SimpliSafe Integrates with Google Assistant

Home security company, SimpliSafe announced last week that Google Assistant is now supported by their alarm and security systems.

This is SimpliSafe’s newest addition following a series of product integrations announced earlier this year including Amazon Alexa, Apple Watch, Nest, and the August Smart Lock. CEO and founder of SimpliSafe, Chad Laurens, stated in a release that the integration “gives our customers even more options for easy and intuitive system arming.”

Users can now use voice commands to control the security system via a Google Home or other Google Assistant-enabled device.

Examples of the voice-activated commands include “Hey Google, turn on the security system” and “Hey Google arm SimpliSafe to Away,” at which point the system will activate motion sensors, security camera features, and any connected locks. Similarly, users can say, “Hey Google, arm SimpliSafe to Home” in order to deactivate motion sensors or close the camera shutters for privacy.

The SimpliSafe “Essentials” System

The security system is also responsive to Google’s continued conversation feature that allows for follow-up questions without having to repeat “Hey Google” before each request. The system also works with the Google Routines feature which allows users to pre-program the system to take a combination of actions based on a custom phrase.

The Google Assistant and all other smart-home integrations are compatible with the most recent version of SimpliSafe’s security system released at CES in January of this year, Security Baron goes further into the details of the newest system here.

The integrations can be enabled with an active subscription to SimpliSafe’s professional monitoring plan which costs about $25 a month ($.83 cents a day).

SimpliSafe was one of the first companies to jump on the market of DIY, consumer-installed home security systems. The market has become increasingly crowded since SimpliSafe was founded in 2009 and the recent integrations indicate the company’s efforts to keep up. More information about the market and SimpliSafe’s standpoint can be found in an overview of the company’s most recent financial updates provided by Security Baron.

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Featured photo courtesy of SimpliSafe.

Mia Figueroa

Mia Figueroa

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