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Have you heard of Sticky Password? They’re a password manager based in the Czech Republic and used by over two million people worldwide. Now, I want the days of guessing my passwords over and over to BE over, so that’s why I’m super excited to take a look at Sticky Password. They allow you to store all of your passwords in an encrypted vault, so you’ll never have to click “forgot password” again. That’s the world I want to live in!

In this review, I’ll go over Sticky Password’s pros and cons, its company background, features, subscription options, customer support, and app. I’ll also be testing out Sticky Password to see if it’s truly easy to use, because I know you have better things to do than troubleshoot your password manager. Let’s take a closer look.

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Sticky Password lets you store an unlimited amount of passwords across all your devices, so you never have to forget a password again. 

Sticky Password Pros and Cons 

Right off the bat, I want to lay down some pros and cons of Sticky Password so you know what you’re getting into.


  • VPN available: To hide all your web traffic in an encrypted tunnel, Sticky Password offers a Virtual Private Network through Ivacy VPN.
  • Multi-factor authentication: For more security, you can use biometrics in addition to your master password to sign in on Sticky Password.
  • Free option: Get unlimited password and data storage plus form fill-in completely free.


  • No dark web scan: If your credentials are on the dark web, you won’t be alerted.
  • No emergency contact: If you forget your master password, you’ll have to completely start over with Sticky Password.
  • No security breach alerts: Sticky Password will not scan the Internet for your credentials, so you won’t know if they’ve been compromised.

Okay, now let’s talk about the company itself.

Sticky Password Company Background 

Sticky Password Sync Across Devices

As a product of Lamantine Software, Sticky Password was created by former AVG Technologies executives, the people behind AVG Antivirus. Now, the reason I look into a company’s background in the first place is to see where they stand on privacy. Privacy matters because not only are all your passwords stored in Sticky Password, but also secure memos and a digital wallet. I’m pleased to say that if you’re looking for privacy, Sticky Password is an awesome choice.

As they’re based in Brno, Czech Republic, Sticky Password will never be forced to hand over customer data. That’s because the Czech Republic is not a member of the international surveillance alliances Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, or 14 Eyes which could make it legal for companies to hand over their customers’ information. In fact, the Czech Republic has privacy laws protecting citizens’ data, and there are no mandatory data retention laws. As long as you’re not interacting with hate speech, Holocaust denial, child pornography, or racist content, your data is safe and sound from any government.

So what data does Sticky Password collect from its customers? Of course, they’ll collect your account and payment information necessary to create and uphold your subscription. They’ll also keep some more information including your IP address, device identifiers, operating system, browser type, and other technical details. If you submit a crash log, bug report, or any request to customer support, Sticky Password will save that as well. While it’s not completely necessary to save all that information about your device, browser, and operating system, that’s why Sticky Password has an optional VPN (more on this later).

Features of Sticky Password

Sticky Password Features

Sticky Password’s main function is to save an unlimited number of your passwords across all of your devices. Instead of having to remember a million different passwords for accounts you haven’t logged into in years, you’ll only have to remember one master password. That certainly makes things easier!

Two-Factor Authentication with Sticky Password. Screenshot from Sticky Password website.

Aside from entering your master password, you can set up two or even multi-factor authentication for some added security. Two-factor authentication involves you typing in a code that’s sent to another one of your devices, and multi-factor authentication includes biometrics like face or fingerprint recognition. Basically, Sticky Password has some great ways to make sure that the right person is accessing your account (namely, you).

Master Password

Unfortunately, if you forget your master password, you’ll have to completely reset your account and even reinstall the app. Most password managers include an emergency contact so that you don’t have to start over completely, so this is a bit disappointing on the part of Sticky Password. You will, however, be able to add multiple users to your account, so if you want to share a password, you can do it in a safe, encrypted form.

Sticky Password Secure Sharing. Screenshot from Sticky Password.

If you’re using a Windows computer, you can either import your passwords from browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer or type them in manually (note that you can’t import passwords from Macs, a definite negative). Sticky Password doesn’t allow you to enter multiple passwords at once, but this is pretty typical for password managers. On the security dashboard, you can also see which of your old passwords are weak or repeated. While you can’t change them all automatically, you can use their password generator to come up with something extra-long and complicated.

Sticky Password Password Generator. Photo provided by Sticky Password.

Aside from saving your passwords, Sticky Password can also fill in forms for you with information such as your name, birthday, and address. Again, I’m sure you have better things to do than type out the same information over and over.

All of the information in your vault will be encrypted through AES-256, the current industry standard. Unfortunately, Sticky Password does not have security breach alerts, so you won’t know if someone has accessed your credentials.


You can store an unlimited amount of passwords and memos through cloud and local storage. For local storage, you can use a USB drive or a memory card.


So far, Sticky Password has almost all the features I need from a password manager, aside from security breach alerts and an emergency contact. I’m also a bit disappointed that they don’t have a dark web scan to make sure your credentials aren’t floating around on the anonymous, crime-ridden part of the Internet. But they do have one extra feature for some additional privacy.


Ivacy VPN. Photo provided by Ivacy VPN.

To completely hide your web activity, Sticky Password has partnered with Ivacy VPN, which can create a virtual private network for your traffic. Say you’re in a coffee shop and working on something sensitive. You don’t want to be on a public network where your traffic is vulnerable. You want to be on a private network where all your traffic will be encrypted. Ivacy VPN allows for exactly that. If you buy Ivacy VPN on any level, you’ll get a free Sticky Password account for one year. 

For more information about VPNs in general, check out our review of the best VPNs of 2019. 

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Sticky Password

Sticky Password lets you store an unlimited amount of passwords across all your devices, so you never have to forget a password again. 

Is Sticky Password Easy to Use?

Sticky Password Dashboard

The first thing you’ll do to set up Sticky Password is download the app. From there, you’ll create your username and master password as well as turn on cloud sync, if you want. From there, I was shown a page that had me download the browser extension. Once I downloaded that to Chrome, I filled in the form page online. Now, I usually prefer to do as much as possible in the app, so this was a bit annoying. But more importantly, nothing alerted me about importing my passwords. Then I remembered the kicker— Sticky Password doesn’t allow you to import passwords from browsers on Macs, only Windows. Instead, I had to add them manually, which was a bit more complicated than I would have liked.

Adding a Password on Sticky Password

All this information to save one password is definitely labor-intensive, much more than the other password managers I’ve reviewed. In general, the app wasn’t as intuitive as the other apps I’ve reviewed, making Sticky Password not my favorite user experience. It might be worth it if you’re a Windows-user, though.

Sticky Password Subscriptions

Sticky Password has options for both personal and professional use. Let’s break it down.

Sticky Password Personal Subscriptions

Sticky Password Subscription Options- Personal

Like I said before, you can never pay a dime and still store unlimited passwords with Sticky Password. But if you want to sync your passwords across multiple devices, access cloud storage, add multiple users, or get priority customer support, you’ll need to spend $29.99 for a year’s worth of Sticky Password Premium.

Sticky Password Personal Subscription Prices

Unfortunately, they only have annual or lifetime packages, but if you break the annual plan down monthly, that’s only about $2.50 a month, extremely affordable. For even more savings, you can pay $149.99 to get Sticky Password for life.

Sticky Password Business Subscriptions

Sticky Password Subscription Options- Business and Academic

If you’re a business or a school, Sticky Password has options for you. Like Premium, the Team plan costs $29,99 per year per person, and, if you’re part of an academic institution, only $12.95 per user, or $1.08 a month.

Sticky Password Business Pricing

It’s no doubt that whether you’re an individual, part of a business or an academic institution, Sticky Password is one of the most affordable password managers around. It’s also worth noting that even if you buy a Premium package, the first 30 days will be free, enabling you to test it out for yourself.

Sticky Password Customer Support

Sticky Password Help Center. Photo provided by Sticky Password.

While free Sticky Password users only have access to the online help center, all paid users can fill out an online form. On business days, Sticky Password claims you’ll receive a response in at least 24 hours. While I’m not thrilled that they don’t offer support over phone or live chat, 24 hours is a pretty good turnaround. When I filled out the online form with a few questions, I got a response in a day, but what did other customers think of Sticky Password’ customer support?

Sticky Password has a five star rating on Amazon, although there are only two reviews and one of them was clearly intended for RoboForm—  not super helpful. They also have a five-star rating on Google, but there’s only one review that’s just a rating, no comments.

So, I turned to TrustPilot, where Sticky Password has a three-star rating from 32 reviews— now this is the sample size I was looking for. Unfortunately, out of the six reviews that mentioned customer support specifically, three were positive and three were negative. It seems like Sticky Password works a lot better on Windows computers than it does on Macs, which isn’t surprising as you can’t import passwords from browsers on Macs. All in all, Sticky Password doesn’t have great customer support, but it’s not terrible, either.

The Sticky Password Manager & Safe App

The Sticky Password App

The Sticky Password app is where you’ll store all your passwords and secure memos, create new passwords and share access with multiple users. It’ll work on Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android. Sticky Password also has browser extensions for Chrome, Internet Explorer, Metro UI, Firefox, and Opera.

The app has ratings of 4.5 stars from both Android and iPhone users, which is really great.

“I was pleasantly surprised with this app once I got the hang of it and fully understand how it works. Fantastic password management and creation. Highly recommended!”

wrote David Friederick in a recent five-star review. A+ for the Sticky Password app!

Sticky Password vs. LastPass

Sticky Password vs. LastPass

Now that I’ve made you an expert of Sticky Password, let’s see how it matches up to one of its toughest competitors, LastPass. If you’re looking for privacy, Sticky Password is the way to go. That’s because LastPass is based in the U.S, meaning they’re subject to not one, not two, but three international surveillance alliances. Plus, they don’t offer a VPN, unlike Sticky Password which has a partnership with Ivacy VPN.

But make no mistake, LastPass has a few distinct advantages over Sticky Password. For one, they offer security breach alerts and even a dark web scan. If you’re a Mac-user, you’ll be able to import your passwords from Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Safari, unlike Sticky Password where you can’t import anything from a Mac. Plus, LastPass also offers credit monitoring for U.S customers. I also like that LastPass has monthly options, although they will cost more per month than Sticky Password’s annual plans. Finally, I found LastPass easier to use than Sticky Password, although this was mainly due to the fact that I could import my passwords from Chrome.

Overall, I’d choose LastPass over Sticky Password, especially if you’re a Mac-user. But if privacy is your number one concern, Sticky Password makes more sense.

Recap of Sticky Password

While Sticky Password isn’t one of my favorite password managers, it would be good for certain people with specific needs. Let me break it down for you.

I’d choose Sticky Password if you’d like…

  • Privacy jurisdiction: As Sticky Password is based in the Czech Republic, the company will never be forced to hand over customer data.
  • VPN partnership: You’ll get a year-long subscription of Sticky Password with any purchase from Ivacy VPN.
  • Free and affordable pricing: Not only does Sticky Password have a free option, but their paid options only come out to a few dollars or less per month.

But avoid it for the following reasons…

  • Can’t import passwords on Macs: If you’re a Mac-user, I can’t recommend Sticky Password.
  • Mixed customer support: Customers were divided on whether or not they had a positive experience with Sticky Password’s customer support.
  • No emergency contact, security breach alerts, or dark web scan: Sticky Password is missing some essential features of a password manager.

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