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ADT TouchscreenADT offers a color touchscreen device with its ADT Pulse Select package. There are three models available; two have been discontinued but is still in stock at many ADT dealers. The UTC/GE model has been discontinued. NETGEAR introduced a new model touch screen approved by ADT in May 2015 which replaces their original, now officially discontinued model.

Touchscreen Overview

The touchpad offered by the company replaces a standard push-button console. It makes managing the system faster and easier to use. System status is indicated continuously. You are or disarm the system by touching the icon as well as an emergency panic alarm that signals the monitoring station that you need help. The home screen has a battery indicator and standard Wi-Fi signal strength indicator.

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ADT Security System
ADT Security System
ADT Security System

We love ADT due to its great mobile app, free cloud storage for up to 30 days, two-way audio, and more. 

There are fourteen icons or widgets as ADT calls them on the home screen. Eleven are normally displayed at any one time on the home screen. Touching the arrow key on the bottom right will display several more. You can change the settings so that whichever 11 icons you want will be on the first screen. Each will do certain things:

  • Cameras – Touching the camera icon takes you directly to the camera controls which lists each camera attached to your system. You can either tap the camera you wish to view, or wait ten seconds and the last camera you viewed will display. Touching the screen takes you back to the camera controls.
  • Lights – Any Z-Wave light modules display when you activate this icon. You select the lighting system and turn it on or off or if you have a dimmer switch attached, lighten or darken that particular light or room.
  • Thermostat – The thermostat screen lets you access all the thermostat functions of a Z-Wave device. You can manually increase or decrease the temperature, turn the system on or off, or by touching AUTO set different temperatures and times for the system to turn on and off.
  • Locks – You can lock or unlock each system you have connected or change the settings.
  • Energy Monitors – If you bought a home energy module, you can access and display several indicators here. The entire energy consumption of the home is shown, or the consumption of each device that is connected to the monitor can be accessed.
  • Night Mode

This darkens the touchpad screen.

  • Clock – This lets you access the clock settings (there is a clock on the home screen).
  • News – Touching this widget plays a slideshow with the top news stories of the day. Touching the screen during the show will display all the media settings and which ones you have added as part of the slide show. You can access any of them independently by pressing the appropriate button.
  • Photos – This allows you to display up to 25 photos in a slide show or individually. You must have a Yahoo Flickr account. You can access your account and download whichever photos you want on the touchscreen pad.
  • Sports – This widget also displays whatever category(s) of sports headlines you want to be shown in slideshow format. Touching the screen displays each category, and you can select which ones you want in the slideshow.
  • Traffic – The system is set to use google maps and display the traffic for your area. You can view the traffic in other locations by touching the icon and using the touchscreen toggle bar to zoom in and move the center point around until you see the area you want to view.
  • Weather – You get the current weather and five-day forecast automatically. You can change locations and get the weather for other areas too.
  • Word – This displays a “word of the day” with its definition.
  • Settings – The settings icon will take you to a list of items: security, screen, sounds and information.
  • Touching the security widget allows you see and change access codes, security events such as when the system was armed/disarmed, and whose access code was used to do what and at what time.
  • The screen item lets you brighten or darken, change the screen saver image or calibrate the screen.
  • The sound setting controls the volume of the alert chime and can turn it on or off.
  • The information item provides specific information on the battery, Wi-Fi, and gateway status.

UTC/GE 7″ Touchscreen: IS-TS-0700-B

This model is about one-third larger than the new NETGEAR model. It also did not come with a battery but must be plugged into an AC socket. Retail cost is around $350. It was not designed for mounting anywhere, so it is a bit cumbersome to use and lacks easy portability.

NETGEAR HS101 7″ Touchscreen

The NETGEAR HS101 is the original model that how now been replaced by the STS7000. The resolution is reasonable at 800 x 480, and the technical specs match those of the discontinued UTC version. The advantage of this model is the size and battery.


The STS700 has upgraded internal components. The screen resolution is the same, but there are several other features that set it apart:

  • Better Battery Life ( 7-day standby and 4-hours continuous use)
  • Cradle
  • 2GB Nand Memory
  • Open Android Platform
  • Internal Microphone and Speaker
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ADT Security System
ADT Security System
ADT Security System

We love ADT due to its great mobile app, free cloud storage for up to 30 days, two-way audio, and more. 


The 7″ touchscreen has a nice layout and is very user-friendly. The newer NETGEAR model, with stand and battery, makes it more portable than earlier models. ADT continues to work with their partners like NETGEAR to provide the best experience for their customers, keeping up with technology as well as the current “smaller-faster-more portable” consumer tastes.  See our full ADT security system review for more information.

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