Lenovo announced an entire line of smart devices to accompany its Smart Display and Smart Assistant devices. The company’s new line, Smart Home Essentials, will launch with a camera, smart plug, and smart bulb. The products were featured in its annual Tech Life event during Internationale Funkausstellung in Berlin.

The past two years has seen Lenovo release its Amazon Alexa-enabled Smart Assistant speaker and the Smart Display. The Smart Display pairs a Lenovo screen with Google Assistant similarly to how the Amazon Echo Show pairs visuals with Amazon Alexa. The Lenovo Link App, released with the Smart Display, will connect with the soon-to-be-released devices as part of the company’s strategy to create a unified Lenovo smart ecosystem.

Lenovo Smart Home Essentials

In November of this year, the smart plug and smart bulb will be available for purchase. Lenovo’s Smart Plug has a small, circular design affording space for using adjacent outlets. The plug will allow you to switch on a device by voice or in the Link app. Lenovo has not disclosed which smart platforms will be compatible with the new line. However, the devices are likely to be compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa as they power the Smart Display and Smart Assistant, respectively.

The Lenovo smart bulb will also operate with the Lenovo Link app and voice assistance platform. The Lenovo smart bulb resembles a typical light bulb, but will last for approximately 15,000 hours.

According to Lenovo, the indoor camera should be released in the first quarter of 2019. Details on the camera from Lenovo are sparse, but it will be capable of night vision, two-way audio, and live streaming.

Despite being traditionally known as a laptop maker, Lenovo is trying to stake its place in the fast-growing smart home market and its foray into the IoT is just beginning with the announcement of these forthcoming smart devices.