ADT Vs. LiveWatch

ADT and LiveWatch both offer comprehensive security systems to meet your safety needs. Both companies have excellent reputations, provide highly-rated brand-name equipment, and have home automation capabilities.

ADT requires professional installation and a longer-term three-year monitoring contract, while LiveWatch is DIY and offers a shorter-term commitment option.

Key Similarities

  • Excellent equipment
  • Available home automation
  • Good company reputations

Key Differences

  • ADT has professional installation. LiveWatch is DIY.
  • ADT offers a 36-month contract. LiveWatch offers 1-year.

Winner and Loser Categories

Packages, Equipment and Pricing

Winner: Tie

Both ADT and LiveWatch offer packages with excellent equipment but that likely require customizations.

ADT packages feature primarily excellent Honeywell/Ademco or DTC technology, run approximately $30-50 a month depending on features, and come with round-the-clock monitoring. But, users should note the packages themselves are barebones and will more than likely require additional add-on equipment at a significant out-of-pocket cost.

LiveWatch mostly uses highly rated GE equipment, and has two equipment package offerings. Like ADT, LiveWatch options are barebones, and add-ons can also get costly. Users can purchase packages at $99 or $149 when paired with an applicable monitoring packages. Monitoring packages range from $20-$50 per month. Video capabilities are only available with the most expensive package.

Mobile App

Winner: Tie

Both LiveWatch and ADT have mobile management available, as well as more expensive package options. LiveWatch also offers two-way live voice assist with its Total Home and Total Home + Video packages.


Winner: LiveWatch

LiveWatch offers the more flexible option, a one-year contract with no cancellation penalties. ADT offers the industry-standard 36-month monitoring contract.


Winner: Tie

ADT and LiveWatch each offer only one installation method. ADT has professional installation that can get costly. Installation runs about $99 for the basic packages, but can exceed $1,000 if cameras or other additional equipment is added. LiveWatch only offers DIY installation.

Home Automation

Winner: Tie

Both ADT and LiveWatch have available home automation options.

Company Reputation

Winner: Tie

ADT is a leading, globally-recognized company and the biggest home security provider in the world. While LiveWatch, rebranded from SafeMart in 2013, does not loom as large a tycoon in the industry, it has an excellent reputation. The company has high customer-service ratings and few customer complaints.

Who ADT is Better For:

  • Users seeking professional installation
  • Users interested in a long-term monitoring contract
  • Users seeking the the biggest home security provider in the world

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Who LiveWatch is Better For:

  • Users looking for a DIY system
  • Users interested in a more flexible, shorter-term one-year contract

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Both ADT and LiveWatch have offerings to meet your home security needs. Those looking for professional installation and a long-term monitoring contract should opt for ADT. Those interested in a DIY experience and a shorter commitment will likely prefer LiveWatch.

Livewatch is now owned by Brinks. Check out our review of the Brinks home security system.

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