ADT Vs. Alarm Grid

ADT and Alarm Grid both offer wireless home security systems with home automation options. ADT is the more traditional industry heavyweight with an established global reputation, industry-standard 36-month monitoring contracts, and professional installation.

Alarm Grid is a newer company with DIY installation, smartphone management across all packages, and month-to-month or self-monitoring contract options.

Key Similarities:

  • Wireless
  • Home automation options

Key Differences:

  • Alarm Grid has DIY installation. ADT needs professional installation.
  • Alarm Grid’s mobile app comes with all packages.
  • Alarm Grid offers month-to-month or self-monitoring options. ADT offers the industry-standard 36-month contract.

Winner and Loser Categories

Packages, Equipment and Pricing

Winner: Tie

ADT and Alarm Grid both offer packages with high-quality product options and extensive available add-ons like cameras and glass break sensors. Alarm Grid requires users to purchase equipment upfront, while ADT does not. But, ADT packages are barebones and will more than likely require additional add-ons at significant out-of-pocket cost.

ADT packages run approximately $30-$50 a month depending on features and come with round-the-clock monitoring but only equipment essentials. The company primarily uses excellent Honeywell/Ademco or DTC technology.

Alarm Grid uses Honeywell products, and the company has separate upfront equipment costs and month-to-month monitoring options. There are 25 equipment packages ranging from under $200 to over $600, with monitoring plans ranging from $10 to $45 a month.


Winner: Alarm Grid

Alarm Grid offers more flexible options with month-to-month monitoring contracts and self-monitoring options.

ADT offers the industry-standard 36-month monitoring contract.


Winner: Alarm Grid

Alarm Grid offers DIY installation with reported excellent customer service support.

ADT has professional installation that can get costly. Installation runs about $99 for the basic packages, but can exceed $1,000 if cameras or other additional equipment is added.

Home Automation

Winner: Tie

Both Alarm Grid and ADT have available home automation options.

Mobile App

Winner: Alarm Grid

Alarm Grid offers their mobile app with all its packages. The mobile app is a key component of Alarm Grid’s self-monitoring options.

ADT offers smartphone management, but only with the Pulse Select Package.

Company Reputation

Winner: ADT

ADT is a leading, globally-recognized home security company, while Alarm Grid is a much newer company and is still developing its reputation.

Who ADT is Better For:

  • Users looking to go with a globally-recognized, long-established company
  • Users seeking professional installation
  • Users wanting a long-term monitoring contract

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Who Alarm Grid Is Better For:

  • Users prioritizing smartphone management
  • Users seeking flexible contract options or self-monitoring
  • Users looking for DIY installation

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ADT and Alarm Grid both offer excellent home security options, though will likely appeal to different customers. Those looking for a well-established company with professional installation and traditional long-term monitoring contracts should go with ADT. Those interested in DIY installation who are willing to take a chance on a newer company — or those who have interest in flexible month-to-month contracts and self-monitoring — should opt for Alarm Grid.

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