Enpass Vs. Sticky Password— Which Password Manager Triumphs?

Sticky Password and Enpass are very similar password managers in that they’re both simple, intuitive, and free. Sometimes free password managers don’t offer as many features as those that require a subscription. So which is better?

Key Similarities

  • Both have password generators that allow you to create strong, unique, customizable passwords
  • Both use a master password to protect your data
  • Both use one-sided encryption
  • Both are free
  • Neither offers a business or family version

Key Differences

  • Enpass offers more comprehensive security features
  • Sticky Password offers two-factor authentication
  • Sticky Password offers a paid premium version
  • Enpass has a customizable password generator, but the password generator in Sticky Password is not customizable
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Sticky Password
Sticky Password
Sticky Password

Sticky Password lets you store an unlimited amount of passwords across all your devices, so you never have to forget a password again. 



Winner: Enpass

Both Enpass and Sticky Password feature an amazingly intuitive interface. They’re essentially identical, both displaying your saved entries in a list format. When you click on an entry, all of the information for that login will appear right next to the list.

Enpass wins this category for offering more opportunities to organize your entries into categories. For example, you can save your passwords under categories like “logins,” “credit cards,” “finance,” and “licenses.” Sticky Password only offers two different tabs, one for “web accounts” and one for “app accounts.” The Enpass interface is also sleeker and more modern looking than Sticky Password, which looks a little outdated.


Winner: Tie

Sticky Password and Enpass both have their advantages when it comes to security. Enpass offers a “password audit” feature, located conveniently in the navigation toolbar. This section shows if you’re using any weak, identical, or old passwords. Having it on the home interface at all times also allows users to consistently monitor the strength of their passwords since its so easily accessible. Sticky Password does not offer any kind of security test feature, although it will tell you if your passwords are weak, normal, or strong as you are entering them into the application.

However, Sticky Password also offers two-factor authentication, while Enpass does not. One could argue that two-factor authentication won’t matter as much if you choose a long, strong password, but it should at least be an option.

For Families

Winner: Tie

Neither Sticky Password nor Enpass offer a family-specific version of their software, but you could potentially use either as a family password manager by sharing logins between different accounts.

For Businesses

Winner: Tie

Neither Sticky Password nor Enpass offers a business-specific version of their software.


Winner: Tie

Both Sticky Password and Enpass are free to use. Sticky Password also offers a paid premium version, which includes the option for a lifetime license.   

Mobile App

Winner: Sticky Password

Sticky Password and Enpass both have impressive mobile apps. Both include a built-in browser that allows you to use the internet within the app, adding an extra layer of security. Sticky Password wins simply because it’s free to use. Enpass allows you to store up to 20 items on the mobile app, but then costs $10 for unlimited storage.

Who Enpass Might Be Better For:

  • Users who want more options to categorize their passwords
  • Users who want to utilize the password audit feature to maximize password strength

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Who Sticky Password Might Be Better For:

  • Users interested in a one-time payment for a premium lifetime license
  • Users who want to enable two-factor authentication for their password manager

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Sticky Password
Sticky Password
Sticky Password

Sticky Password lets you store an unlimited amount of passwords across all your devices, so you never have to forget a password again. 


Sticky Password and Enpass are very similar in terms of functionality and design. The one drawback of Enpass is that it doesn’t offer two-factor authentication, an increasingly popular security tool that adds an extra layer of security against hackers. Neither offers family or business applications, so if you’re interested in that, these are not the password managers for you.

Both are free to use, but Enpass is more cost effective, offering more features at no cost. The password audit feature helps users keep their passwords as strong as possible, and the Enpass interface offers more options for categorizing your passwords.

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Gwynn Ballard

Gwynn Ballard

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