Keeper Vs. LogMeOnce— Which Password Manager Is The Better Option?

Note: Keeper now offers dark web scans for Business and Enterprise accounts.

LogMeOnce is a unique password manager that offers photo verification as an alternative login to the standard master password. Is it better to pay for a more conventional password manager, like Keeper? We’re compared the two side by side in a number of different categories to see how they stack up.

Key Similarities

  • Both have password generators that allow you to create strong, unique, customizable passwords
  • Both use a master password to protect your data
  • Both use one-sided encryption
  • Both offer an application for businesses

Key Differences

  • LogMeOnce offers photo verification as an alternative login method to the master password
  • LogMeOnce produces productivity charts that demonstrate account activity
  • Keeper requires a paid subscription
  • Keeper has a customizable interface
  • Keeper offers a family version of the application



Winner: Keeper

Keeper is the clear winner in this category, offering a sleek, clean interface that’s easy to navigate. It displays your saved passwords in a simple list layout, and it’s even customizable, allowing you to change the background color. LogMeOnce, on the other hand, has a very cluttered, slightly outdated interface. It’s unique in that it features a lot of colors, crazy fonts, and fun animations, but this is mostly just distracting, and makes the interface as a whole look pretty chaotic.


Winner: LogMeOnce

LogMeOnce is truly unique when it comes to its security features. Most distinctively, it offers an alternative login option that uses photo verification instead of a master password. The application snaps a photo of you on your computer and sends it to your phone. From there, you will be able to confirm your identity and access your passwords on your computer. Some may find this extreme, but it adds a layer of security beyond password protection alone. It also employs two-factor authentication by default, since you have to have access to another device in order to login. LogMeOnce also offers an anti-hacker feature called “mugshot,” which takes a photo of the hacker and shows the date, time, and geolocation of the hack, as well as the IP address of the hacker.

Keeper offers a more conventional security test feature, located in the “security audit” section. Each of your saved passwords is assigned a security score based on their strength, and it also tells you which passwords require an update. So while Keeper does help you effectively monitor the strength of your passwords,, LogMeOnce offers more extreme security features and more features overall.

For Families

Winner: Keeper

LogMeOnce does not offer an application specifically for families, but Keeper offers the Keeper Family Plan, a version of the application that allows you to add up to five family members. It offers secure vault-to-vault sharing, so you can share certain records only with specific users, and each family member also has their own private vault. This allows you to share financial or sensitive information with your significant other without sharing it with your children.

For Businesses

Winner: Keeper

Like the consumer version, the LogMeOnce business application also offers the photo feature as an option, but a central administrator is the one who verifies the identification of each employee. It also allows employees to create two, distinct, encrypted vaults, one for personal use and one for business use, allowing them to safely use their own device for business. Keeper offers an impressive business application as well, which includes comprehensive security auditing and an advanced feature called Keeper SSO Connect, which authenticates new users into the Keeper vault for easy onboarding. The Keeper business interface is cleaner and easier to navigate than LogMeOnce, which is more ideal for administrators overseeing many employees.  


Winner: LogMeOnce

LogMeOnce is free for the most basic version, while Keeper costs $30/year after the 30-day free trial.

Mobile App

Winner: LogMeOnce

The photo verification login feature in the LogMeOnce app is an amazingly helpful security tool, since it’s so easy to snap a photo of yourself on your phone. Keeper also has an impressive mobile app, but LogMeOnce is advantageous on a mobile platform.

Who Keeper Might Be Better For:

  • Users who want a strong security audit feature
  • Users who want a strong password manager for business or family use
  • Users who want a customizable interface

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Who LogMeOnce Might Be Better For:

  • Users who might prefer the photo verification over a password login, or want both options
  • Users who want extreme security features
  • Users who don’t mind an eccentric interface

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If security is your number one priority, LogMeOnce offers more extreme, detailed features. It offers a photo verification login option in addition to the standard master password, an anti-hacker “mugshot” feature, and in-depth activity analysis charts.

The interface, however, is cluttered. Keeper is a much better option for users who want a simple, intuitive interface. It does require a subscription, but it comes out ahead of LogMeOnce when it comes to functionality and design, so it may be worth the money.

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Gwynn Ballard

Gwynn Ballard

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