Fortress Security and System Compatibility

Most sensors and detectors for a company’s home security system are interchangeable. If you decide to add a component or upgrade your control console, the sensors will all be able to connect to the newer version.

Fortress Security sells three different control console packages. One uses landline only and the other two cellulars. The proprietary sensors, though very competitively priced, do not all work with the proprietary control panels. The panels are made specifically with the components packaged with them. If you change systems or consoles, you may find that some of your sensors must be replaced.

Most of the SO2 and GSM essential components and accessories work with any control console. Many of the Total Security Package sensors and detectors will only work with the Total Security keyboard. The Total Security system, however, will be able to use most of the items sold for the SO2 and GSM.  To learn more about the system as a whole, visit our Fortress security review.

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We're huge fans of Fortress' lack of monthly fees, affordable price, and 30-day return policy. 

Basic SO2 Components

Thirteen of the twenty-four sensors, detectors and accessories sold with the SO2 system can connect to all Fortress Security consoles. The thirteen which work with all three command consoles are:

  • Smoke Alarm
  • Gas Leak
  • Pet Immune Motion Detector
  • Glass Break
  • Vibration
  • Water
  • Indoor/Outdoor Siren
  • Indoor/Outdoor Strobe Siren
  • Plugin Siren
  • Internal Siren
  • Signal Repeater
  • RFID Tags
  • Batteries

Several only work with the SO2 and GSM systems.

  • Door and Window Sensors
  • Standard Motion Detector
  • Solar Powered Outdoor Siren
  • Remote Key Fob
  • Panic Button
  • Doorbell

The Total Security package has each of the six SO2 and GSM-only items available, but they are specifically manufactured only for the Total Security console. It is easy to add the wrong item to the online shopping cart as there is no easy way unless you read the description carefully to know that the item has limited compatibility.

GSM Components

There are no specific components manufactured only for the GSM system. The SO2 list of compatible items is the same for the GSM.

Total Security Package

Fortress manufactures unique door and window contacts and motion detectors that will only work with the Total Security console. They are sleeker, rounded and slightly smaller than the SO2/GSM models.

The solar powered outdoor siren also has a more modern design. It too has smaller dimensions than the SO2/ GSM versions.

The Total Security key fobs look entirely different from the other model. The SO2/GSM key fob has only one button for disarming. The Total Security key fob has four buttons. You can arm the system in two ways: home or away. In addition to the disarm button, there is a panic button that will activate the alarm instantly even if the system is in the “at home” mode.

The Total Security system has one additional component that only works with the Total Security console. The Total Security outlet lets you control any electrical item plugged into it. It does not use Z-waves but like the rest of the components uses an RF connection with the control panel. You can turn something on or off with it.

There is no comparable item for controlling lights or other electrical items sold for the SO2 or GSM.

Get Best Offer

We're huge fans of Fortress' lack of monthly fees, affordable price, and 30-day return policy. 

Final Thoughts

Not many companies manufacture their own components and control consoles. Fortress is one of the few that does so. Fortress Security tries to keep the costs to consumers as low as possible. Hence, rather than build one sensor or panel that will communicate with everything, they build certain items only for certain packages.

This keeps the costs down for customers but can also add to your expense if you want to upgrade to their top-of-the-line system, the Total Security package.

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