Alarm Grid: Z-Wave Lights and Light Controllers

Z-Wave Light Alarm GridAlarm Grid sells a variety of lights and light controllers that use Z-Wave technology. These devices allow convenience as well as an added degree of security to your home. You can purchase in-wall switches and dimmers that let you turn on or off ceiling or wall lights. You can also purchase Z-Wave plug-in units that let floor or desk lamps. The lights plug into the component and the component into the wall. The plug-ins can double as a small appliance controller too.

Once installed, you can program various lighting functions through your home security panel, or Honeywell Total Connect remote service. Wireless panels, keypads, smartphones or online portal manage your lighting system with Z-Wave. You can do things remotely or create programs to:

  • Turn lights on and off;
  • Dim lights
  • Program different on/off times;
  • Have lights work in conjunction with a front door camera or motion detector;
  • Notify you whenever lights activate by text or email; or
  • Automatically turn on lights when your Z-Wave garage door opener or sensor activates.

Alarm Grid sells Leviton and Linear lighting devices and controllers on their website. You must have a Z-Wave console, such as the Honeywell L5200, L7000 or 2Gig Go!Control, to manage lights. If you do not have a Z-Wave compatible control panel, you can also purchase separate keypads or controllers that have Z-Wave. These upgraded components will also let you control your cellular, IP or landline connected security sensors and detectors.

Your existing Total Connect account will let you control lighting along with the security sensors.

Leviton VRI06-1Z Dimmer

This dimmer has a green LED locator to help find it in the dark. It comes in white, almond and ivory color. It can be wired in 3-way, multi-pole configurations with 120V, 60 Hz power.

This unit only works with incandescent and halogen fixtures. You cannot use it with fluorescent or with standard 3 or 4-way fixtures.

Leviton VP00R-1LZ Coordinating Remote

You use the VPooR-1LZ to pair with dimmers in 3-way or multi-pole configurations. The switch must be wired for three-way.

The VPoor-1LZ can handle up to five locations.

Leviton VRS15-1LZ Vizia RF+ Dimmer

The 15A scene capable switch can be used for single pole, 3-way switch, and other multi-pole installations. This will function with fluorescent, compact fluorescent and incandescent lighting.

It has a 15 Amp rating and can handle a total of 1800 Watts of lighting.

VRE06-1LZ Dimmer

This dimmer switch is one of the most expensive models. Made for low voltage lights, it has single, 3-way, or multi-pole connectivity. You will need a 3-way lighting wire runs in your home to connect it properly.

The dimmer can accept up to a 600 Watt load of low voltage lighting.

Like the VRI06-1Z, it comes in three colors: white, almond and off-white/ivory.

VRMX1-1LZ Dimmer

The VRMX1 controls magnetic low voltage lights. This unit will not work with standard or high voltage incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.

You can install with a single pole, 3-way or multi-pole configurations, and it can accept up to 1000 Watts of magnetic, low voltage lights.

VRP03-1LW Plug-in

This Leviton product plugs into a dimmable incandescent lamp. The unit can handle up to 300W. It cannot be used for fluorescent lights. The VRP03 is a plug-in module designed for making your dimmable incandescent lamp Z-Wave capable.

Linear PD300Z-2 Plug-in Dimmer

Compatible with lights up to 300 Watts, you will not be able to use this with appliances. Most small appliances rate higher than 300 Watts. Two-prong, ungrounded outlet usage will work with Z-Wave but grounded three-prong will not.

Linear WD1000Z-1

This unit can work with up to 1000 Watts of lighting. It can replace any standard dimming light switch. You press and hold for dimming and toggle (press and release) for on/off.

VISTA Automation Module (VAM)

This module allows the Honeywell VISTA control consoles to become Z-Wave capable. Essential the VAM has the Z-Wave control electronics found in the Honeywell Tuxedo module. The wired VISTA systems will be Z-Wave enabled, and the control panels will then manage up to 40 Z-Wave products.

Leviton VRR15-1LZ Z-Wave Receptacle

This module makes any standard wall outlet in your home Z-Wave capable. It has two receptacles. You plug in two lights or appliances up to 15 amps or 1800 Watts total.

Tamper resistant, it meets the 2008 National Electric Code regarding child safety. It comes with white, ivory, and semi-clear cover plates.


Alarm Grid has a good selection of Z-Wave light products to meet any homeowner’s lighting needs. You will need to know something about the lighting system or your home wiring in order to make sure you purchase the right component for your needs. You have to know the difference between incandescent, fluorescent and magnetic lighting. If you don’t have the manual for you lamp, the lamp itself will have the Wattage capacity somewhere on the socket or base.

In addition to the lighting, Alarm Grid has two Z-Wave locks and one thermostat for sale on their website. There are a lot more available on the market. However, the Z-Wave standard means that any Z-Wave product should work with any Z-Wave panel.  To learn more about the Alarm Grid system, check out our full Alarm Grid security system review.

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