ADT Vs. AlarmForce

ADT and AlarmForce both offer wireless security systems with no-frills packages. ADT is a leading, globally-recognized home security company, it primarily uses excellent Honeywell/Ademco or DTC technology, and has extensive available add-ons. The company also offers home automation.

AlarmForce is a Canadian company notably only available in five states — three in the South and two in the Midwest. If there is no installer in your area of the state, you will not be able to get the system. The company offers two-way voice with all packages, and separate medical alert systems.

Those looking for a basic, low-cost system will likely be satisfied with AlarmForce, while those seeking a more advanced system with add-ons and the latest technology will likely prefer ADT.

Key Similarities:

  • Wireless
  • Professional installation
  • Mobile apps that only come with some packages
  • 36-month monitoring contract

Key Differences:

  • ADT is a leading, globally-recognized home security system. AlarmForce is a Canadian company only available in five U.S. States.
  • ADT offers home automation.
  • ADT costs run higher.
  • AlarmForce offers two-way voice with all packages.
  • AlarmForce offers separate medical alert system packages.

Winner and Loser Categories

Packages, Equipment and Pricing

Winner: ADT

Both AlarmForce and ADT offer no-frills packages, though ADT has excellent technology and more available add-ons to complete your system.

ADT packages run approximately $30-50 a month depending on features and come with equipment essentials and round-the-clock monitoring. Out-of-pocket additional costs are required for cameras, glass-break, and flood and freeze temperature sensors, but many options are available. The company primarily uses excellent Honeywell/Ademco or DTC technology.

AlarmForce has basic packages with proprietary equipment. They range in cost from $25-$42 per month, and the company does not have extensive available add-ons. All packages do come with two-way voice, however, which allows users to communicate in real-time with the monitoring center. The equipment will not appeal to those looking for top-of-the-line technological innovations.


Winner: Tie

Both ADT and AlarmForce offer the industry-standard 36-month monitoring contract.


Winner: AlarmForce

Both AlarmForce and ADT have professional installation with fees varying between packages, but ADT installation can get pricier for more advanced systems.

For AlarmForce, the most bare-bones package offering has free installation, but the installation fee for the most expensive package runs $179.

With ADT, Installation costs about $99 for the basic packages, but can exceed $1000 if cameras or other additional items are added.

Home Automation

Winner: ADT

ADT offers home automation. AlarmForce does not.

Mobile App

Winner: Tie

Both ADT and AlarmForce have comparable mobile apps that offer basic remote control of security systems and are only available with select package options.


Winner: ADT

AlarmForce is reported to have notably poor battery life. Most sensor batteries on the market have about a 5-year lifespan, but AlarmForce users have noted the need for much more frequent battery replacement.

ADT uses reliable Honeywell/Ademco or DTC technology.

Who ADT is better for:

  • Users with flexible budgets
  • Users looking for excellent equipment
  • Users interested in home automation

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Who AlarmForce is better for:

  • Users looking to keep costs down
  • Users seeking a basic system
  • Users not interested in the latest technology
  • Users who don’t want home automation

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If you are looking for just the basics in a security system, AlarmForce will be a solid option that keeps costs down if available in your state. If you are seeking top-of-the-line equipment or home automation, ADT is the better choice.



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