AlarmForce vs. Protect America

AlarmForce uses professional installation services for all their systems. Protect America pre-programs all sensors and detectors and all installations are Do-It-Yourself (DIY). Each offers only wireless home security packages.

AlarmForce vs Protect America Security Comparison

Protect America and AlarmForce monitoring contracts are for three years. Protect America outsources monitoring. AlarmForce owns 17 North American monitoring centers. However, AlarmForce is currently available in five American states and throughout Canada. Protect America is available throughout North America.

The Protect American system uses GE components and is Z-Wave compatible. AlarmForce manufacturers their own proprietary systems which are only compatible with AlarmForce consoles. AlarmForce systems are Z-Wave compatible also.

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Protect America Security System
Protect America Security System
Protect America Security System

We love Protect America for its integrations with Amazon Alexa, its great customer support, and its included 24/7 professional monitoring. All in all, we highly recommend Protect America.


Consumers buy initial home security packages and extra sensors or other items online at the company websites.

We have researched and summarized all the major comparison points for you. The details we have reviewed include monitoring package prices and contents, warranties, user service ratings and other important points that users would like to know before purchasing.

Overall, AlarmForce ranks higher in almost all categories. Some unique features of Protect America and the lack of availability in all states for AlarmForce may attract or require some users.


  • Cellular transmission for all advanced
  • Wireless systems
  • Contract length
  • No activation fees for their basic packages
  • No upfront equipment costs


  • AlarmForce has a separate medical alert product and monitoring packages
  • AlarmForce uses landline phone connections for its basic package
  • Protect America is DIY and AlarmForce requires professional installation
  • Protect America has a 14-day, money back guarantee. Alarm force offers a money-back guarantee for the life of the contract.

Comparison Overview Chart of Basic Packages

 Protect AmericaAlarmForce
Package NameCopperStandard
Monthly Monitoring Fee$41.99*$25.00
Equipment Costnonenone
Activation and/or Installation Feenonenone
Contract Length3 years3 years
Equipment ManufacturerGEProprietary
Outsourced or Proprietary Monitoring CentersOutsourcedProprietary
Number of Door/Window Sensor3none
Motion Sensor Included11
Two-Way Voice Console01
BBB RatingAA+

*Landline only available for $19.99

Comparison Overview Chart of Top Packages Offered

 Protect AmericaVivint
Package NamePlatinumConnect with Cell Wave
Monthly Monitoring Fee$54.99*$41.98
Equipment Costnonenone
Activation and/or Installation Feenone$178.99
Contract Length3 years3 years
Money Back Guarantee14 DaysLife of contract
Equipment Manufacturer2Gig and GEProprietary
Smartphone and Remote Access ManagementYesYes
Z-Wave ControlYesYes
Video AvailabilityYesYes
Two-way Voice ConsoleNoYes
Door/Window Sensor Included142
Motion Sensor11
iTunes App Rating2.5 stars4.5 stars
Android App Rating3 stars4.0 stars
Blackberry App Rating3.2 stars4.5 stars

*Landline monitoring only: $42.99

Comparison Overview
AlarmForce and Protect America use the different sensor and detector technology but both companies have consistently ranked high in user satisfaction. AlarmForce sensors are not as smooth and sleek as the GE models but the functionality and reliability are about the same.

The contract terms except for early termination are very similar. The cost of early termination for Protect America contracts depends on the number of months left in the contract and the cost per month of your package. AlarmForce charges a flat three-month monitoring rate fee for stopping your contract before the end of the term.

Each company essentially leases the equipment to you so that there are no up-front costs to the consumer. However, AlarmForce charges an installation fee for all but the basic packages. The cost of this can vary depending upon local dealer and company specials.

The companies retail their sensors and detectors for about the same price.

Each company resolves service problems through online chat or phone. Equipment is sold online.

The AlarmForce mobile app gets consistently good ratings by users whereas the Protect America app does not have excellent ratings for iPhone, Android or Blackberry.

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Protect America Security System
Protect America Security System
Protect America Security System

We love Protect America for its integrations with Amazon Alexa, its great customer support, and its included 24/7 professional monitoring. All in all, we highly recommend Protect America.


Winner and Loser Categories

Company Reputation

Winner: AlarmForce

AlarmForce has a higher Better Business Bureau rating due to higher ratings and fewer complaints by users.


Winner: AlarmForce

AlarmForce charges less for monthly monitoring than Protect America for its more advanced packages. Even the Protect America landline only service for the Platinum Package is more than the monthly price of the AlarmForce cellular service.

The equipment costs for any extra sensors or detectors you may want are the same.


Winner: AlarmForce

The terms and conditions of the three-year contracts for each company are essentially the same. However, AlarmForce only charges the equivalent of three months charges for early termination. Protect America charges you the total monthly amount multiplied by the number of months remaining in your contract.

Packages and Contents

Winner: Protect America

Protect America gives you more essential equipment with their packages, especially with the Platinum Package.

Ease of Installation

Winner: Tie

All users give Protect America and AlarmForce high ratings for installation even though one is DIY and the other requires professional installers.

Equipment Quality and Technology

Winner: Tie

Both companies have received few complaints regarding the quality of their sensors and detectors.


Winner: AlarmForce

AlarmForce has a length-of-contract free return policy. Protect America offers a 14-day return policy only.


Winner: AlarmForce

AlarmForce edges out Protect America due to its slightly better BBB rating and number of BBB complaints lodged against it.

Comparison Summary

AlarmForce and Protect America have quality products and services. However, AlarmForce clearly wins or ties in all but one category.  Read our complete AlarmForce review for more information.

Many consumers, however, may not be able to take advantage of the AlarmForce protects as AlarmForce unless you live in Canada or five states in the northern United States. Some consumers too may prefer landline service or may not have cellular. For these reasons, you may want to choose Protect America.  Learn more in our Protect America review.

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