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Alarm Grid Security System PackagesAlarm Grid sells hundreds of sensors, smart home appliances, and other home security products on its website Alarm The prices vary from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars.

Many home security users want the latest and greatest technology to add to their systems. The best control panels, keypads, motion sensors and smart home appliance devices. Tech savvy 21rst-century users want to ensure, particularly when it concerns the safety and security of their families, that they have the best.

Alarm Grid has access to the latest, the top-of-the-line Honeywell, and some 2Gig products.

The items below were selected from each category of equipment on the Alarm Grid website. Some are considered some of the latest (and usually most expensive) technological components marketed by the manufacturers and sold by Alarm Grid. Others cost considerably less but utilize the most popular and acceptable sensor technology used by home security device manufacturers.  Learn more about the entire system in our Alarm Grid review.

NOTE: Some of the Alarm Grid products listed on their site may require a wireless communicator. Read the product description carefully and, if the product is an addition to your existing system, read your console manual carefully. 

Honeywell L7000 Control Panel

This latest Honeywell control panel features a 7” touchscreen color display. The console can control up to four HD video cameras and up to 84 different zones. The large number of zones makes the unit suitable for even the largest residence or small office building.

The panel can communicate by Wi-Fi or cellular depending on the modules installed. You can also connect and manage the unit by downloading and installing the free smartphone or tablet app.

The Z-Wave module lets you use the L7000 for smart home appliance control also.

Honeywell L5200 Control Panel

The L5200 console is similar to the L7000. The unit has a smaller touchscreen, 4.7 inches. The 5200 has a landline connection whereas the L7000 only allows cellular and Wi-Fi.

This console can handle slightly fewer user codes than the L7000, 32 versus 48.

You can view one camera on the LED screen with this control unit and up to four with the larger screen version.

You can control all sensors, detectors, and Z-Wave devices, and up to 16, 4-button key fobs.


2GIG Go!Control Console

This panel also works wireless and has a color touchscreen. Small and compact, the unit allows up to 48 zone connections and 32 user codes. You can monitor all Honeywell home security products with the Go!Control. The console has two hardwire connections that will allow you, in conjunction with a wireless conversion communicator, to directly connect to wired systems.

It has cellular and Internet connectivity. You can also control any Z-Wave product through the panel.

Honeywell Tuxedo Touch Keypad

This color, touchscreen keypad has integrated WIFI. The 7” display has a resolution of 800 x 480 with large graphics and icons that are easy to read and intuitive to use. Unlike most keypads, you can use the Tuxedo in place of a control panel to manage any Honeywell security sensors. It also has built-in Z-Wave to allow you to control any Z-Wave components connected to your system

The keypad has voice notification also. Whenever an alarm activates, the panel will announce which zone alarm was triggered.

Like the other smartphone app-enabled consoles sold by Alarm Grid, you can control the Tuxedo through the Honeywell smartphone Total Connect app. You need first to pair it with your home’s Wi-Fi network or by Ethernet cable.

If you are using the Tuxedo with a console, the console must have cellular or internet connectivity.

IPCAM-WO Outdoor Camera

The IPCAM is a stand-alone component that can work directly with the Total Connect app without going through a control panel or keypad. Total Connect will allow up to six cameras on an account. There is a charge, however, to use Total Connect service only for video.

Like all home security cameras, you need AC power to run it. This may require direct wiring by an electrician if there is no outdoor outlet nearby. The camera connects to your home internet, so you will need a wireless router with a WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) button. Without WPS, you will have to buy a special wireless access point device sold by Honeywell, or you can wire it directly to your router with an Ethernet cable.

Your internet speed must be at least 768 Kbps, or the connection may not be stable or reliable.



5818MNL Recessed Door and Window Sensor

These sensor recess into your door and window frame and will not be visible unless the door is open. Even then, the small size makes it very unobtrusive. You will, however, need to drill a hole about 3 inches deep in the door frame to insert the sensor. The magnet needs a ½ inch hole drilled in the door.

The AAA lithium batteries that come with it last up to ten years.

58160D Outdoor Sensor

The 58160 has a 200-foot range, which can be doubled with a wireless repeater. Waterproof, the sensor works from -40° up to 150°F. It allows for an extra wide magnetic gap as outdoor installation requires greater tolerances.

It can be painted to blend in with the color of the surrounding area.

5819 Window, Door and Shock Sensor

This sensor combines a traditional door and window sensor with a shock processor. You need to purchase a wired shock sensor to the 5819 in order to take advantage of the shock sensing. The shock sensor mounts on the pane of glass and connects to terminals on the wireless 5819. This adds a layer of shock protection to the component.

This sensor has a range of 200 feet with a 3V lithium battery that will last about 3-5 years.

5822T Wireless Tilt Sensor

You use a tilt sensor on any garage door or basement tilt-type windows. Mounted on the interior of the door or window, once the sensor is perpendicular to the ground or floor, the sensor will send a signal indicating the access point has been opened.

The sensor has a tamper-proof cover.

5800PIR-RES, Pet-Immune, Motion Sensor

Honeywell claims that this sensor has upgraded technology that minimizes the number of false alarms that often plague motion detectors. This motion detector will not alert with pets weighing 80 pounds or less. It has a 35’ x 40” range.

The detector has a tamper-proof case with lithium, seven-year batteries.

DT906 Motion Detector

The unit has a built-in test feature for the microwave and passive infrared sensors utilized to detect motion. You can set the DT906 for different coverage areas: 200 feet x 15 feet or 120 feet by 10 feet. The PIR works by sending out a pulse every 8 seconds. If the return pulse is interrupted two consecutive times, the alarm will sound.

Internal features include protection against temperature changes that can affect PIRS on occasion as well as tamper-proof casing.

IS25100TC Long-Range Motion Detector

This is a wired detector that will need a wireless conversion communicator to function with the standard wireless home systems.

Wired products typically, due to the power issues with wireless components, can provide longer and wider coverage. This component has four range settings, with the maximum at 100 feet. Often these are used in warehouses or buildings with long hallways. This would be suitable for large homes or apartment complexes.

FG1625RFM Glass Break

This is one of the few flush-mounted glass break sensors on the market. The false ceiling or wall needs a 2.75 inch deep, 1 inch in diameter hole for mounting. The unit detects the sounds of breaking glass through a special acoustical sensor tuned to the right frequency. It has a range of 25 feet.

2Gig GB1-345 Glass Break

This glass break works within 15 feet maximum of any bank of windows, skylight or fixed pane glass. It has a tamper-proof case and either 360° or 180° detection radius, depending on how you mount it.

The GB1-345 not only includes a sensor mike tuned to glass break frequency, it also uses “thud” and “crash” sensor technology to detect the flatter sound of a glass door or window pane falling to the ground.

Honeywell FG730

This sensor has dual sensing technology similar to the 2Gig GB1. Besides the acoustical frequency of broken glass, the FG730 will detect the thud sound of the glass when it hits carpet or a muffled surface. Both sounds must be detected for an alarm transmission. This reduces false alarms.

The FG730 has a range of 30 feet depending on the acoustical conditions of the room.

FG701 Glass break Simulator

The FG701 allows you to test properly any glass break sensor. It simulates the sound of nearby breaking glass by transmitting on the same frequency that the sensors detect. Putting the control panel in test mode, you use the FG701 to ensure that the audio sensor inside your system glass break components has not failed.

It is especially important to test glass breaks if you change furniture locations, add furniture, or remove/replace curtains. This can cause masking or changes in the audio environment that may affect the sensitivity.

5808W3 Heat and Smoke Detector

This detector will trigger an alarm in three ways:

  • Thermal (temperature reaches 135°F or greater)
  • Freeze (temperature dips below 41°F
  • Smoke

Low battery is indicated by a blinking red LED light in addition to automatically notifying the control panel.

The Honeywell 5808W3 is a wireless heat and smoke detector. The 5808W3 utilizes a photoelectric smoke chamber for smoke protection as well as a temperature sensor that can detect high temperatures (135° F) and low temperatures (41° F).

There is a built-in siren that will sound, along with the control panel siren, whenever a heat, freeze or smoke condition triggers the detector.

2GIG SMKT2-345 Smoke and Heat Detector

This is one of the few 2Gig products offered by Alarm Grid. In addition to temperature and smoke detection, this detector will sense the rate of temperature rise. If the temperature increases 15° or more within 60 seconds, the unit will signal an alarm.

Powered by two, 3V lithium batteries, the detector will indicate by flashing LED light and by wireless notification to the panel when the batteries begin to fail.

748LC Dual-Tone Siren

This miniaturized siren can fit on a standard 4” electrical box. It is weather proof for outdoor use with a tamper-proof case. There are two tones: warble and steady. Honeywell manufactures this item for wired systems so you may require a wireless communicator.

Honeywell 710 Wired Strobe Warning Light

The 710 comes in four colors: red, blue, white or yellow. Made for use with the wired Vista panel, you must purchase a wireless communicator if you want to install this with a wireless system. The strobe will flash up to 60 times a minute once alarm activation occurs.

5804BDV Key Fob

The four-button key fob programming has one-touch arm away, arm stay, disarm, and panic. You can also check the status of the system prior to sending the signal. The key fob has a built-in speaker. By pressing and immediately releasing any button, the system will relay by the tonal indication the system status.

There are also four LED lights on the fob that will flash according to the status. You receive various indications in addition to armed or unarmed, such fire or smoke detector activation, through the key fob also.

5802WXT-2 Medical Alert

This medical alert device also doubles as a security key fob. Water resistant, you can wear it in the shower or bath. It comes with a belt clip, wristband and lanyard.

You can also use the device to perform the same functions as the 5804BDV. Simultaneous pressing the two side buttons will activate the medical alert. You can program it to perform alarm functions by single-button activation.

If you go outside the transmission range, the device will alert you by sounding a trouble signal on the control panel and on the WXT-2.

You can disable the trouble signal when you leave the house also.

It has a lithium coin-sized battery with approximately two-year battery life. The unit and console will alert when the battery starts to fail.

Honeywell 5869 Commercial Panic Switch

Honeywell designed this for small businesses requiring discreet alarm notifications in the event of a robbery or attack. When the button is pressed, the component sends a wireless signal directly to the police or monitoring company. No siren is activated though you can change the programming to allow audio alert also.

Once the alarm is tripped, you must use a reset key to deactivate it. It has a tamper switch too so if the button is forcibly removed from the mounting location an alarm will also be activated.

6160RF Keypad

This pushbutton keypad has built-in wireless receivers and transmitters that will work with any wireless sensor or detector. It can handle as many zones as your console allows.

There is a 2-line, alphanumeric LCD display with 56 programming menus. The display will guide you through the steps to access whatever programming function you desire.

iGSMV4G Communicator

If you have an older Honeywell Vista console wired security system, the iGSMV4G will let you convert it to any 4G cellular communications network. It uses Internet connectivity also and will automatically switch to cellular if Internet service is disputed.

The iGSMV4G will also upgrade your older unit and let you control it with the Honeywell Total Connect service through your smartphone.

For an even better price on Alarm Grid look at the latest Alarm Grid coupons.

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