KeePass Vs. LogMeOnce— Which Password Manager Is Right For You?

KeePass and LogMeOnce are both reliable password managers that each offer some unique features you won’t find in other applications. They’re both a little unconventional, and they’re both free.

Key Similarities

  • Both have password generators that allow you to create strong, unique, customizable passwords
  • Both use a master password to protect your data
  • Both use one-sided encryption
  • Both are free
  • Neither offers a family version of their software

Key Differences

  • LogMeOnce offers photo verification as an alternative login method to the master password
  • LogMeOnce offers a business version of the application
  • LogMeOnce offers two-factor authentication
  • KeePass is an open source application, meaning that its source code is available to be modified and tested by the user
  • KeePass allows you to create a key file, an added file that will be needed to unlock your database in addition to the master password



Winner: KeePass

Both the KeePass interface and the LogMeOnce interface look different from most password managers out there. The LogMeOnce interface is a little cluttered and outdated looking, and includes some bright colors, animations, and crazy fonts. It’s definitely a fun, eccentric interface, but at times it can be distracting and hard to navigate.

The KeePass has more of an old-school feel to it. The icons look a little outdated, and some of the functions take a while to figure out, so navigating can be a little difficult in the beginning. But once you acquaint yourself with the interface it’s not hard to use, and it’s more intuitive and less overwhelming than the LogMeOnce interface.  


Winner: LogMeOnce

LogMeOnce and KeePass both have a unique take when it comes to security. LogMeOnce is known for offering an alternative login option that uses photo verification instead of a master password. The application snaps a photo of you on your computer and sends it to your phone. From there, you will be able to confirm your identity and access your passwords on your computer. This option adds a layer of security beyond password protection alone, and employs two-factor authentication by default since you have to have access to another device in order to login. LogMeOnce also offers an anti-hacker feature called “mugshot,” which takes a photo of someone else who accesses your data, and shows the date, time, and geolocation of the hack, as well as the IP address of the hacker.

KeePass doesn’t really offer any significant user-enabled security features. But it is an open source application, meaning anyone can test and modify the source code. You could argue that an open source application is actually more secure than other password managers because its code is constantly being tested, improved, and submitted for improvements. But even if you can get behind that logic, LogMeOnce’s arsenal of security features makes it the clear winner.    

For Families

Winner: Tie

Neither LogMeOnce nor KeePass offers a family-specific version of their software.

For Businesses

Winner: LogMeOnce

KeePass doesn’t offer a business-specific version of the application, but LogMeOnce does. The LogMeOnce business application offers the same photo verification login feature as the regular application, but in the business application, a central administrator verifies the identification of each employee. It also allows employees to create two, distinct, encrypted vaults, one for personal use and one for business use, allowing them to safely use their own device for business.


Winner: Tie

Both LogMeOnce and KeePass are free to use.

Mobile App

Winner: LogMeOnce

Both LogMeOnce and KeePass have solid, surprisingly normal-looking mobile apps. The LogMeOnce app is a smart choice because you can easily utilize the photo verification login by using the camera on your phone. Plus, to use the KeePass mobile app, you have to manually enter all of your passwords, as they won’t sync across devices unless you use an outside service (like Dropbox or Google Drive). In the LogMeOnce app, your information is automatically synced when you download the app.

Who KeePass Might Be Better For:

  • Users who are interested in using an open source application

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Who LogMeOnce might be good for:

  • Users who might prefer the photo verification over a password login, or want both options
  • Users who want extreme security features
  • Businesses that want a password manager for their employees

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LogMeOnce and KeePass are atypical options for a password manager. If you want the most extreme security, LogMeOnce is definitely the better option, offering the photo-verification login option, a hacker “mugshot” feature, and in-depth security reporting.

The biggest drawback to LogMeOnce is its clunky interface. KeePass has a much simpler interface, although it looks a little outdated. It also doesn’t offer as much in the way of security, but it is an open source application, meaning its code is available to be tested, modified, and submitted for improvements.

If you’re new to password managers, LogMeOnce might be a little more user friendly, although the KeePass interface is definitely cleaner and less eccentric. Ultimately, unless you’re specifically drawn to having an open source password manager, LogMeOnce has more features than KeePass and is probably going to be the better option.

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Gwynn Ballard

Gwynn Ballard

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