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TrackR was launched in 2010 after some a group of friends lost their keys on a surfing trip. Since then, they’ve shipped over eight million devices and were even ranked #45 on the Inc. list of the fastest growing companies! Along with Tile, TrackR is one of the biggest names in Bluetooth tracking today, so I’m excited to be reviewing their TrackR bravo.

Today, I’ll talk about the TrackR bravo’s design, features, and the TrackR app. Lets get started with the TrackR bravo review!

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TrackR bravo
TrackR bravo
TrackR bravo

The best things about the TrackR bravo? Its Amazon Alexa-integration, replaceable battery and huge temperature range of -40 to 221 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Design of the TrackR bravo

TrackR bravo
TrackR bravo. Photo provided by TrackR.

The TrackR bravo is pretty small, at only 1.25 by 1.25 by one fourth of an inch. The cool chrome with the black reminds me of my Macbook Pro, which I like, but I’m not loving the black insignia on the front of the tracker. The graphic looks a bit outdated and ruins the simplicity of the tracker, in my opinion. Of course, you didn’t buy a Bluetooth tracker so it could win a beauty contest, but if you’re going to have to look at it everyday, it might as well be attractive.

TrackR bravo with Keys
TrackR bravo with Keys. Photo provided by TrackR.

You may not be able to tell, but the top of the TrackR bravo has a keyring hole, so it’ll easily fit with your other keys.

My favorite aspect of the TrackR bravo is its temperature range. This tiny thing will work in temperatures from -40 to 221 degrees Fahrenheit, by far the biggest temperature range I’ve been some a Bluetooth tracker. Unfortunately, the TrackR bravo is not water-proof nor water-resistant, but you can buy a water-resistant sleeve for it.

Some more stats: the TrackR bravo has a siren of 85-decibels, about as loud as a passing diesel truck or snow blower, plus a range of 100 feet. I’m not super impressed by either of these stats, as I prefer Bluetooth trackers to have sirens above 95 decibels and ranges at or above 200. The good news is that the TrackR bravo has a replaceable CR1620 battery, so you won’t have to buy a completely new tracker once the battery runs out.

Features of the TrackR bravo

The object of the TrackR bravo is to help track your items, but clearly, only having an 100-foot range to find your tracker is not sufficient. That’s where Crowd Locate comes in.

Crowd Locate

TrackR's Crowd Locate Feature
TrackR’s Crowd Locate Feature

If another TrackR user enters the 100 foot range of your TrackR bravo, you’ll be notified of its location. The other users will have no idea that they’ve helped you find your tracker, as this will happen automatically within the TrackR app.

TrackR claims that they have the largest network to help find your lost items, and they’re definitely one of the most recognizable brands in the Bluetooth tracker industry, so this tracks (pun 100% intended).

Smart Platform Integrations

Amazon Echo Flex Box
Amazon Echo Flex Box

The TrackR bravo integrates with Amazon Alexa, so you’ll be able to ask Alexa to find your wallet, keys, or what have you. I’m a bit disappointed that the TrackR bravo doesn’t integrate with Google Assistant, but if I were to choose one smart home platform, Alexa would definitely be the winner due to its stronghold on the smart home market.

Two-Way Separation Alerts

Say you’re about to leave your house without your wallet. Normally, I would tell you “good luck ordering a grande non-fat skim latte without your debit card”. However, if you were a proud TrackR bravo owner, I wouldn’t have anything smart to say. The TrackR bravo comes with two-way separation alerts, meaning if you leave your device behind, both the tracker itself and your phone will ring. I appreciate that this feature is included, as it is either not offered or only available with a monthly subscription for all  of the other tracker companies I’ve looked at.

Please note that the TrackR bravo is no longer sold on the TrackR website. Instead, you will have to purchase it from a third-party retailer like Amazon. Keep in mind that your warranty and return policy will be determined by that third party, so that’s something to look out for as you’re shopping.

The TrackR App

The TrackR App
The TrackR App

Now let’s take a good hard look at the TrackR app. The app is where you’ll locate your item and see what you last had it. It’s also what enables people to detect any lost trackers through Crowd Locate. Plus, you can use the app to sound your tracker or ring your phone, even if its on silent. You’ll be able to add friends and family to your account so they too can ring your items, which is great for increasing your range.

Unfortunately, users did not rate that TrackR app highly. It has only a 2.1 star rating from the Apple store and a 2.7 star rating from the Google Play store, the lowest ratings I’ve been from a Bluetooth tracker app. Many people complained of the app’s loud and frequent notifications,

“False device separation alerts are far too common.. sometimes when my I’m just sitting at my desk with my tracker next to my phone the alert will go off…the app ignores the phone’s “silent” setting so even when I silence my phone it will still ring for the separation alert…even [the TrackR app’s silent mode] does not completely silence the app,”

wrote an iPhone user in a two-star review.

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TrackR bravo
TrackR bravo
TrackR bravo

The best things about the TrackR bravo? Its Amazon Alexa-integration, replaceable battery and huge temperature range of -40 to 221 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Recap of the TrackR bravo

Is the TrackR bravo the right Bluetooth tracker for you? Let’s start with the tracker’s positive points:

  • Large temperature range: from -40 to 221 degrees Fahrenheit, the TrackR bravo will continue to function normally.
  • Replaceable battery: you won’t have to buy a whole new tracker when the battery runs out.
  • Integrated with Amazon Alexa: if you’re already in the Amazon ecosystem, the bravo will make a nice addition.
  • Large community network: as one of the most-used Bluetooth tracking companies, you’ll have a large group to help find your items.

Let’s not forgets its major drawbacks, such as:

  • Not water-proof or water-resistant: although you can buy a water-resistant sleeve, I’m not thrilled about the TrackR bravo’s durability.
  • Not integrated with Google Assistant: if you another smart home platform aside from Amazon, this is probably not the tracker for you.
  • Poor app ratings: many customers complained that the TrackR app bombarded them with loud and unnecessary notifications.
  • Short range: at 100 feet, the TrackR bravo’s range is at the lower end for most Bluetooth trackers.

Although I like TrackR as a company, I wouldn’t recommend buying the TrackR bravo over their other products. A big part of this is because you won’t get getting TrackR’s warranty. Combined with the negative app reviews, this doesn’t inspire much confidence in the TrackR bravo.

Have any remaining questions or comments? Leave them below— we’d love to know your perspective.

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How far can the TrackR bravo work?

The TrackR bravo has a 100-foot range, but if you are more than 100 feet away from it, you can track it through the Crowd Locate feature. You’ll have to wait until someone else with a TrackR app walks into it’s range to be notified of it’s location.

What is the TrackR bravo?

The TrackR bravo is a Bluetooth tracker from TrackR that has been discontinued. Currently, it’s available on Amazon. The TrackR bravo has a 100-foot range, an 85-decibel siren and an integration with Alexa.

Can TrackR track my car?

TrackR can track your car. Simply put one of their trackers in your car and you’ll be able to see it’s location within 100 feet of either you, or anyone with a TrackR app, if you’re over 100 feet away from your car.

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