ADT vs. Protect America

ADT and Protect America target two different niches in the home security market. ADT provides professional installation and service. Protect America sells do-it-yourself (DIY) systems and provides service through online tech support.

ADT vs Protect America

Both companies offer good quality home security protection. Protect America is our over-all winner in most comparison categories.

However, some homeowners may not be DIY-type people and prefer a service like ADT that does everything for you. In these cases, ADT is a good option.


  • Three-year contracts required
  • Support for Z-Wave technology


  • ADT requires professional installation. Protect America is DIY
  • ADT uses Honeywell sensors and Protect America uses GE
  • Protect America has a 14-day, money back guarantee. ADT offers a six-month money back guarantee on installation only.
  • Protect America offers landline or cellular monitoring for most packages. ADT is cellular only.

Comparison Overview Chart of Basic Packages

 ADTProtect America
Monthly Monitoring Fee$36.99$19.99
Equipment Costnonenone
Activation and/or Installation Fee$199.00none
Contract Length3 years3 years
Money Back Guarantee6-month14-day
Equipment ManufacturerHoneywellGE
Number of Door/Window Sensor33
Motion Sensor Included11
Better Business Bureau RatingA+A

Comparison Overview Chart of Top Packages Offered 

 ADTProtect America
PackagePulse SelectPlatinum
Monthly Monitoring Fee$49.99$54.99*
Equipment Costnonenone
Activation and/or Installation Fee*$199.00none
Contract Length3 years3 years
Two-Way VoiceYesYes
Smartphone and Remote Access ManagementYesYes
Video availableYesYes
Number of Door/Window Sensor314
Motion Sensor Included11
Touchscreen consoleYesYes
iTune App Rating2.5 stars2.5 stars
Android App Rating3.5 stars3 stars
Blackberry App Rating4 stars3.2 stars

*Landline monitoring only, $42.99

Comparison Overview
The GE components used by Protect America and the Honeywell sensors sold by ADT are equally reliable and provide excellent as-designed protection.

Service and installation ratings by users indicate equal satisfaction with the support systems that both companies use.

Monitoring centers for Protect America and ADT have all the appropriate licenses, backup protection and certified operators.

The smartphone apps work well though each company’s iTunes app rating is relatively low compared to home security app ratings for some competitors.

Protect America and ADT consoles manage any Z-Wave product.

Winner and Loser Categories

Company Reputation

Winner: Protect America

ADT’s aggressive sales force continues to taint its user reputation. Over promising and lack of transparency, though less a factor in recent years, still causes many to downgrade ADT when rating ADT systems.

Protect America receives overall excellent ratings from consumers.


Winner: Protect America

ADT charges activation and/or installation fees. The monthly monitoring costs are generally higher.

Protect America charges slightly less for cellular monitoring for their top package, but Protect America offers a landline monitoring option at a significantly lower monthly rate than the ADT rate.

The cost of the sensors made by Honeywell and GE is generally the same.


Winner: Tie

The three-year contracts required by ADT and Protect America have identical terms and conditions.

Packages and Contents

Winner: Protect America

Protect America provides more sensors and detectors as part of their packages than ADT provides.

Ease of Installation

Winner: Tie

The ADT installers are well trained and competent. The DIY components sold by Protect America are very easy to install.

Equipment Quality and Technology

Winner: Tie

Honeywell and GE sell top-rated sensors and detectors.


Winner: Protect America

ADT has a six-month, money back guarantee on installation only.

Protect America provides a 14-day, money back guarantee on all costs, including monitoring.


Winner: Tie

There are few user complaints on the service provided by either company.

ADT technicians provide good service. The Protect America video, chat rooms and telephone support receives equally high marks from consumers.

Comparison Summary

Overall, in one of the most important consumer categories, price, Protect America beats ADT.

However, the reliability of the equipment, functionality and monitoring that Protect America and ADT provide will give owners of either system peace of mind that they have purchased one of the best systems on the market.  Learn more in our Protect America review and ADT review.



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