Cleveland Clinic Unleashes Google Assistant Action

Cleveland Clinic, an academic medical center, has unveiled a new action for Google Assistant that gives users health and wellness information. Google Nest Home users can ask their voice assistant to speak to Cleveland Clinic to get tips under the categories of healthy habits, common concerns and nutrition. The action also tells users about Cleveland Clinic’s latest posts on their consumer blog Health Essentials.

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The new action from Cleveland Clinic is currently available on the Google Nest Hub and on any Google Assistant-enabled device, including Androids, iPhones, cars, TVs, and more. To create the action, the Cleveland Clinic worked with Myplanet, a software studio, while incorporating their own research. One healthy habits tip, for example, is try yoga to lower stress, blood pressure and cortisol and increase serotonin, according to a recent press release from Cleveland Clinic. Paul Matsen, Chief Marketing and Communicators Officer at the Cleveland Clinic, said of the action,

“People are searching for easy-to-find, timely health information from a trusted source. Cleveland Clinic on Google Assistant provides that. With your smart device, you can have daily access to health tips from Cleveland Clinic experts.”

Cleveland Clinic has an action available for Google Assistant
Cleveland Clinic has an action available for Google Assistant

Amazon Alexa Piloted At Cedars-Sinai Hospital

Cleveland Clinic’s recent Google Assistant action is not the first time that smart homes have been integrated into the medical field. Recently, Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angelos piloted a program that put Amazon Alexa in 100 patient rooms. Patients could use Alexa to change the channel, get a nurse, or even speak to her about the weather, music, or a number of topics. Golda Moeales, the hospital’s Assistant Nurse Manager of General Surgery, said that Alexa freed up nurses to focus more on medical care and less on simple tasks. As smart home technology becomes more prevalent, it’s usage in various fields will increase over time.

Gabe Turner

Gabe Turner

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