1Password Vs. Dashlane — Which Password Manager Is Right For You?

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Update: Dashlane now offers multi-factor authentication.

Dashlane and 1Password are both reliable password managers, but they have some key differences. Dashlane has more security features and creates more of a learning experience for those who need to ramp up their password security practices, while 1Password is more suited for someone looking for a basic, no-frills password manager. Here, we outline some of the major similarities and differences of 1Password vs Dashlane.


1Password vs Dashlane

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Key Similarities

  • Both have password generators that allow you to create strong, unique, customizable passwords
  • Both use one-sided encryption
  • Both have versions specifically created for businesses

Key Differences

  • 1Password provides you with a “secret key” after you create your master password. Dashlane does not have this.
  • Dashlane has a “security score” feature that generates a report of the strength of your passwords, indicating if there are any old, duplicate, compromised, or weak passwords. 1Password does not have this feature.
  • Dashlane offers two-factor authentication, 1Password does not.
  • 1Password has a specific feature that allows you to use 1Password as a means of two-factor authentication for another login. Dashlane does not have this feature.  
  • Dashlane has a password changer feature that allows you to change all of your saved passwords at once. 1Password does not.
  • 1Password has a families version. Dashlane does not.

Winner and Loser Categories


Winner: Dashlane

Both have clean, easy to use interfaces, but Dashlane wins because it’s easier to compartmentalize your data into subfolders.


Winner: Dashlane

1Password does not offer two-factor authentication, an increasingly popular and helpful security measure. Dashlane does offer two-factor authentication, as well as a comprehensive security score feature, which 1Password lacks.


Winner: 1Password

1Password offers a family-specific version that allows parents to share information with the whole family, while monitoring what information each family member can access. Dashlane could potentially be used for families by utilizing the sharing feature, but it does not have a version made specifically for families.


Winner: Dashlane

Both have great business options, but Dashlane wins for its Smart Spaces feature, which allows employees to separate their personal information from shared company information. So the central administrator can regulate shared data without compromising personal data, ensuring the safety of employee’s personal information.


Winner: Dashlane

The most basic version of Dashlane is free. 1Password is $3/month for the most basic version, although it does come with a 30-day free trial.

Mobile App

Winner: Dashlane

Both have easy to use mobile apps that automatically sync your information across devices. But Dashlane streamlines mobile use by conveniently texting you the mobile app download link as soon as you open the application on your computer.

Who Dashlane Might Be Good For:

  • Users who don’t want to pay for a reliable password manager
  • Users who want a password manager with comprehensive security features, like a security test and two-factor authentication
  • Users who want more freedom to compartmentalize their stored data

Who 1Password Might Be Good For:

  • Users who want a password manager specifically designed for family usage
  • Users who travel a lot and might have sensitive information, and may get good use out of the travel mode feature


Both Dashlane and 1Password are strong password managers. If you’re new to password managers and are looking for a more in-depth introduction to password management skills, Dashlane might be more user-friendly. Features like security score, which tells you when you have a weak password, and the password changer, which allows you to change all of your passwords at once, are helpful in implementing better password security practices. If you’re familiar with password managers and want a basic, no-frills password manager, 1Password might work for you — but Dashlane is free.

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Is Dashlane the best password manager?

Dashlane is one of the best password managers around, with two-factor authentication, receipt capture, an inbox scan, a dark web scan, and, with its Premium plans, a VPN, credit monitoring, and identity theft insurance. However, it’s not the best option for privacy as Dashlane is based in New York and the United States is a member of Five Eyes, Nine Eyes and 14 Eyes.

Is 1Password any good?

1Password is one of the best password managers, as it has both two and multi0factor authentication, a dark web scan, and travel mode. However, the company is based in Canada, a Five Eyes member, so they could be legally forced to hand over customer data. Keep in mind that all of the data in your vault will be encrypted and can only be seen by you.

Which is better, Dashlane or LastPass?

I prefer Dashlane over LastPass for its more extensive features, superior customer support and more user-friendly app. However, I’d go with LastPass if you want a more affordable option, a family plan or multi-factor authentication, which Dashlane lacks.

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