Alarm Grid and Scout Alarm have notable similarities in their home security offerings. Both companies offer month-to-month or self-monitoring contract options, which is a rarity in a market where the industry standard contract is 36 months. Both also have DIY installation, and eschew traditional packages for separate upfront equipment and monitoring costs.

The main difference between the two companies comes in equipment offerings. Those looking to keep their security system simple will likely opt for Scout Alarm. Those seeking home automation or cameras, specialty sensors, or a wide selection of equipment will likely be more satisfied with Alarm Grid.

Key Similarities:

  • Month-to-month or self-monitoring contract options
  • DIY installation
  • Purchase equipment upfront

Key Differences:

  • Alarm Grid has more extensive equipment options.
  • Only Alarm Grid offers home automation.
  • Scout has reliability complaints.

Winner and Loser Categories

Packages, Equipment and Pricing

Winner: Alarm Grid

Alarm Grid uses Honeywell products, and has separate upfront equipment costs and month-to-month monitoring options. There are 25 equipment packages ranging from under $200-$600, with monitoring plans ranging from $10-$45 a month.

Scout Alarm also doesn’t offer traditional packages. Users choose their own a la carte equipment combination, but there are limited choices. There are no available video components and only three sensor and detector options. Scout Alarm does not offer any specialty sensors, or have any compatible fire or smoke detectors. Monthly monitoring fees range from $9-$19.

Scout Alarm uses proprietary equipment that is more expensive than industry standards like GE or (Alarm Grid choice) Honeywell.


Winner: Tie

Both Alarm Grid and Scout Alarm offer users flexible month-to-month or self-monitoring contract options. This is a departure from the industry standard 36-month contract.

With Scout Alarm, if you do commit to a full year, a discounted price is available.


Winner: Tie

Both Alarm Grid and Scout Alarm offer DIY installation.

Home Automation

Winner: Alarm Grid

Only Alarm Grid has home automation options.

Mobile App

Winner: Tie

Both Alarm Grid and Scout Alarm offer self-monitoring options through mobile apps included in their featured packages.


Winner: Alarm Grid

Scout Alarm has multiple user complaints that motion sensors are unreliable, and some users report poor sensor battery life.

Who Alarm Grid Is Better For:

  • Users looking for cameras and other extensive equipment options
  • Users seeking home automation

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Who Scout Alarm Is Better For:

  • Users wanting a simple system
  • Users looking to commit to a year of monitoring in exchange for a discount

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Both Scout Alarm and Alarm Grid will meet essential security needs. Those looking for just the basics with no cameras or home automation should opt for Scout, while those looking for a more extensive system with cameras, specialty sensors, and home automation should go with Alarm Grid.