Swann, a Melbourne-based security monitoring and consumer electronics company, has released a multi-camera security system that integrates with Google Assistant. The system allows a consumer to ask Google to send live footage from any number of security cameras directly to a compatible television.

Many individual DIY smart home security cameras currently bring some degree of Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, or Google Assistant compatibility, but Swann claims that it is the first multi-camera wired surveillance system to offer Google Assistant convenience. Swann’s system requires each of the cameras and televisions to be connected to the same WiFi network and the resident must sync the company’s HomeSafe View App with a Google account in order to port video.

Swann-security-camera-google Assistant
Swann 4K Security System with Google Assistant Integration

The growth of the IoT, and particularly voice-controlled programming, suggests that convenience is an increasingly important factor for consumers when choosing what products to purchase, despite growing security concerns. In a press release shared with Security Baron, Swann CEO Mike Lucas, stated, “The team at Swann is excited to make home security easier for consumers to integrate into their daily lives.”

Generally, a live stream on a consumer security camera can be viewed through an app on an Android or iOS device. Swann’s system allows you to directly pair a Google Chromecast and Google Assistant to watch your video in high definition on whatever television you decide to connect to the system.

This new functionality is controlled by voice commands prompted by “Hey Google” or “Okay Google” followed by a direction for a specific camera like “show me who is at the back door.” According to Alex Talevski, Swann’s Chief Technology Officer, voice integration is an important trend in consumer electronics. Talevski was clear about why Swann maintained a wired system when some companies are trying to move towards wireless systems stating, “Wired systems remain more robust and secure compared to their wireless counterparts…

Swann’s new system costs $479.99 and is available for immediate shipping directly from Swann.

Featured image courtesy of Swann.