Security Tips

Are you planning a boating, hiking, fishing or camping trip and not sure what your risks are, let alone how to stay protected? Security Baron offers hundreds of security tips whether you’re blowing up fireworks for the Fourth of July or simply moving houses. With each location you go and each situation you’re in, there poses new safety risks, which is why it’s important to do your research beforehand. 

All of our safety tips are written by safety and security experts used in combination with studies from reputable sources. By combining academic research along with our years of experience, Security Baron hopes to provide it’s readers with some actionable advice on how to stay safe in a plethora of scenarios.

iPhone Screen

How to Protect Your iPhone From Hackers

My name is Gabe, and I’m addicted to my iPhone (cue chorus of “Hi Gabe!”). Whether it’s listening to a podcast on my way to work, doing quick calculations as my mental math

How To Increase Your Online Gaming Security

Though less often discussed than breaches of other high-profile platforms, cybersecurity looms as a large risk in the world of online gaming. Breaches can occur in a variety of ways: through infiltration of

Security Tips For Fishing Trips

Fishermen like to think that there’s nothing more wholesome than fishing. The lap of the water, the tug on the line, the glint of scales in the sunlight. They find a separate peace

Security Tips For Your Neighborhood

Everyone wants a safe neighborhood. That’s why there are sites like FamilyWatchdog, which lets you monitor the location of registered sex offenders, and CrimeReports, a roundup of local crime stats that can keep

Security Tips For Moving

The summer months bring graduations, work vacations, and lease-endings. For many, the increase in temperatures thus also invites the dreaded moving process. While it’s unlikely you’ll find moving straight-up fun — what’s not

Security Tips For Wedding And Engagement Rings

Maybe you’re planning your wedding day. Or maybe you’re looking back on it with fondness. Remember the vows, the cake, the funny thing aunt so-and-so said? But whether you were married in a

Security Tips For Earthquake Proofing Your Home

As a California resident in the midst of moving into a new apartment, earthquake security has been at the forefront of my mind. I’d love to value design — like any other Pinterest-minded

Tips For Fireworks Safety

Everyone knows a story. They had a friend, who had a friend, who, when he was a kid, blew part of his hand off. Or his foot. Or set something on fire. There’s

Security Tips For The Amusement Park

You’re off to the amusement park for the day! Hopefully you did your research and picked a safe one — state fairs and roadside amusement parks may have little regulation and often have

Security Tips For Pedestrians

Being a pedestrian ain’t easy. As the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration says, at some point in the day, everyone is a pedestrian. But that doesn’t mean everyone is walking safely. In 2015,