixel trackers — standard trackers from both companies.

Key Similarities:

  • Both companies offer multiple products (with slight variations) that do the same thing
  • Tile and TrackR both have strong crowd-locating networks overall
  • Both companies make good use of their mobile apps
  • Tile and TrackR can find your phone by using their trackers

Key Differences:

  • TrackR’s trackers have replaceable batteries. Tile’s trackers do not.
  • Tile’s trackers have a longer Bluetooth range.
  • Tile’s Sport and Style trackers are waterproof. TrackR’s trackers are not.
  • TrackR offers optional separation alerts for when a tracker is too far away from a phone, Tile does not.
  • TrackR’s pixel has an LED ring to make it easier to spot in the dark, Tile’s trackers offer no lights.
  • Tile’s Sport and Style trackers are $5-$10 more expensive than TrackR’s offerings.

Winner And Loser Categories


Winner: Tile

Tile’s trackers re-connected quicker to the apps in our testing, and dropped connection less often.

Bluetooth Range

Winner: Tile

Tile’s Sport and Style offer a 200-ft. Bluetooth range. TrackR’s products top out at 100 ft., and we even found that to be pushing it in some circumstances.

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Alert Volume

Winner: Tile

Tile’s trackers are a bit louder than TrackR’s gadgets.

Crowd Locating Network

Winner: Tile

Both trackers have strong crowd locating networks for when an item goes missing. But Tile’s network is a bit larger.

Extra Features

Winner: TrackR

TrackR offers separation alerts (which can be toggled on/off) when a tracker gets too far from a phone. TrackR’s pixel also has an LED ring for finding the tracker in the dark. Tile doesn’t offer either feature, but Sport and Style are waterproof — which may be more important to some users. Trackers from both companies can act as phone finders.

Mobile App

Winner: Tile

TrackR’s app is solid. But Tile’s app is excellent.


Winner: TrackR

TrackR allows users to replace batteries. Tile does not — once a Tile tracker runs out of battery (after a year or so), it’s essentially useless.


Winner: TrackR

TrackR’s plastic pixel is $25, and its aluminum bravo is $30. Tile’s Sport and Style are $35 each (though the company does also offer an older model for $25 as of this writing).

Who Tile Is Better For:

  • Users seeking a tracker with the best Bluetooth range and loudest alert volume
  • Users looking for the strongest crowd network for locating missing trackers
  • Users who want the best possible mobile app

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Who TrackR Is Better For:

  • Users who want to keep their tracker longer than one year
  • Users seeking features like separation alerts and lighting
  • Users looking for a slightly less expensive tracker

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Tile is a more impressive overall Bluetooth tracker — from its app to its range to its volume (and even its design), it’s a top option right now. However, Tile’s trackers only last for one year — TrackR’s gadgets can conceivably last much longer with replaceable batteries. In time, Tile’s more expensive trackers become even more of an investment. It all depends on what you prioritize: price and lifespan, or top-notch performance.

Phil Dzikiy

Phil Dzikiy

Phil Dzikiy is Editor of Security Baron. An award-winning journalist, Dzikiy was formerly the Editor-in-Chief of iLounge.com, and his writing has appeared on TheWirecutter.com, among other outlets. He lives in New York City.

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