Home Alone: Why Didn’t This Rich Family Have A Security System?

Home Alone is a movie so popular that it has become a Christmas staple like mistletoe or consumerism. It stars Macaulay Culkin, one of the most famous child actors of all time, as Kevin McCallister, a bratty eight year old who gets his wish of never seeing him family again when they all leave for a vacation without him. If that sounds like prime parenting, consider this: they also lacked a security system for their large house filled with valuables. 

Having reviewed and written about dozens of security systems, cameras, and Internet of Things devices, Gabe and Aliza discuss how the movie would have been differently if the family wasn’t like the 70% of U.S households without security systems. Sure, it would’ve lasted 10 minutes, but at least Kevin wouldn’t have to improvise home security with cans of paint, human mannequins and old black and white movies. Among the topics discussed includes the $20 Wyze Cam, the $30 Wyze Sense motion and entry sensors, what happens to your security system if your power goes out, and why you really should have a landline. Gabe and Aliza also debate the merits of GPS child tracking watches, smart lights and video doorbells.

Time Stamps

3:14 Movie Recap

9:30 IRL (In Real Life) 

25:44 Asking the titular question, “are we in the future?”

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