Security Baron’s Expert Network is a group of experts in the fields of cybersecurity, home security, and smart home products. They help to ensure that our content is technologically accurate and up to date in terms of the most recent hardware and software available. To verify our content is on the mark, we work with experienced experts including college professors, special projects managers, cybersecurity professionals, and more. Each member of the Expert Network was picked not only because of their academic accolades, but also because of their experience working in or teaching about home security, web security, and the Internet of Things.

You’ll be able to tell if our reviews have been expert-verified by looking at the top of the page. All of our experts are established in their fields and bring their wealth of knowledge to our site. Although we perform all of our research ourselves, personally testing out each product, we like to ensure that we are explaining things correctly. Our Expert Network makes sure that our reviews are technologically correct and performed using state-of-the-art methods.

Security Baron aims to bring you the best in home security, cybersecurity, and connected devices. Our Expert Network helps us bring you the information you need in the most objective way possible. Thanks for visiting!

Our Experts​


Steve Olshansky, M.S.

Steve Olshansky is the Internet Technology Program Manager at the Internet Society, a global non-profit dedicated to the goals of the Internet being open, globally-connected, secure and trustworthy. At the Internet Society, Steve

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Peter Galvin, M.B.A

As Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer for nCipher Security, Peter Galvin has over 20 years of experience working in technology. After getting his M.B.A from Clark University, Peter began his career at Oracle,

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Henry Carter, Ph.D.

Henry Carter is an Assistant Professor of Computing Sciences at Villanova University. An expert in cybersecurity, he focuses on mobile applications and cryptography. He began his study of cybersecurity in Belmont University, receiving

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