Both Fortress and LiveWatch offer security systems to protect your home. Fortress goes a non-traditional route and offers no monitoring services, while Livewatch offers a flexible one-year contract option with no cancellation fees.

Both companies have DIY installation and lackluster websites. Only Livewatch offers home automation options, and Fortress has reported alarm delays.

Key Similarities:

  • DIY installation
  • Select mobile management options
  • User unfriendly websites

Key Differences:

  • LiveWatch offers monitoring services. Fortress does not.
  • Livewatch offers home automation. Fortress does not.
  • Fortress has reported alarm delays.

Winner and Loser Categories

Packages, Equipment and Pricing

Winner: LiveWatch

LiveWatch mostly uses highly rated GE equipment, and has two equipment package offerings. The packages are basic, however, and add-ons can get costly. Users can purchase packages at both $99 and $149 when paired with applicable monitoring packages. Monitoring packages range from $20-$50 per month. Video capabilities are only available with the most expensive package.

Fortress offers only equipment packages, with no monitoring options available. Packages are all pre-programmed, and range in cost from $99-$570, depending on customizations. Available equipment includes sensors, sirens, and an HD security camera. Fortress technology is reported to be inexpensive compared to the industry standard. Because only self-monitoring is available, Fortress systems rely on sirens, strobe lights, and autodial to alert users to issues. Alarm delays have been reported.


Winner: LiveWatch

LiveWatch offers a one-year contract with no cancellation penalties. Fortress notably offers no monitoring packages.

Mobile App

Winner: LiveWatch

LiveWatch has mobile management available with most but not all package options. Fortress offers a mobile app that is only available with specific package options.


Winner: Tie

Both Livewatch and Fortress offer DIY installation.

Home Automation

Winner: LiveWatch

Only Livewatch has available home automation options.

Who Livewatch is Better For: 

  • Users seeking home automation
  • Users interested in monitoring services
  • Users looking to avoid potential alarm delay issues

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Who Fortress is Better For: 

  • Users interested in a DIY pre-programmed system with no monitoring
  • Users not looking for home automation
  • Users fine with potential alarm delays

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Both Livewatch and Fortress offer options to meet your home security needs. Those looking for monitoring contracts and home automation will likely prefer Livewatch. Those looking to avoid any kind of monitoring services will likely be happy with Fortress.