1Password and Sticky Password are very similar when it comes to functionality and ease of use. But Sticky Password is free, while 1Password requires a paid subscription. So does 1Password offer anything that makes the cost worthwhile? We’ve compared the two side by side in a number of different categories to see how they stack up.

Key Similarities

  • Both have password generators that allow you to create strong, unique, passwords
  • Both use a master password to protect your data
  • Both use one-sided encryption

Key Differences

  • Sticky Password is free, while 1Password requires a monthly subscription after the free trial
  • Sticky Password offers two-factor authentication
  • 1Password offers versions of the application designed specifically for families and businesses
  • 1Password has a travel mode feature that hides your data while traveling
  • 1Password gives you a secret key when you create your master password, which is needed to access 1Password on another device
  • The password generator in 1Password is customizable   



Winner: 1Password

The 1Password interface and the Sticky Password interface are both clean and easy to use. 1Password makes categorizing a little more comprehensive by allowing you to create different vaults, which allows you to organize your passwords into categories like personal logins, business logins, entertainment logins, etc. Sticky Password just has different tabs for “web accounts” and “app accounts.” The 1Password interface is also sleeker and more modern looking than Sticky Password, which looks a little outdated.


Winner: Sticky Password

Neither 1Password nor Sticky Password offers a security test feature that analyzes all of your saved passwords and tells you which ones are old, weak, duplicate, etc. But Sticky Password does offer a less comprehensive version of this feature by telling you if your password is weak, normal, or strong whenever you enter a new password into the application. Sticky Password also offers two-factor verification, a helpful and increasingly popular security tool.

1Password doesn’t offer two-factor verification. It does give you something called a secret key, which is a unique string of letters and numbers that you will need in order to access 1Password from other devices. It’s a nice added layer of security, but in a way, it’s just a more annoying form of two-factor authentication.

For Families

Winner: 1Password

Sticky Password does not offer a family-specific version of their software. 1Password offers 1Password Families, which allows family members to have their own individual accounts with their own personal vaults while maintaining access to one family vault. The “family organizer” has control over which members have access to what information.

For Businesses

Winner: 1Password

Sticky Password does not offer a business-specific version of their software. 1Password offers 1Password Teams, which allows multiple employees to have shared access to the company’s password vault. Only designated administrators are able to manage who can view, edit, and create information.


Winner: Sticky Password

Sticky Password is free to use, while 1Password costs $3/month billed annually after a 30-day free trial. Sticky Password does offer a paid premium version ($30/year), as well as the option to buy a lifetime license for a one time payment of $150.

Mobile App

Winner: Sticky Password

The Sticky Password and 1Password mobile apps are very similar in terms of functionality and simplicity. They’re both easy to navigate, but to use the 1Password mobile app, you have to already be paying for a subscription. The color scheme in the Sticky Password app is white-on-blue and lime green, which users could potentially find irritating, but it’s still free.

Who 1Password Might Be Better For:

  • Users who want a password manager specifically for families
  • Companies that want a reliable password manager for their employees
  • Users who travel a lot and may benefit from the travel mode feature

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Who Sticky Password Might Be Better For:

  • Users want an easy-to-use, basic password manager for no cost
  • Users interested in a one-time payment for a lifetime license
  • Users who want to enable two-factor authentication

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1Password and Sticky Password both have their advantages. 1Password is definitely a great option for companies and families, since they offer reliable software designed specifically for business and family use.

But in most cases, Sticky Password comes ahead. It offers more in the way of security, including a simple password scan that tells you if your passwords are weak as you’re entering them into the application, in addition to two-factor authentication. Plus, Sticky Password is free, while 1Password requires a paid subscription.