Arlo Ultra 4K vs. eufyCam E Review

When it comes to picking out your home’s indoor/ outdoor security cameras, there’s a lot to consider. You want something that will withstand the seasons while still giving you that quality video, audio, and night vision that you want from any security camera. There’s also storage to consider plus smart platform integrations, artificial intelligence capabilities, convenience, and overall value. But where do you start?

In this review I’m comparing the Arlo Ultra 4K camera to the eufyCam E in terms of all the components of Security Baron’s Necessary Features Test. Although these cameras may look similar, I learn that they’re very different in a lot of key ways. Let’s get started to find out more!

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eufyCam E
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  • Infrared and color night vision
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Arlo Ultra 4K vs. eufyCam E Design

First things first: let’s talk about the designs of these two cameras and what they have to offer.

Arlo Ultra Design

Arlo Ultra 4K Camera

The weird thing about comparing the Arlo Ultra 4K to the eufyCam E is how much they resemble each other and the Arlo Pro 2. The look is very minimalist and sleek, although I wish the lens was set in the camera rather than protruding out. The Ultra also has a motion-activated spotlight and a built-in siren. The camera it wireless and has a magnetic mount for easy installation. In fact, the mount also charges the camera’s removable battery. Like any Arlo product, you’ll need the Arlo hub to make it work.

One thing I always look in to when I’m reviewing wireless cameras is battery life, and I have to say that in this context, I was pretty disappointed with the Arlo Ultra. Its battery life was incredibly short, losing about 25% of its life within a day. That means that you would need to change the battery every four days, which is a huge inconvenience. In terms of usability, I had some major issues with the Ultra in general, but I’ll get to that later.

eufyCam E Design

eufyCam E

Am I seeing double?  Again, the eufyCam E is pretty similar in looks to both the Arlo Ultra and the Arlo Pro 2, except that the black facing extends to the bottom of the camera. Another thing the eufyCam E has in common with the Ultra? It also requires a hub called the HomeBase Kit.

Now, one really cool feature of the eufyCam E is its one-year battery life— that’s a long time! The camera comes with a mount so you can screw it on any flat surface, plus it has a slot for a micro-SD card so you can store footage locally. Finally, the eufyCam E has a 100-decibel siren built in, about as loud as a rock band or jackhammer.

Installing the Arlo Ultra 4K vs. eufyCam E

When it comes to installation, both cameras can be installed by yourself, but which one is easier and less time-consuming? You’ll have to read on to find out!

Installing the Arlo Ultra 4K

Arlo Ultra 4K Camera Box

Installing and using the Arlo Ultra 4K was a pretty arduous process. One of its major drawbacks is its limited battery life. The camera lost about a quarter of its battery life in a few days, and if you’ve taken third grade math, then it shouldn’t take you long to figure out that that means it’ll need charging every four days. I also had some pretty big connectivity issues, especially when I tried to livestream footage. Overall, I have to give the Arlo Ultra 4K half marks for its convenience.

Installing the eufyCam E

The eufyCam E Box

Setting up your eufyCam E is a process in three parts. First, you’ll download the Eufy Security app, which will take you through the process step by step. Next, plug in the HomeBase to power and to the router with the ethernet cable. You’ll perform a firmware update then add your eufyCam E to the HomeBase. Next, you’ll mount your camera, either magnetically or hung up with the outdoor mount. The camera is wire free, making installation a breeze. All in all, installing the eufyCam E was must easier than installing the Arlo Ultra 4K.

Key Similarities of Arlo Ultra 4K vs. eufyCam E

To make sure you’re in the right ball park, I want to talk about what the Arlo Ultra and the eufyCam E have in common. Of course, I’ll be drawing from Security Baron’s Necessary Features Test to review these cameras in terms of video, audio, night vision, storage, smart platform integration, artificial intelligence, convenience, and overall value.

Indoor/ Outdoor

Installing the Arlo Ultra 4K Camera

Both cameras are weather-proof, allowing them to be used inside or outside. Unfortunately, I don’t have an exact IP rating for the Arlo Ultra, but I can tell you that the eufyCam E has an IP rating of 65.

eufyCam E Closeup

What does that mean, exactly? Well, it means the eufyCam E is 100% dust-tight and can even withstand water jets and still function normally, so long as they aren’t too powerful. Basically, as long as you don’t dunk the eufyCam E in water, it’ll continue to work. It also has a huge temperature range of negative four to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, so clearly it’s good for all of the seasons.

1080p HD Video

Arlo Ultra vs. eufycam E Video Display
Arlo Ultra vs. eufycam E Video Display

Both cameras have the industry standard for video display, 1080p HD, although the Arlo Ultra is supposed to work in 4K. Given the exorbitant price of the Arlo Ultra 4K (and the fact that you have to pay an extra $1.99 a month per camera to even get the 4K recording), it’s pretty ridiculous that I couldn’t get it into 4K, but I am still happy with the video display in general.

Fields of Zoom

Unfortunately, neither camera can zoom in at all, so you may not be able to see the level of detail that you want, especially if the camera is outdoors.

Two-way Audio

You’ll be able to speak to whoever you’re recording whether you use the Arlo Ultra or the eufyCam E. This can come in handy if you want to talk to someone from another room, or if you want to scare away intruders.

Infrared Night Vision

eufycam E vs. Arlo Ultra Infrared Night Vision. Arlo Ultra on left, eufyCam E on right.

Both cameras offer my preference for night vision, infrared. I prefer infrared over color night vision from a bright white light because it’s much less conspicuous. Plus, you still get awesome visibility, as you can see from the above photo. A win win! Overall, I’m more impressed with the eufyCam E’s infrared night vision, as it produced a clearer image. But the Arlo Ultra has one night vision feature that the eufyCam E lacks, which I’ll get to in the next section.

Cloud Storage

While both cameras offer local storage, Arlo through the hub and the eufyCam E through an included 16 GB micro-SD card, both companies give you no cloud storage for free. Instead, 30 days of cloud storage will cost you $2.99 a month with either company per camera, or $9.99 a month for 10 cameras. 

Amazon Alexa Integrations

Arlo Ultra 4K Camera Smart Platform Integrations

If you’re looking for a camera in the Amazon ecosystem, both the Ultra and the eufyCam E are options. You’ll be able to tell your cameras to record using your voice only, which is pretty baller if you ask me.

Local Storage

Finally, both cameras offer local storage completely free. You’ll access your storage through the Arlo hub with the Arlo Ultra, and the eufyCam E comes with a 16 GB micro-SD card which should hold about a year’s worth of footage. So far, the two cameras are tied for storage, but wait until we discuss cloud storage for the final verdict.

Key Differences of Arlo Ultra 4K vs. eufyCam E

Of course, the differences between the two cameras are ultimately what is going to influence your buying decision, and these cameras are different in a lot of ways.

Fields of View

Top Image: Arlo Ultra Video Display without Panoramic Simulation. Bottom Image: Arlo Ultra Video Display with Panoramic Simulation. Photos provided by Arlo.

One of the best things about the Arlo Ultra is its 180 degree field of view, the widest view possible. The eufyCam E also has a wide field of view, although 40 degrees more narrow than that of the Arlo Ultra. Despite their lack of zoom, I am really happy with the video quality of both cameras, but the Arlo Ultra is the obvious winner.

Color night vision

Arlo Ultra Infrared vs. Color Night Vision

Only the Arlo Ultra offers color night vision in addition to infrared. Now, if you’ve read any of my other camera reviews, you know that color night vision isn’t my favorite. After all, if you’re recording someone at night, you probably don’t want them to know about it! But I’m okay with the Arlo Ultra’s night vision as they also offer infrared.

Google Assistant Integration

Only the Arlo Ultra integrates with Google Assistant, while the eufyCam E only integrates with Amazon Alexa. Unfortunately, neither of the cameras integrate with Apple HomeKit or Microsoft Cortana, but that isn’t unusual for the majority of security cameras.

Person Detection

While the eufyCam E doesn’t offer person detection, the Arlo Ultra comes with a year of Arlo Smart Home, which includes person detection, package detection, vehicle detection, and even animal detection. We’ll talk more about Arlo Smart Home in a bit, but I’m really impressed with the Ultra’s A.I capabilities. They’re going to lead to stronger, more specific notifications, which makes your life that much easier.


The Arlo Hub

The Arlo Ultra is one of the most expensive security cameras I’ve reviewed at $299.99, $399.99 if you don’t already have the Arlo hub. The eufyCam E, on the other hand, is much more reasonable at $179.99 but keep in mind that you will also need the HomeBase.

All Components of the eufyCam E

If you don’t already have the HomeBase, the price skyrockets to $237.99. No matter which way you slice it, the Arlo Ultra is going to cost you more than the eufyCam E, and I think it’s pretty overpriced for a camera that doesn’t actually shoot in 4K. So despite the Arlo’s premium features, I still think the eufyCam E is a better deal.

Arlo Ultra 4K vs. eufyCam E Applications

Without a user-friendly mobile app, a smart security camera just becomes a security camera. That’s why I looked into the apps I’d be using with the Arlo Ultra 4K and the eufyCam E to see how they compare.

The Arlo App

The Arlo App

From the Arlo app you’ll be able to livestream footage, control any connected devices, speak through two-way audio, connect to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, receive notifications, or view cloud storage. The app has awesome ratings, a 3.9 from the Apple store and a four-star rating from the Google Play store.

The Eufy Security App

The Eufy Security App

The eufy Security app has the exact same capabilities as the Arlo app, but you can also put your camera on a schedule if you know when you want it to arm or disarm in advance. Both iPhone and Android users loved using the Eufy Security app, giving it a 4.3 and four star rating, respectively.

Top App

Although both cameras have user-friendly apps, the Eufy Security app has a slightly better app for iPhone users, while the two tied for Android apps.

Recap of Arlo Ultra 4K vs. eufyCam E

Overall, it’s pretty clear that the Arlo Ultra 4K offers more than the eufyCam E, including a wider field of view, color night vision, free cloud storage, and more. But it’s also over a hundred dollars more than the eufyCam E, so it really comes down to what you’re looking for: premium features or an affordable price.

I’d go with the Arlo Ultra 4K camera if you’d like…

  • Wider field of view: At 180 degrees, the Arlo Ultra offers the widest field of view possible, which will be especially helpful if you use it outside.
  • Color night vision: While color night vision isn’t my personal favorite, some people might want it in addition to or instead of infrared.
  • Google Assistant integration: If you’re looking for a camera that works with a Google smart home ecosystem, the Ultra is your pick over the eufyCam E.
  • Artificial intelligence capabilities: Only the Arlo Ultra offers person detection, package detection, vehicle detection, and animal detection with your free trial of Arlo Smart Home.
  • Motion-activated spotlight: Particularly useful for outdoors, the Arlo Ultra’s spotlight is essential to its color night vision.

For more information, read our full review of the Arlo Ultra. 

But buy the eufyCam E if you prefer…

  • More affordable price: Whether you have either camera’s hub or not, the eufyCam E is going to be over $100 cheaper than the Arlo Ultra.
  • Higher-rated iPhone app: Both companies have great iPhone apps, although the Eufy Security app is rated .4 more than the Arlo app.
  • Guaranteed durability: While the Arlo Ultra doesn’t have a public IP rating, the eufyCam is sure to withstand all seasons.
  • One year battery life: Unlike the Ultra, the eufyCam E has a super-extended battery life.
  • Easier installation: For easier installation and a better user experience overall, I’d go with the eufyCam E.

To learn more, read our full review of the eufyCam E. 

If neither of these cameras seem like they’re for you, check out the best home security cameras of 2019 for more great options.

Gabe Turner

Gabe Turner

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