Panic Room: We’re Definitely Not at the Disco Anymore

Single women with children are the most likely group to be burgled when someone is home, and no movie demonstrates this fact better than 2002’s Panic Room. Directed by the prolific director David Fincher, who you might remember from Fight Club, Gone Girl or The Social Network, Panic Room stars Jodie Foster as Meg Altman and a very young Kristen Stewart as her daughter Sarah. Upon moving into a beautiful townhouse that comes equipped with its own panic room, Meg and Sarah are burgled by the grandson of the previous owner, a man named Junior played by Jared Leto. It turns out that there are bearer bonds in the house, $22 million worth to be exact. The best part? Anyone who owns them can cash them in, without requiring any records of the owner! 

In this episode, Gabe and Aliza discuss the technology behind Panic Room and how it comes to home security today. Can robbers simply cut your phone lines to disable your home security system? Can professional monitoring really save you from a hostage situation? And how likely is it that you are going to be burgled in the first place? These questions and more are all answered in the sixth episode of our podcast.

Time Stamps

0:50 Movie background info and recap 

8:24 Gabe and Aliza discuss the home security displayed in the movie and how that would look today. 

12:40 Gabe and Aliza discuss burglary statistics; who is most likely to be burgled, what type of home is most likely to be burgled and what will make burglars stop in their tracks. 

15:15 Using Gabe’s knowledge as a lawyer, we discuss what would become of Burnham in the eyes of the law. 

19:23 Gabe and Aliza answer the podcast’s titular question, are we in the future?

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