Alarm Grid Vs. Protect America

Alarm Grid and Protect America both offer comprehensive security systems. With Alarm Grid, users will purchase equipment upfront and then opt for month-to-month or self-monitoring contracts. Protect America offers combined equipment and monitoring service packages, and requires users to sign a three-year monitoring contract.

Both companies offer DIY installation, well-regarded equipment, and home automation capabilities.

Key Similarities:

  • High-quality equipment
  • DIY installation
  • Home automation capabilities

Key Differences:

  • Alarm Grid requires upfront equipment costs.
  • Alarm Grid has month-to-month or self-monitoring options. Protect America offers a long-term monitoring contract.
  • Alarm Grid’s mobile app is available in all packages.
  • Protect America offers vehicle protection devices.

Winner and Loser Categories

Packages, Equipment and Pricing

Winner: Tie

Alarm Grid and Protect America both offer various packages with high-quality equipment and an overall wide range of offerings. If you are looking to purchase equipment upfront, you’ll likely prefer Alarm Grid. If you’re looking for a combination package of equipment and monitoring services, you’ll likely prefer Protect America.

Alarm Grid, which uses primarily Honeywell products, has separate upfront equipments costs and month-to-month or self-monitoring options. There are 25 equipment packages ranging from under $200 to more than $600, with monitoring plans ranging from $10-$45 a month.

Protect America has customizable packages ranging from $20-$47 with available high quality proprietary equipment add-ons, including specialty sensors such as glass break and (a limited selection of) cameras.


Winner: Alarm Grid

Alarm Grid offers the more flexible contract offerings. Users can choose month-to-month or self-monitoring contract options.

Protect America requires users to sign a three-year monitoring contract.


Winner: Tie

Protect America and Alarm Grid both offer DIY installation.

Home Automation

Winner: Tie

Protect America and Alarm Grid both offer home automation options.

Mobile App

Winner: Alarm Grid

Alarm Grid offers self-monitoring options through mobile apps included in featured packages.

With Protect America, smartphone management is only available with an upgrade to cellular and broadband service. This increases monthly monitoring fees by $20 per month for the most basic plan, and $12 a month for other plans.

Special Features

Winner: Protect America

Protect America has two vehicle protection devices, which is rare among home security offerings.

Who Alarm Grid Is Better For:

  • Users looking for month-to-month or self-monitoring options
  • Users willing to purchase equipment upfront
  • Users prioritizing mobile management

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Who Protect America Is Better For:

  • Users interested in long-term monitoring contracts
  • Users looking for combined equipment and monitoring packages
  • Users seeking vehicle protection devices

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Alarm Grid and Protect America will both meet your home security needs. Those looking for an upfront equipment purchase, flexible monitoring contracts, and mobile management should go with Alarm Grid. If you prefer long-term monitoring contracts, traditional packages, and are also looking for vehicle protection devices, you will likely be more satisfied with Protect America.

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