Real Estate Agents Seek Edge with Smart Home Certification Program

The Residential Real Estate Council (RRC) announced this week that it will be offering a new course to help real estate agents get a leg up in the smart home market. The RRC claims that this Smart Home Certification Program will help agents learn more about technology so they can effectively sell property in the digital age.

In a recent press release, RRC CEO Lana Vukovljak suggested that the program will give real estate agents an edge over their competition. A certificate from the program could show potential buyers and sellers that the agent is committed to understanding the ever-evolving world of technology, home security, and privacy.

A real estate agent shakes hands with a potential buyer.

“The training and certification offered through RRC not only increases an agent’s technical and listing skills, it adds value for their clients by equipping them with skills and tools to identify what qualifies as a smart home and to advise them on how to value the technology,” she added.

According to data collect by the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) in 2016,  only 15 percent of real estate agents receive questions about smart home technology from their clients. But experts suggest that if agents are not equipped with the language to talk about these new devices, they might lose out on a potential sale.

“As smart home technologies evolve, it’s extremely important that our members are aware of what’s available and what advantages and challenges these devices provide,” said Mark Lesswing, chief technology officer at NAR.

Real estate agents who participate in the program are require to complete 12 credit hours, which includes one live classroom course, one on-demand e-Learning course and two hours of relevant webinar recordings. Each will be administered by the RRC.

Adele Jackson-Gibson

Adele Jackson-Gibson

Adele Jackson-Gibson is a writer and multimedia content creator living in NYC. She got her graduate degree in journalism from NYU and her undergrad degree in French literature from Yale University. Her specialty is fitness and sports, but she nerds out about anime, video games and technology. She is passionate about helping people find peace of mind and lends that passion to her work at Security Baron.

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