Swann Cameras Now Providing 4K Security Footage

Earlier this year, Swann, the Melbourne-based home security monitoring company, was the first to offer a 4K quality DIY home security system—meaning you no longer have to squint to make out the license plate on the video footage.

4K, also called “ultra-high definition,” refers to the pixel count in the image meaning any horizontal resolution with around 4000 pixels. The Swann security system provides 3840 x 2160 pixel images in contrast to the 1080 pixels of Full-HD cameras. 4K doubles the amount of pixels on the screen, allowing for four times the amount of  detail shown. 

4K technology became available in cameras in 2005 and had its origins in theater with “Blade Runner: The Final Cut” being the first major 4K film projected in cinemas in 2007. However it took some time for mainstream home entertainment systems to catch up as 4K televisions did not start to become widely produced until 2014.

Another challenge has been that shooting content in 4K resolution means larger file sizes as well as greater bandwidth requirements, both of which pose problems for widespread streaming. Netflix advises at least a 25Mbps or faster internet connection and the average in households for DSL is between 1-10Mbps and 10-20 Mbps for cable modems.

Regardless, 4K content is still quickly on the rise as it makes its way into other products like security cameras and several of the most popular smartphones.

Swann-security-camera-google Assistant
Swann 4K Security System with Google Assistant Integration

The system’s software enables other features such as face detection and identifying scene changes like crowd movement. Footage can be streamed on the SwannView Plus app, a wire-connected television, or via a Google Home Assistant compatible television.

Swann was the first company to integrate Google Home Assistant to a multi-camera wired surveillance system, Security Baron detailed the Google integration here. For more information, read our review of the best home security cameras. 

More home security companies have since followed suit with 4K quality content such as the US-based surveillance company, Montavue, which announced a 4K security camera earlier this month. As smart home systems become deeper in their skill sets, it appears that companies like Swann are trying to match the progress in video quality.

Featured image courtesy of Swann.


Mia Figueroa

Mia Figueroa

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