Sticky Password Review— Worth A Look?

Sticky Password is not as well-known as some competitors, but it offers the bare essentials of a good password manager. It proves to be reliant and efficient if you’re looking for something simple.

How To Install

To use Sticky Password, you first have to download it as a desktop application. Once you have that on your computer, you will be prompted to make a master password, which will be used to access your Sticky Password vault. The master password must contain one small letter, one capital letter, and one number, and must be at least 8 characters. Then, you’ll be given the option to turn on syncing, which will automatically sync your information to their cloud server. You will then be able to download the browser extension.

Once the extension is installed, it will ask for your name, phone number, and date of birth. Sticky Password uses this information to give a brief tutorial on how its autofill function works, while saving the information for future use.

How It Works

The passwords you save in Sticky Password are protected by your unique master password. Once you’re in the application, there are several tabs on the application menu, including Web Accounts, App Accounts, Bookmarks, Identities, and Secure Memos. Adding a password is easy. Simply click Add web account and enter the login information for any web account. Sticky Password then saves this information and uses autofill to automatically apply the login information and password when you go to log onto that website. Adding a bookmark, identity, and secure memo is essentially the exact same process but for different information (financial information, secure documents, phone numbers, etc).   



The Sticky Password interface is easy to use. Your saved accounts will appear as a list, and you can see the information for an account just by clicking on the account’s name. The layout is simple and a little outdated, but definitely easy enough to navigate. There is also a handy search bar at the top of the application, so you can easily locate the information for any account by typing it in.  

Password Generator

Sticky Password has a built-in password generator that will automatically create a complex, unique new password for you. Once generated, it will be saved automatically and appear in the autofill for your account. The password generator is only available in the Sticky Password application, though. You do not have the option to generate a new password through the browser extension, a feature that many other password managers have. It’s also not customizable, so you can’t automatically adjust the number of special characters, numbers, etc., unless you want to go in and do it manually. You can, however, adjust the length, simply by deleting or adding characters.

Application Passwords

In addition to saving your web account passwords, Sticky Password can also save passwords for desktop applications. Click on the App Accounts tab and click Add app account, and you will be able to save the login information for any password-protected desktop software.

Sync Options

Sticky Password gives you multiple sync options. You can choose to sync your data through the Sticky Password cloud network or locally on your own Wi-Fi network. By syncing over Wi-Fi, your data never reaches the internet, which is a nice added security feature if you want it. You can also choose not to sync at all. (Syncing is only available with the premium version of Sticky Password.)


In the Sticky Password menu, there is a Bookmarks tab, which allows you to bookmark a webpage, and then launch that webpage directly from Sticky Password. (However, they also give you the option to launch the website from the web accounts section, so it’s not the most useful feature.)


In the Identities section of Sticky Password, you have the option to add more than one “identity.” For example, you can save a personal identity with your personal information, and then create a separate identity for all of your corresponding work information. This allows you to easily autofill several different email addresses, phone numbers, and credit card numbers for different purposes.

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You are automatically signed up for the 30-day free trial of Sticky Password when you download the application and create an account. After that, you can purchase the premium version, but there are only a few added features. They include syncing options (cloud syncing or WiFi syncing), priority support, and the pride of knowing that you helped save an endangered species, because Sticky Password uses part of your purchase to support a non-profit called the Save the Manatee Club. If you do want the premium version, they offer a single payment lifetime option in addition to a yearly subscription.  


Unlike some other password managers, Sticky Password does not offer a comprehensive security check. This kind of feature would typically evaluate the strength of your passwords by testing for old, duplicate, and compromised passwords. Sticky Password will only tell you if your password is weak, normal, or strong as you are entering it into the vault. However, you can enable two-factor authentication, as well as fingerprint verification, if you want to use the mobile app.  

Mobile App

Sticky Password offers a mobile app compatible with iOS and Android. It’s pretty similar to the desktop application, and very easy to use. You can also enable fingerprint verification, adding an additional layer of security.  


  • Sticky Password: Free
  • Sticky Password Premium: $29.99/year, $149.99 for a lifetime license

Who It Might Be Good For

  • Users looking for a simple, intuitive password manager
  • Users willing to pay a premium for syncing passwords across multiple devices

Who It Might Not Be Good For

  • Users seeking a more robust feature set
  • Users interested in business or family versions of a password manager


Sticky Password is great for anyone who wants a straightforward password manager that is easy to use. It really only provides the essentials, but it’s intuitive enough for beginners and works as well as any other password manager. If you are willing to pay for the premium, you get the option of syncing your passwords across devices, and you can use your Wi-Fi network, allowing you to sync data without it passing through the internet. So if you want comprehensive sync options, this might be a good fit for you.

Sticky Password does not offer a families version or a business version, so if you’re looking for one of these options, look elsewhere. This also may not be for you if want comprehensive security features, since it doesn’t have a built-in security check. It also doesn’t have a sharing feature, so if you’re planning on sharing a lot of information, you won’t be able to with Sticky Password.

Gwynn Ballard

Gwynn Ballard

Gwynn Ballard is a writer based in New York City. In addition to writing for Security Baron, she writes and performs comedy all around New York and on the internet. She's also a playwright, and has had her work presented at places such as Classic Stage, Manhattan Repertory Theater, and Playwrights Horizons Theater School.

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