Scout Video Doorbell Review

Video doorbells are one of the most useful smart home security components I’ve seen in recent years. They let you speak and see your visitor, as soon as the camera detects motion! After reviewing the Scout Alarm security system, I’m curious to see how their latest product, a video doorbell, stacks up. I’m looking at its design elements along with its features, hoping it lives up to Security Baron’s Necessary Features Test. I’ll also be going over my process installing the Scout Video Doorbell, plus the Scout Security app. Let’s get started with the Scout Video Doorbell review!

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Scout Video Doorbell
Scout Video Doorbell
Scout Video Doorbell

With 1080p HD video, person detection and integrations with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, the Scout Video Doorbell is a great option for an affordable price. 

Scout Video Doorbell Design

Scout Video Doorbell
Scout Video Doorbell. Photo provided by Scout.

The Scout Video Doorbell is available in black, white or gray, and every doorbell comes with all faceplates so you can mix it up! The doorbell is also available in digital or analog. Now, what is the difference between the two?

Analog doorbells…

  • Physical mechanism for chime (a classic ding-dong or chime sound), usually in the form of a mallet
  • The analog version of the Scout Video Doorbell costs $99.

While digital doorbells…

  • Recorded tone for chime (will sound computer-generated)
  • Require included power kit to be installed with internal doorbell chime
  • The digital version of the Scout Video Doorbell costs $105.

The Scout Video Doorbell requires either digital or analog wiring, so make sure you have either before making a purchase of any kind, as it’ll be hardwired into your existing doorbell setup. The good news? You’ll never have to worry about the battery running out, although it will make installation a bit more complicated (but we’ll get to that later).

You’ll most likely be using the Scout Video Doorbell outside, which is why I’m glad that it has a large temperature range of negative four to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. The camera itself will record both when a person is detected and when someone rings the doorbell. If you want more notifications, you can have it notify you whenever motion is detected, but this is probably not necessary considering the person detection already included. After all, you don’t really need to know every time a car drives by!

The Scout Video Doorbell will connected to your home’s Wi-Fi so it can communicate with Scout’s app, another topic we will cover in just a second. Now, I want to deep-dive into the camera, arguably the Scout Video Doorbell’s most important component.

Scout Video Doorbell Features

If you’ve read any of my camera or video doorbell reviews before, then you know that my framework for judging cameras is the Security Baron Necessary Features Test. It combines technical specifications with my own experiencing testing out a product to determine if it’s worth buying or not. I have high hopes for this one, so let’s get started!


I’m super impressed by the video quality on the Scout Video Doorbell, which has 1080p HD display plus the widest possible field of view of 180 degrees. While the camera can’t zoom in optically, you will be able to zoom in digitally, which is useful as well.


Of course, the camera has two-way audio, allowing you to speak to your visitors remotely. This is a great way to seem like you’re home when you’re not, preventing intrusions before they even happen!

Night Vision

The Scout Video Doorbell has infrared night vision, which I much prefer over color night vision from a bright white light. While the display will be in black-and-white, the process is much less conspicuous, which I consider a good thing while recording people at night.


Storage-wise, you can pay $2.99 a month for 14 days of cloud storage, which is a very cool deal. You’ll be able to download clips straight from the Scout app, which I like as it allows you to back up your footage in multiple ways.

Scout Professional Monitoring Plans

Plus, if you already have professional monitoring at the location of your Scout Video Doorbell, then cloud storage is free for your first video doorbell! Excellent deal.

Smart Platform Integration

Whether you’re in the Amazon or Google smart home ecosystem, the Scout Video Doorbell will fit right in with your trusted voice assistant. Ask Alexa or Google Assistant for the status of your video doorbell or hear recent activity, completely hands-free!

Artificial Intelligence

Person Detection

One of my favorite features of the Scout Video Doorbell is its person detection. Instead of telling you simply when the camera detects motion, it can actually tell the difference between people and other moving objects, be they animals, cars or simply trees swaying in the wind. Person detection creates smarter, more specific notifications, making monitoring your front door easier than ever.

Get Best Offer
Scout Video Doorbell
Scout Video Doorbell
Scout Video Doorbell

With 1080p HD video, person detection and integrations with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, the Scout Video Doorbell is a great option for an affordable price. 

Installing the Scout Video Doorbell

Installing the Scout Video Doorbell.
Installing the Scout Video Doorbell. Photo provided by Scout.

Like I said, you’ll need 16V digital or analog wiring, but installation is something you can do yourself.

Scout Video Doorbell Extras

Remember voicemails? Now, you can create them for your phone! If you’re not available to answer a person detection notification, or if you just don’t feel like talking, you can leave pre-recorded messages for your guests, automating your home’s hospitality like never before.

The Scout Alarm App

You’ll control your Scout Video Doorbell through the Scout Alarm app for Android or the Scout Alarm— Home Security app for iPhone. This is where you’ll receive notifications, set up smart platform integrations, livestream footage, and speak through two-way audio. While the ratings are not shown on the iPhone app, the Android app has a 3.6 rating overall, which is pretty decent.

“The app is simple to use and works for its intended purpose,”

wrote Android-user Damien Dennis in a recent five-star review.

Recap of Scout Video Doorbell

At only $99 for the analog version or $105 for the digital version, the Scout Video Doorbell is a fantastic option at half the price of many of its competitors. Plus, it has literally all of the Necessary Features that I look for in a camera, making it a great option for people that’d like:

  • 1080p HD video
  • Infrared night vision
  • Two-way audio
  • Integrations with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Person detection.

However, it’s not a good option for absolutely everyone, particularly if you were looking for:

  • Free cloud storage
  • Optical zoom
  • Battery-powered doorbell

That’s it from me! To explore other options, check out my review of the best video doorbells of 2019.


How do you power a video doorbell?

Video doorbells are powered either by battery or are hardwired into your home. The Scout Video Doorbell is hardwired.

How do you install a video doorbell?

Installation a video doorbell depends on it’s power source. If it’s battery-powered, you’ll just need to mount it to the door, but if it’s hardwired, you’ll need to remove your existing doorbell and chime setup and replace it with your new device.

How are video doorbells wired?

The installation process for wired video doorbells will differ based on the device, but most likely you will have to remove your existing doorbell button, mount the bracket, connect the wires and mount the device.

Gabe Turner

Gabe Turner

Gabe Turner is an attorney and journalist with a passion for home tech and secure, efficient living. Since graduating from NYU Law, he has maintained a paradoxical existence of trying to live life adventurously while remaining staunchly risk-averse. He is torn by the dual desires of wanting to only be in Brooklyn writing about housing policy and smart home tech and aspiring to visit his friends scattered across the globe. Gabe believes that stable, safe communities are the cornerstone to a vibrant and healthy society, and it is this passion that brought him to contribute to Security Baron.

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