AlarmForce vs. Frontpoint

Frontpoint is one of the top providers of do-it-yourself (DIY) home security equipment. AlarmForce is also very well known in the home security niche and uses local affiliates to install and service their products.

Both companies, unlike the majority of the top home security providers in the country, use proprietary sensors and detectors.

AlarmForce vs Frontpoint

Our extensive review found that FrontPoint is the winner. In some circumstances, however, consumers may want a more basic security system that is lower cost, such as AlarmForce.


  • Cellular transmission for most packages
  • A+ Better Business Bureau Ratings
  • Smartphone apps are free
  • Video and Z-Wave controls


  • AlarmForce offers 3-year and Frontpoint 1-3 year contracts
  • AlarmForce uses landline phone connections for its basic package
  • Frontpoint uses GE and AlarmForce proprietary components
  • Frontpoint is DIY and AlarmForce systems require professional installation
  • Frontpoint has a 30-day, full warranty. AlarmForce offers a warranty for the length of the contract

Comparison Overview Chart of Basic Packages

Package NameStandardProtection Plan
Monthly Monitoring Fee*$25.00$34.99
Equipment Costnone$99.00
Activation and/or Installation Feenone$99.00
Contract Length3 years1-3 years
Money Back Guaranteenone30 days
Equipment ManufacturerProprietaryGE
Number of Door/Window Sensor04
Motion Sensor Included11
BBB RatingA+A+

Comparison Overview Chart of Top Packages Offered

Package NameConnect with Cell WaveUltimate Plan
Monthly Monitoring Fee$41.98$49.99
Equipment Costnone$449.99
Activation and/or Installation Fee$178.99*$199.00
Contract Length3 years1-3 years
Money Back GuaranteeNone30 days
Equipment ManufacturerProprietaryGE
Smartphone and Remote Access ManagementYesYes
Z-Wave ControlYesYes
Video AvailableYesYes
Door/Window Sensor Included24
Motion Sensor11
Glass BreakNoYes
iTunes App Rating2.5 stars3.5 stars
Touchscreen ConsoleYesNo
Android App Rating4 stars4 stars
Blackberry App Rating3.5 stars5 stars

*Can vary depending on local dealer specials

Comparison Overview
The sensors and detectors used by AlarmForce, though more old-fashion in appearance than the more popular GE units used by Frontpoint, receive high marks from all users. They function as design and are as reliable as the GE sensors.

Frontpoint offers more sensor options than AlarmForce, especially Z-Wave components. AlarmForce has very limited Z-Wave offerings while Frontpoint users can draw upon the full range of GE Z-Wave and sensor offerings.

Frontpoint uses a network of dealers for installation and service. AlarmForce is strictly DIY. Both companies sell packages through their websites.

Both companies use licensed and certified monitoring centers located in various places around North America.

AlarmForce has a separate service for remote medical monitoring.

Winner and Loser Categories

Company Reputation

Winner: Tie

AlarmForce and Frontpoint have generally very good user reviews. Homeowners like both companies’ products equally well. On the Better Business Bureau site, neither company has a large number of unresolved complaints.


Winner: AlarmForce

The monthly monitoring costs charged by AlarmForce are lower for all package options than those charged by Frontpoint are. Component prices are about the same.

Frontpoint does, however, offer more equipment when compared to that offered by AlarmForce for a comparable package.


Winner: Frontpoint

Frontpoint requires a minimum one-year contract and AlarmForce a 3-year minimum.

However, AlarmForce charges the equivalent of three months service as an early termination fee, whereas Frontpoint charges the equivalent of the total monthly fees of the remaining months left on the contract at the time of termination.

Packages and Contents

Winner: Frontpoint

Frontpoint provides more components with the base price of their packages than SimpliSafe provides, though SimpliSafe essentially leases you the equipment and does not charge for it.

Ease of Installation

Winner: Tie

Installation is reported simple for the DIY Frontpoint system.

Users report no problems with the professional installation of AlarmForce systems.

Equipment Quality and Technology

Winner: Tie

The functionality and reliability of GE and the AlarmForce proprietary units are excellent.


Winner: AlarmForce

Frontpoint has a 30 day, full return policy. AlarmForce has a full warranty in force throughout the length of the contract.


Winner: Tie

The number of service complaints filed on the companies is about the same.

Comparison Summary

Frontpoint wins our comparison survey. However, if you want a more thorough security system, then AlarmForce may be a better option for you.



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