iSmartAlarm iCamera KEEP Pro Indoor Security Camera Review— A Hidden Gem?

The iCamera KEEP Pro ($200) from iSmartAlarm is a top-of-the-line indoor home security camera that comes with many of the premium features that make indoor cameras so popular for homeowners.

How It Works

The iCamera KEEP Pro comes with a camera, a power adapter, USB cable, base, and mounting kit. You can mount the camera on the wall or stand it on a flat surface. There is also a microSD card slot that can hold media up to 32GB (a microSD card is not included). The iCamera KEEP Pro works by itself or with the iSmartAlarm Home Security System, which is essentially a do-it-yourself flexible and expandable smart home security system. You can add up to 10 iCamera KEEP Pro cameras per system.

The setup was quick and easy. The process took about five to eight minutes to unpack the camera, plug it in, and set up the app.

You need a high-speed, Wi-Fi internet connection and a compatible device to run this camera. The app works with iOS and Android. You can also pair it with Amazon Alexa.

The camera has a 140-degree viewing angle and 1080p video, which is one of the best features of the iCamera KEEP Pro — at least in my opinion. After reviewing several cameras, I’m finding a wider angle lens is optimal for my home, and a 140-degree field of view is the widest angle I’ve tested.

But the one feature that makes this came truly unique is the 350-degree pan and 40-degree tilt that automatically tracks and records activity when triggered by motion or sound (it can detect motion up to 30 feet away).

Since the iCamera KEEP Pro can swivel and pan 350 degrees, it feels like the camera is following your every move. And at times, it actually does. That’s because the iCamera KEEP Pro locks in on the subject (in my house that was my cats and family members) when it detects motion and then follows you using the panning mechanism.

This is the only camera I’ve tested that has this feature. And while it can feel a bit creepy at times, I can see how valuable the swivel and 350-degree panning and tilt would be if an intruder was in the house. The only downside is the noise the camera makes when it moves. It’s loud enough to draw your attention towards the camera.

The recorded and live images are clear, with minimal blurriness thanks to the 1080p HD and 4MP resolution. You also have the ability to zoom in on images with an 8x digital zoom. Images switch to black and while when the night vision feature (LED) comes on.

Many cameras now come with two-way audio, which has proven to be a hit with pet lovers. The iCamera KEEP Pro has a built-in mic and speaker that allows you to check in on any person (or pet) that happens to be home while you’re away. (I may have used this feature a few times to wake my husband up when he was sleeping in the chair.)

The App

I downloaded the iSmartAlarm app on an iPhone 8 — however, the app is available for both iOS and Android devices. It was easy to register and set up an account. Once the app was downloaded, the Wi-Fi connection was enabled (it’s important to note that you do need a strong wireless connection), and the camera was turned on, I went immediately to the home page.

When you pull up the live feed, there are three icons at the bottom of the screen: mute, capture a photo, and a microphone button to initiate two-way talk. You can also designate an activity zone and begin a time-lapse session from this screen.

Other parts of the app have stored images and videos you can view, a list of recent notifications, and a place to adjust motion and sound sensitivity. There is also a screen to arm and disarm the camera. I kept it armed during the testing period. While in this mode, the motion and sound detection, motion tracking, and alert notifications all remain on.

Several cameras give users the ability to define custom activity zones, but they often require a paid subscription in order to access this feature. The iCamera KEEP Pro has custom activity zones that allow you to highlight windows, doors, or any other area of your house in order to eliminate false alarms. And the best part: it’s free.

In addition to home monitoring for security purposes, the iCamera KEEP Pro also comes with a safety feature that sends you a notification if your smoke alarm or carbon monoxide monitor is triggered. The camera recognizes the sounds and can tell you exactly where the alarm is coming from.

One of the major selling points of the iCamera KEEP Pro is the motion detection/tracking. When noise, motion or any emergency is detected, the camera will immediately react and record, and you will receive a notification on your app. Once you tap on the notification, you can go into the recorded clips and view the image. The recorded clips are among the best I’ve seen in an indoor security camera. Since the camera can swivel and follow the motion, you really get a full picture of what caused the camera to start recording.

The Service

This is another area where the iCamera KEEP Pro excels. Unlike so many other cameras that only offer a limited amount of storage space for free and then require you to pay for a premium service, the iCamera KEEP Pro offers free cloud recording and storage. The camera comes with 24/7 continuous video recording with local video storage (up to 32 GB with a microSD card). The iCamera KEEP Pro will record and store up to 30 motion- and sound-triggered video clips for free before they are deleted. There are no subscription fees or upgrades that you have to pay for in order to unlock premium features.

Testing Notes

Some users report problems with the camera going offline frequently. I did not experience this problem. In fact, compared to other cameras I’ve reviewed, the iCamera KEEP Pro stayed online in my home better than most.

Who It Might Be Good For

  • Users looking for free video storage
  • Users looking for an extra wide-angle lens
  • Users looking for a camera that detects motion/sound and then records a video
  • Users looking for a camera with two-way communication
  • Users looking for a camera that can be mounted on the wall or placed on a flat surface

Who It Might Not Be Good For

  • Users looking for a more recognizable brand
  • Users looking for a more affordable camera


iCamera KEEP Pro is a pretty impressive camera. The motion tracking and extra wide-angle lens make it worth checking out — especially if you need to monitor a large area. Plus, the free storage helps keep overall costs down after the initial purchase of the camera. iCamera KEEP Pro is worth a serious look for your indoor home security needs.



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