Dashlane Vs. LastPass— Which Password Manager Is Best For You?

Dashlane and LastPass are two of the most popular password managers available. They both operate similarly, using one “master password” to protect all of your other passwords. Here, we take a closer look at both to identify the main similarities and differences.

Key Similarities:

  • Both require the installation of a browser extension
  • Both have a security feature that tests your password strength
  • Both have a similar tile-like layout
  • Both have password generators that allow you to create strong, unique, customizable passwords
  • Both have options for business that make sharing passwords and managing access easy for companies
  • Both use one-sided encryption, so no one at LastPass or Dashlane will ever actually be able to see your master password
  • The basic version is free to use for both Dashlane and LastPass
  • Both have a feature that allows you to designate an emergency contact that will be able to access your account, or specific information in your account

Key Differences:

  • Dashlane has an automatic “password changer” feature, LastPass does not
  • Dashlane is accessible offline, but you’ll need the internet to use LastPass

Winner and Loser Categories


Winner: Dashlane

While they both have a pretty similar layout, the Dashlane interface is  sleeker and a little easier to navigate.


Winner: LastPass

Both Dashlane and LastPass have excellent security features, but the LastPass security test, called the “Security Challenge,” is slightly more comprehensive. While LastPass has been susceptible to breaches in the past, they’ve used that as an opportunity to rev up their security even more.  


Winner: LastPass

Both are free to use, but if you want the premium versions, Dashlane is $3.33/month, while LastPass is $2/month.

Family Friendliness

Winner: LastPass

Only LastPass has a family-specific version. While you could essentially create a family account using Dashlane by using its sharing features, managing family access will be more streamlined using LastPass Families.


Winner: Dashlane 

While both managers have great business versions, Dashlane has an added feature called Smart Spaces, which allows employees to separate their personal information from shared company information, allowing the admin to regulate shared data without compromising the safety of anyone’s personal information.

Mobile App

Winner: LastPass

Both have easy-to-use mobile apps, but LastPass wins here because Dashlane requires you to have premium in order to be able to sync the mobile app with your other devices.

Dashlane is better if:

  • You want a top-notch interface
  • You want a straightforward password manager
  • You want an automatic password changer

LastPass is better if:

  • You want a slightly less expensive premium version
  • You want a family-friendly option
  • You want the most extensive security checks

While LastPass and Dashlane have some key differences, overall, they are both easy to use and have thorough security features. So when choosing a password manager, you really can’t go wrong with either. It just depends on what features you want, which interface you prefer, and how much you might want to spend on a premium option.

Gwynn Ballard

Gwynn Ballard

Gwynn Ballard is a writer based in New York City. In addition to writing for Security Baron, she writes and performs comedy all around New York and on the internet. She's also a playwright, and has had her work presented at places such as Classic Stage, Manhattan Repertory Theater, and Playwrights Horizons Theater School.

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