1Password Vs. Password Boss— Which Password Manager Is Better?

1Password and Password Boss are both efficient, reliable password managers, though they differ in terms of interface design and security features. Password Boss is free for the most basic version, while 1Password requires a paid subscription. Does the subscription really make it worth it, or is Password Boss a better alternative? 

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Password Boss
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  • Unlimited number of passwords and devices
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Dark web scan, travel mode 

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Key Similarities

  • Both have password generators that allow you to create strong, unique, customizable passwords
  • Both use a master password to protect your data
  • Both use one-sided encryption
  • Both offer applications designed specifically for businesses

Key Differences

  • Password Boss is free, while 1Password requires a monthly subscription after the free trial
  • Password Boss offers two-factor authentication
  • 1Password has a travel mode feature that hides your data while traveling
  • 1Password gives you a secret key when you create your master password, which is needed to access 1Password on another device
  • 1Password offers a version of the application designed specifically for families
  • Password Boss has a more customizable interface



Winner: Password Boss

The Password Boss interface looks a little outdated, but it has some advantages over the 1Password interface. Password Boss gives you the option to view your saved passwords as either a list or in a tile layout. In both layouts, Password Boss will display the logo for the website for each corresponding login, making it easy to locate specific passwords quickly. You can also manage your viewing preferences, and view your passwords by alphabetical order, date created, or date modified. The 1Password interface is just as easy to navigate and definitely more modern-looking, but it doesn’t offer as many opportunities to categorize and organize.


Winner: Password Boss

Neither Password Boss nor 1Password offers a security feature that analyzes all of your saved passwords and tells you which ones are weak, old, duplicate, or compromised. But overall, Password Boss offers more helpful security features than 1Password. In the security section, you can set an auto-lock time limit, enable two-factor authentication, and choose whether or not login information automatically shows up in the username and password fields on a website (as opposed to clicking the extension to add the information). There is also a “disable list” in the settings tab, where you can disable Password Boss for specific pages or domains.

The only real security feature 1Password offers is the secret key, a unique string of letters and numbers that you will need in order to access 1Password from other devices. It’s definitely better than nothing, but in a way, it’s just a less efficient form of two-factor authentication.

For Families

Winner: 1Password

Password Boss does not offer a family-specific version of its software. 1Password offers 1Password Families, which allows family members to have their own individual accounts with their own personal vaults while maintaining access to one family vault. The “family organizer” has control over which members have access to what information.

For Businesses

Winner: 1Password

1Password and Password Boss both offer excellent business versions of their software. They both allow employees to securely share passwords and other data, while designated administrators can manage who has viewing, editing, and creating privileges. 1Password ultimately comes out ahead for offering different options depending on the size of the business. There’s 1Password Teams, for small businesses or inter-departmental use, 1Password Business, which can accommodate larger businesses, and 1Password Enterprise, which is designed for large companies and includes onboarding features.


Winner: Password Boss

Password Boss is free to use, while 1Password costs $3/month billed annually.

Mobile App

Winner: Password Boss

Password Boss and 1Password both have solid mobile apps that maintain pretty much all of the features of their desktop counterparts. In order to use the 1Password mobile app, you must already have a paid subscription. The Password Boss mobile app has a free 30-day trial, but then you have to pay for it. Ultimately, Password Boss wins for including logos for each entry on its interface.

Who 1Password Might Be Better For:

  • Users who want a password manager specifically designed for families
  • Companies that want a password manager more tailored to their size
  • Users who travel a lot and may benefit from the travel mode feature

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Who Password Boss Might Be Better For:

  • Users who want an efficient password manager for no cost
  • Users who want a more customizable interface
  • Users who want to enable two-factor authentication for their password manager

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While 1Password and Password Boss both have their advantages, they’re similar in terms of functionality and ease of use. 1Password offers better options as a password manager for families and businesses, but Password Boss has a better interface and superior security settings. Password Boss is free, while 1Password requires a paid subscription.

There isn’t much that 1Password offers that Password Boss doesn’t, so Password Boss is overall the better option in terms of what you’re getting for your money, unless you want a family or business-specific password manager.

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Gwynn Ballard

Gwynn Ballard

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