The Lyric C2 ($170) from Honeywell offers users a quality indoor home security camera that comes with many of the premium features that make indoor cameras so popular for homeowners, at a reasonable price.

How It Works

Lyric C2 comes with the camera, power supply, mounting hardware, and a 8GB microSD card. You can mount the camera on the wall, ceiling, or stand it on a flat surface. If you mount it on the wall, you can tilt the ring up and down to get the best viewing angle. (When it comes to indoor cameras, I prefer to set them on a flat surface rather than mounting them. This allows me the freedom to move them around without having to pull them off the wall and mount them in another location.)

The setup was relatively easy, once I was able to get the camera to read the QR code from my phone. Without that hiccup, the process took about 10 minutes from start to finish.

You need a high-speed, Wi-Fi internet connection and a compatible device to run this camera. The app works with iOS and Android. You can also pair it with Amazon Alexa. 

The camera has a 145-degree viewing angle, which is one of the best features of the Lyric 2. After reviewing several cameras, I’m finding the wider angle lens is optimal for my home, and a 145-degree field of view is the widest angle I’ve tested.

The recorded and live images are very clear, with minimal blurriness thanks to the 1080p HD video. You also have the ability to zoom in on images with a 6X digital zoom.

At night, the Lyric 2 uses four infrared LEDs to capture images up to 32 feet away. However, the night vision feature does not compare to the quality of the images and detection during the day. This seems to be a common complaint among users of the Lyric 2.

Most cameras that come with two-way talk have a slight delay, and Lyric C2 is no different. After pressing the microphone button and activating the two-way talk feature, you talk into your app (on your phone) and the sound comes through the camera. It’s not automatic though, so expect to wait or pause for the person on the other end to hear you. When testing this feature out, I noticed a delay of about two seconds.

The App

I downloaded the Honeywell Lyric app on an iPhone 8. It was easy to register and set up an account. Once the app was downloaded, the Wi-Fi connection was enabled, and the camera was turned on, I went immediately to the home page.

When you pull up the live feed, you have three options: turn the camera on/off, snap a picture of the live image, and talk (two-way talk feature). Swipe up and you are shown the recorded motion clips for the past 24 hours. At the top of the screen, you have the option to turn on/off motion detection (an image of a person running) or turn on/off sound detection. It’s nice to have these features on the home page, rather than having to go to another screen to enable or disable them. Tapping on any of the time-stamped clips takes you to an image, so you can watch the action the camera recorded. You can also download it to your photo gallery.

Elsewhere in the app, you can adjust the alerts and notifications (including email notifications), add another camera, manage users, change the camera settings (LED, sound, adult night vision quality and video quality), and more. Many cameras come with the ability to adjust the sound and motion sensitivity. The Lyric 2 allows you to adjust both the sound (low, normal, high) and motion sensitivity (off, low, medium, high). 

Several cameras give users the ability to define custom activity/alert zones, but they often require a paid subscription in order to access this feature. The Lyric 2 allows you to create custom alert zones that allow you to highlight windows, doors, or any other area of your house in order to ignore background motion and eliminate false alarms. And the best part: it’s free. If you’re finding the lowest setting of the alerts are still triggering too many notifications, you can use this feature to define zones to target (such as the front door). 

The Lyric C2 comes with geofencing, which allows the app to track your location, enabling home and away modes. After reviewing several cameras, I’m finding that this feature is not always included as a freebie, and many times, users are required to upgrade to the premium subscription service in order to enable geofencing.

Geofencing allows me the freedom to not worry about arming and disarming the camera via the app. It automatically turns the camera on when I leave the house, then turns it back off when I come home. It might not sound like important, but trust me, this feature is one to look for in a home security camera. 

FYI: if you don’t want your email to get clogged with alerts about sound and motion detection, make sure to turn it off in the settings under “camera.” I let this feature run for a few days and I spent a lot of time deleting notifications from my email. 

Lyric 2 also comes with “intelligent sound detection” which allows the camera to detect the difference between an alarm, such as a smoke or CO detector, or a baby crying. This allows the camera to distinguish between noises that are considered an emergency and those that are non-emergency.

The Service

This is another area where the Honeywell Lyric 2 shines. Unlike so many other cameras that only offer a limited amount of storage space for free and then require you to pay for a premium service, the Lyric 2 offers free Cloud storage for up to 24 hours. Plus, it comes with an 8GB SD card, just in case your Wi-Fi connection goes down. A major selling point. 

The camera comes with 24/7 continuous video recording with local video storage. Plus, there are no subscription fees or upgrades that you have to pay for in order to unlock premium features. 

Testing Notes

As mentioned above, it took me about 20 minutes to get the camera to read the code on my phone. Each time this step failed, I had to start over, which was frustrating. Once the two finally paired, the process was easy.

After using the camera for a few days with the sound and motion sensitivity set at the higher range, I had to change them both to the low/normal and medium options. I was getting too many sound alerts from conversations happening in the same room and my two cats seemed to always trigger the motion alerts. 

Who It Might Be Good For

  • Users looking for free video storage
  • Users looking for an extra wide-angle lens
  • Users looking for a camera that detects motion/sound and records a video
  • Users looking for a camera with two-way communication
  • Users looking for a camera that can be used on a wall or a flat surface

Who It Might Not Be Good For

  • Users wanting to upgrade their cloud storage with a paid subscription plan 
  • Users looking for crystal-clear night images


Honeywell’s Lyric 2 is a pretty impressive indoor camera. The clear video, extra wide angle lens, and intelligent sound detection make it worth checking out — especially if you need to monitor a large area. Plus, the free storage and no subscription fees for premium services help keep the cost down after the initial purchase of the camera.