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The high-end package offered by ADT, the ADT Pulse, has a free app that will allow you to operate the system on either an Android or an iPhone smartphone. You can only use the app, however, if you pay the for the premium Pulse service by signing a five-year contract and paying $50/month.

ADT iPhone Android App

The current versions of both apps fix several glitches that made the user reviews less than positive. The developers must have listened to the complaints, as the recent version, 7.0, released in July 2015, seems to have fixed the problems.  If you’re looking for more information on the ADT system in general check out our full ADT security reviews.

App Overview

The app lets you do everything you can do from the online portal or the touchscreen device at the house. Some of the customizable features, such as the Home View, must be configured through the online portal first before it will show on the app.

At the bottom of the screen is the tab bar with five icons: security, cameras, lights, thermostats, and locks.

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ADT Security System
ADT Security System
ADT Security System

We love ADT due to its great mobile app, free cloud storage for up to 30 days, two-way audio, and more. 


The security tab access all the major security functions such as arm and disarm. There is a very nice home view screen you can setup easily through your online portal. Once you set it up, it will show a diagram of your home with the positions of all the sensors and their status when you tap the security tab. The armed and disarmed status is noted as well as whether doors or windows are open or closed.

You can tap on the sensor icon and review details about each sensor by location or name through the security tab also.


The camera tab lets you view all cameras attached to the system. By tapping “live,” you can get a live view. You can also access the history of each camera and view achieved footage. If you want, you can take video clips or photos of live activity while viewing the camera feeds on your phone also.


The lights tab will bring up a list of all light switches you have connected. Tapping on each allows you to turn them off, on or dim them, depending on the type of switch installed.


You can have more than one thermostat installed. Each will be labeled and accessed by tapping on them. The app lets you control all the functions of the thermostat from temperature to timing.


The locks tab will show each door lock. Tapping on it brings up a screen that will allow you to lock or unlock the door.

There is a sixth tab that can be added, an energy tab. If you have a Z-Wave energy monitor, you can enable it through your online portal and then it will appear and you can access it on the app. You will be able to read any of the devices connected to the monitor, such as total home energy use, energy used by an appliance or whatever is part of your monitored system.

Other ADT Pulse Apps

Several other ADT Pulse home security apps that compliment or expand the capabilities of the basic security app. These include the TV, ADT Canopy, Ford Pulse Sync and ADT garage door app.

TV App

Samsung has an ADT Smart TV app. It lets you download and add the ADT Pulse app to your Samsung TV. You can then control your ADT home security through your TV too.

ADT Canopy App

The ADT Canopy app lets you create a group of family or friends and among the group, share your location. It also maps your exact location, identifies emergency centers such as the nearest police station or hospital, and lets you ping the circle of contacts to notify them you are away from home or office.

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ADT Security System
ADT Security System
ADT Security System

We love ADT due to its great mobile app, free cloud storage for up to 30 days, two-way audio, and more. 

Ford Sync Applink

This app permits Ford owners to sync their ADT app with their car. It allows voice control of the ADT home security app. You cannot perform all the functions using voice control, but you can arm, disarm, and check the system status. You can also adjust smart home appliances such as lighting, thermostat controls and open and close the garage door.

ADT Pulse Remote Garage Door App

You can download a separate ADT garage door app if you have your garage door linked to your home security system. This app will let you open and close your garage door without being within IR range. It would permit you, for example, to let a workman or deliveryman access your garage while you are away by pressing one button on the app screen.


ADT has a very nice and creative suite of apps for use with their ADT Pulse package. The downside is the cost. Even though the apps are free, you cannot use them unless you have paid for the most expensive ADT package.

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