Enpass Password Manager Review— An Overlooked Gem?

Enpass isn’t as popular as other password managers out there, but perhaps it should be. Its interface is clean and intuitive, it will keep you on track with updating your passwords, and it has some very helpful security features.

How To Install

To install Enpass, click the download link on the Enpass website. Once you’ve downloaded the desktop application, setting up an account is easy. It will ask you to create a strong, unique master password, which will be needed to access all of your saved passwords. Before you confirm, a pop up window will remind you that there’s no way to recover your master password and to make sure you remember it. To install the browser extension, click on the Settings button next to the search bar, go to Browser, and install.

How It Works

To save a password in Enpass, click the + button at the top of the application. A dropdown menu of different categories will appear. If you want to add a password for an internet login, click login. If you just want to add a password to have it in there, you can click password. Either way, you’ll be able to fill in your login, password, and website. There are also a number of different data categories you can choose, aside from passwords (bank information, license numbers, etc).



The Enpass interface is sleek, intuitive, and easy to use. The data categories are located on the left. When you click on a category, the entries will appear as a list. When you click on an entry, all the information for that entry will appear next to it. There is also a search bar at the top, which makes it easy to find information quickly.

Password Generator

Like any good password manager, Enpass has a password generator feature that will create a strong, unique password for any account. It is customizable, so you can alter the length, pronounceability, and the types of characters in the password. Enpass also has a password generator button next to the search bar at the top of the application, which looks like a star with a circle around it. This makes it easy to create a password on the spot if you want to. There’s also a copy button, so you can easily copy and paste it somewhere else. You can also generate a password while you’re on a website using the browser extension, and Enpass will automatically save it.


Enpass has perhaps the most comprehensive list of default categories of any password manager, and makes it easy to store almost any kind of data. In addition to login information, you can store data for bank accounts, loans, investments, mortgages, FTP logins, WiFi logins, flight reservations, licenses, visas, clothing sizes, and vehicle registration, to name a few.

Importing Passwords

Enpass makes it very easy to import data from another password manager. Go to file and then import, and a list of common password managers and applications to choose from will appear.


To share any of the information you’ve stored in Enpass, go to the toolbar and select Item, then Share, then Copy to clipboard. A pop-up will appear, saying that items shared outside of the Enpass application will no longer be protected by your master password. Then you will able to select the information and copy it as a link, which you can then share.


Enpass has a TOTP function. TOTP stands for “Time-based one time password.” When you enable TOTP for one of your stored logins, a new, one-time password will be created when you use that login. This allows for an even more secure login, because even if someone were to retrieve that data, it would no longer be valid after you’ve used it.


Enpass has several accessible security features that make it easy for users to monitor their password use. At the bottom of the navigation menu, there is a “Password Audit” section that will show if you are using any weak, identical, or old passwords. Having it on the home interface at all times allows users to consistently monitor the strength of their passwords.

There is no separate, comprehensive security test feature, but the password audit streamlines and condenses the same process, making it easy for you to keep track of your passwords.

Other security measures include a “lock” feature that allows you to lock the application on your computer. Additionally, it will automatically lock you out every time you leave the application, making the desktop application very secure if you’re using it on a shared computer or if you’re in a communal space. You will also be required to enter your master password every time you want to use the autofill function for a website login.

In terms of its overall security, all of your data is stored locally, so you will only ever have access to your master password and all of the information it protects. If you want to sync across devices, you can choose which cloud application you want to use (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc).

Mobile App

The Enpass mobile app is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows UWP. Like the desktop app, the mobile app has a pretty straightforward interface. It also has similar features as the desktop app, including browser autofill, cloud sync, a password generator, and backup/restore options. It also has a Touch ID access feature for added security.


  • Desktop application: Free
  • Mobile application: Free trial that stores up to 20 items, $9.99/platform for unlimited

Who It Might Be Good For

  • Users who have never used a password manager before
  • Users who want to easily monitor the strength of their passwords
  • Users who want to save information beyond passwords

Who It Might Not Be Good For

  • Users who want a password manager specifically designed for business or family use


Enpass is an overall simple, secure password manager with helpful built-in security features. This is a great option for anyone who wants something that’s straightforward and intuitive, and definitely a good option for users who have never used a password manager before.

Gwynn Ballard

Gwynn Ballard

Gwynn Ballard is a writer based in New York City. In addition to writing for Security Baron, she writes and performs comedy all around New York and on the internet. She's also a playwright, and has had her work presented at places such as Classic Stage, Manhattan Repertory Theater, and Playwrights Horizons Theater School.

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  1. I just switch from LastPass to Enpass. I’m a Windows 10 user and Lastpasss has a slow lousy app, even it’s browser extension is slow. Enpass is much faster and more intuitive in design.

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