Dashlane Vs. Sticky Password— Which Password Manager Suits Your Needs?

Sticky Password is a less popular password manager than Dashlane, but it’s just as efficient and offers the bare essentials of a good password manager. Both are free, so which is better? Check out our side-by-side comparison to see how they stack up.

Key Similarities

  • Both have password generators that allow you to create strong, unique passwords
  • Both use a master password to protect your data
  • Both use one-sided encryption
  • Both are free with the option to pay for a premium version
  • Both have security features that allow you to monitor your password practices
  • Both offer two-factor authentication

Key Differences

  • Dashlane’s password manager is accessible in the browser extension, and is customizable
  • Dashlane’s security features are more comprehensive
  • Dashlane has a password changer feature that allows you to change all of your saved passwords at once
  • Dashlane offers a business-specific version of their software
  • Sticky Password allows you to create separate identities, making it easier to separate your work or personal logins for autofill

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Sticky Password
Sticky Password
Sticky Password

Sticky Password lets you store an unlimited amount of passwords across all your devices, so you never have to forget a password again. 



Winner: Dashlane

Both interfaces are straightforward and easy to use. The main difference is that Dashlane uses a tile-like layout, while Sticky Password displays your saved entries in a list. Sticky Password’s interface is much simpler, but the Dashlane interface is better overall because it gives you a lot more options in terms of what you can do with each entry.


Winner: Dashlane

Sticky Password’s security feature is very basic. It only tells you if your password is weak, normal, or strong as you’re adding an entry to your password vault. Dashlane offers a much more comprehensive security test, providing a detailed report of all of your passwords, including which ones are weak, old, duplicate, or compromised.

For Families

Winner: Dashlane

Neither Dashlane nor Sticky Password offers a specific family version of their software. You could potentially use Dashlane for the entire family by creating an account for each user and sharing the desired information among family members. Sticky Password does have a sharing feature, so it wouldn’t be ideal for families who want to share data.

For Businesses

Winner: Dashlane

There is no business-specific version of Sticky Password. However, Dashlane offers Dashlane Business, which allows companies to share information securely among employees. A designated admin can manage employees and permissions from the Admin Console. They also offer a unique feature called Smart Spaces, which allows employees to separate their personal information from shared company information.


Winner: Sticky Password

Both Dashlane and Sticky Password are free to use. But the premium version of Sticky Password is $30/year, while a subscription to Dashlane Premium is a little more expensive at $40/year.

Mobile App

Winner: Dashlane

Both Sticky Password and Dashlane have impressive mobile apps. Dashlane wins for having a sleeker and more comprehensive interface.

Who Dashlane Might Be Better For:

  • Users who want a comprehensive security test feature
  • Businesses that want a password manager suited for multiple employees

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Who Sticky Password Might Be Better For:

  • Users who want a very basic, no frills password manager
  • Users who want to create separate identities for work and personal use

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Get Best Offer
Sticky Password
Sticky Password
Sticky Password

Sticky Password lets you store an unlimited amount of passwords across all your devices, so you never have to forget a password again. 


Sticky Password is a simple, efficient, and reliable password manager. When stacked up against Dashlane, Dashlane comes out on top simply because it has more comprehensive features, like a customizable password generator and a more detailed security analysis. That said, if you want a barebones password manager that gets the job done, Sticky Password is a worthy option.

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Gwynn Ballard

Gwynn Ballard

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