Netatmo and Velux Partner to Release New “Smart Window”

A collaboration between VELUX and Netatmo has created a “Smart Window” system incorporating roof windows, shutters, and blinds into the contemporary smart home. VELUX partnered with Netatmo to allow the system to create a healthy environment inside the home that does not require human intervention. The system uses smart sensors to measure the CO2, temperature, and humidity within a home to create an environment desired by the resident. The system will raise and lower windows, as well as close and open shutters and blinds in order to ventilate a home.

Smart Window Integration with Apple Homekit. Image courtesy VELUX

VELUX, a popular manufacturer of windows, shutters, and blinds, initially announced their partnership with Netatmo in December of 2017. VELUX looked to incorporate elements of smart home integration as early as August of 2016 when they announced that they would make their products compatible with Apple’s Homekit smart platform.

Smart Windows can be controlled by Siri on the user’s iPhone or iPad. The integration with Siri allows a user to operate skylights or shutters even when away from home. Without user intervention, the system will naturally ventilate a space two to three times a day in order to improve air quality. In a press release, Ross Vandemark, VELUX national product manager for the United States, stated, “Without having to program or operate a remote, the system has the ability to recognize a need for fresh air and open the skylights automatically.”

Collaborations Are the Future of Smart Homes

Netatmo Departure Switch

VELUX and Netatmo’s collaboration does not require professional installation, instead opting for a do-it-yourself, modular system for Smart Window. The company suggests beginning with the Indoor Climate Control pack that includes an indoor climate sensor, departure switch, and gateway which connects to the internet. These devices allow for the system to work without user input and provide a manual switch to alert the system that the resident has left. Other components can be added as needed by the homeowner.

VELUX is a Danish company that bills itself as a world leader in skylights. VELUX America builds its windows and skylights in Greenwood, South Carolina, and its products can be found in local suppliers including Home Depot and Lowe’s. The company emphasizes that most people spend 90% of their time inside and it is important for that time to be spent with natural light and fresh air.

Netatmo is a connected object company known for its home environment products. The company is best known for its IFTTT-compatible products like its weather station and security camera. Founded in France, the company’s products connect with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Homekit. The company is rapidly adding products to its line in an effort to stake a place in the increasingly crowded market in the Internet of Things. Learn more in our review of the best home security cameras. 

Smart Home Industry

Smart home technology continues to penetrate almost every aspect of home living. The addition of connected windows and skylights illustrates the depth of an industry that is expected to grow to be worth $65 billion by the year 2020. The introduction of VELUX and Netatmo’s Smart Window system marks just another item to be integrated into the average consumer’s smart home.

Featured images courtesy of VELUX

Gabe Turner

Gabe Turner

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