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Since its launch in 2010, TrackR has shipped over eight million devices— can you imagine how many keys they’ve helped find? I’m particularly interested in TrackR for a couple reasons. One, they’re partially backed by the Amazon Alexa Fund, and everyone knows that Jeff Bezos helps sell things that people want (and things they probably do not actually want). Two, TrackR was ranked #45 on Inc’s list of the fastest growing companies. As one of the biggest names in the Bluetooth tracker industry, I knew I couldn’t ignore the TrackR pixel, their latest and greatest, for long.

In this review, I’ll go over the TrackR pixel’s design, features, and finally, the TrackR app. Let’s begin!

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TrackR pixel
TrackR pixel
TrackR pixel

At only $9.99, the TrackR pixel is by far the most affordable Bluetooth tracker we've ever reviewed. 

Design of the TrackR pixel

TrackR pixel

As you can see, the TrackR pixel is a simple black circle with a gray rim. The front of the tracker has the TrackR logo, plus three small LED lights to make finding things in the dark much easier. The TrackR pixel is only one by one by .2 inches, so it’ll easily fit on your keys. Aside from the key loop, the TrackR pixel also comes with a double-sided adhesive if you want to attach it to something like a handbag or a glasses case. At four grams, this tracker won’t cause a noticeable difference in weight.

You’ll be able to find your TrackR pixel as long as it’s in 100 feet from your phone, although this range may be affected by walls or furniture. 100 feet is at the lower end for Bluetooth tracker ranges, but it might be large enough for you if you have a smaller home.

Gabe and the TrackR pixel

You can buy the TrackR pixel in either black, white, blue, or red. It comes with a 90-decibel siren, about as loud as a lawn mower. The TrackR pixel works in temperatures from -40 to 221 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a gigantic range. While this sounds pretty darn durable, keep in mind that the TrackR pixel is not water-proof or even water-resistant. While this is a bit disappointing, I am glad that TrackR offers a water-resistant sleeve for the pixel.

Not only does the TrackR pixel has a replaceable CR2016 battery, but they also offer free battery replacements through the TrackR app. I’ve never seen a company offer free battery replacements, so this is pretty cool. Now let’s see what the TrackR pixel is all about.

Features of the TrackR pixel

The main object of the TrackR pixel is to help you find your stuff, but as I noted above, it only has a range of 100 feet. What if your pixel is out of range?

Crowd Locate

TrackR’s Crowd Locate Feature

Every single TrackR app automatically detects any TrackRs in their range without the user even knowing it. If you lose your TrackR pixel, just mark it as lost in your app and wait someone to stumble in its range. The person will have no idea that they’ve just helped you find their keys, as everything is done automatically and anonymously. Given TrackR’s stronghold in the Bluetooth tracker industry, the Crowd Locate feature is a life-saver when it comes to finding your lost items.

Smart Platform Integration

TrackR pixel on Box

The TrackR pixel integrates with Amazon Alexa. All you’ll have to do is say, “Alexa, where are my keys?” and she will help you locate them. Unfortunately, TrackR doesn’t have partnerships with Google or Apple at this point in time.

Get Best Offer
TrackR pixel
TrackR pixel
TrackR pixel

At only $9.99, the TrackR pixel is by far the most affordable Bluetooth tracker we've ever reviewed. 


TrackR Separation Alerts

TrackR’s two-way separation alerts prevent you from losing your item in the first place. If you have left an item behind, meaning it’s out of your Bluetooth range, you’ll receive alerts via your phone and the tracker’s siren. I love this feature because it means you don’t have to depend on Crowd Locate to find your stuff. You can simply be notified when you’re out of range of your item, go back to where you just were, and retrieve what you left behind.

Setting Up the TrackR pixel

TrackR pixel LED Lights

Setting up the TrackR pixel only takes a couple of minutes. Once you download the TrackR app, you’ll add a new device, which is, obviously, your TrackR pixel. Next, you’ll press on your clear button on the pixel itself, hear a tune, and place it beside your phone. The two will sync, although this didn’t work for me at first. Still, after the second attempt, the TrackR pixel worked within a couple minutes, making it an easy process overall.

The TrackR App

The TrackR App

The TrackR app is where you’ll locate your missing items and help others locate their missing items. You can also see your items’ last known locations, which could be helpful if you want to work backwards. The app is what will give you notifications, and where you’ll use Alexa. Not only will the TrackR app alert you when the pixel’s batteries are low, but you can also use it to order replacements. Finally, the TrackR apps allows you to ring your phone, even if its on silent. Sounds awesome, right?

Unfortunately, Android and iPhone users weren’t thrilled about the TrackR app. It only received a 2.7 and a 2.1 from the Google Play and Apple stores, respectively. I was disappointed to see that many people complained about the two-way separation alerts, saying that they were loud, unnecessary, and impossible to turn off.

“If you configure safe WiFi zones the app will often report separation. To combat this it’d be nice to have screen pop up or something silent but that’s not an option. The biggest reason behind this review has come because for the last 2 nights I have been woken up at 1:48AM by the app notification sound,”

wrote an iPhone user in a one-star review.

Recap of the TrackR pixel

At only $9.99, the TrackR pixel is the most affordable Bluetooth Tracker I’ve seen by a large margin; most of them cost around $25. It comes with a one-year limited warranty, and if you absolutely hate it, you can return it within 30 days of delivery for a full refund, aside from return shipping costs.

Is the TrackR pixel the right Bluetooth tracker for you? Let’s break it down. The pixel’s best qualities include:

  • Replaceable battery: plus, TrackR will send you free replacements!
  • Temperature range: the TrackR pixel’s range of -40 to 221 degrees Fahrenheit is the largest we’ve seen from a Bluetooth tracker.
  • Affordability:  the pixel costs less than half of competing trackers.

Of course, the TrackR pixel has its drawbacks, like:

  • Not water-proof or water-resistant: you’ll have to buy an additional water-resistant sleeve to get more coverage.
  • 100-foot range: while this isn’t terrible, it’s definitely on the lower end of Bluetooth ranges.
  • Poorly rated app: users across Google and Apple had issues with constant notifications.

Although I’m turned off by the app reviews, at $9.99, it seems worth it to at least try the TrackR pixel. Given its 30-day return policy, you really don’t have much to lose, and hey— may an app update will come with time.

To explore other options, check out the best Bluetooth trackers of 2019. 

Gabe Turner

Gabe Turner

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