Keeper Vs. LastPass— Which Password Manager Is Best?

LastPass is one of the most popular password managers available. It’s free, reliable, and easy to use. Keeper is a lesser known password manager that has many of the same features, but requires a paid subscription. So does Keeper offer anything over LastPass that makes it a better option? We’ve compared the two in a number of different categories to see how they stack up.

Key Similarities

  • Both have password generators that allow you to create strong, unique, customizable passwords
  • Both offer two-factor authentication
  • Both use a master password to protect your data
  • Both use one-sided encryption
  • Both have security features that allow you to monitor your password practices
  • Both have family and business specific versions of their software
  • Both are cloud-based, meaning you must be connected to the internet to use them
  • Both offer tutorial-like guidance upon installation

Key Differences

  • LastPass is free
  • LastPass offers business software specifically designed for smaller or larger companies, while Keeper offers one general business application

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Winner: LastPass

Both LastPass and Keeper have a clean, intuitive interface. The main difference is the layout. LastPass displays your entries as a tile-like layout, while Keeper displays your entries as a list. Overall, it really depends on which you prefer, but LastPass ultimately wins for being more modern looking and including the logos for the websites of your saved passwords on each tile, making it easy to find your entries quickly.


Winner: LastPass

LastPass and Keeper offer very similar security features, including a feature that allows you to monitor the strength of your passwords. On LastPass, this is called the security score feature. It runs a test of all of your saved passwords, and gives you a numerical score based on that. If you have a weak score, it also gives you the option to change it.

Keeper’s security audit feature similarly gives all of your passwords a percentage score. If your password is weak, it will be included in the “require update” section. But Keeper isn’t as comprehensive as LastPass, because it doesn’t break down your passwords into used, old, weak, compromised, or duplicate categories. But it does streamline the process by simply telling you whether or not you need to update your password, so some users may appreciate that simplicity.

For Families

Winner: LastPass

Both LastPass and Keeper offer family-specific versions of the application. Both allow family members to securely share passwords with each other, while granting control to one administrator who can decide which family members have access to what information. LastPass Families comes out slightly ahead of the Keeper Family Plan because it allows you to have up to six family members, while Keeper allows up to five. It’s also less expensive at $48/year. The Keeper Family Plan is $60/year.

For Businesses

Winner: LastPass

LastPass and Keeper both offer impressive business-specific applications. Both allow companies to securely share data among its employees and offer comprehensive security audit features. But LastPass is more customizable for different kinds of businesses, offering two versions of their business software: LastPass Teams, for smaller businesses or inter-departmental use, and LastPass Enterprise, for larger businesses.


Winner: LastPass

The most basic version of LastPass is free. After a 30-day free trial, a Keeper subscription starts at $30/year.

Mobile App

Winner: LastPass

LastPass and Keeper both have efficient mobile apps that maintain the best qualities of their respective desktop applications. Overall, LastPass has a cleaner mobile interface. Plus, the Keeper app has a lime-green on grey color scheme, which some may find irritating.

Who Keeper Might Be Better For:

  • Users who want to be able to easily monitor the strength of their passwords
  • Users who prefer the interface

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Who LastPass Might Be Better For:

  • Users who want the most comprehensive security features
  • Businesses who want a password manager more suited to accommodate the size of the company
  • Users who want a reliable, free password manager

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LastPass and Keeper are pretty similar. Either would be a good option for users who are new to password managers, as they’re both pretty intuitive and offer a guided introduction to the application when you install it. It comes down to whether or not you want to pay. LastPass is free and Keeper requires that you pay for a subscription. LastPass does offer more in the way of security, and there really isn’t anything Keeper offers and LastPass doesn’t. So when it comes down to it, LastPass is probably the more ideal of the two.


Gwynn Ballard

Gwynn Ballard

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