Frontpoint Review
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Frontpoint Security System Review

Frontpoint is a decade-old security company that was the first to include smart security in all of their systems. They were also the first to make a self-guided setup app, which has become standard across the IoT security industry. This Frontpoint review will cover everything from system components and installation to subscription pricing and the mobile app. 

  • As of last year, Frontpoint offers monthly contracts with no cancellation fees. 
  • 24/7 professional monitoring and cellular backup are required with every system. 
  • Installation is easy DIY.
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  • Price: Packages from $319.95- $599.88
  • Best Feature: Customer support 
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Even though Frontpoint isn’t as old as security companies like ADT, they’re pretty traditional in terms of their subscription offers.

Frontpoint Sign
Frontpoint Sign

Namely, all of their security systems require that users pay monthly for 24/7 professional monitoring and cellular backup. Fortunately, Frontpoint has lowered it’s monthly prices to as little as $44.99 a month with a price lock guarantee on products, making their smart security more affordable for the masses. 

<We Recommend For>
  • Anyone who doesn’t want to sign a long-term contract
  • Someone who wants Crash and Smash protection for their base station
  • Anyone who wants their security system to stay on during a power outage
<We Don't Recommend For>
  • Someone who wants to monitor their system themselves and avoid monthly fees
  • Someone looking for the most affordable 24/7 monitoring and cellular backup prices around

Video Review 

Here is our video review of Frontpoint. 

In this video, we go over the components of our customized system along with a description of the installation process, monitoring and cellular backup options, customer support and finally, the Frontpoint app. Look out for a Frontpoint review video updated for 2020, coming out soon!

System Components

We tested a customized system that included the Hub, a door/ window sensor, a motion sensor, a glass break sensor, a keypad, a keychain remote, the SkyBell Slim Line Video Doorbell, the Yale smart lock and an indoor camera.

Frontpoint Security System
Frontpoint Security System

However, this review also goes over some of Frontpoint’s offerings that we didn’t personally test including the environmental monitors, the panic pendant, the touchscreen and the premium indoor camera. 

Frontpoint Packages
Frontpoint Packages

Hub and Keypad 

All Frontpoint systems require the Hub, which is what the company calls the “brains” of their security systems, and the Keypad, which is where users can arm and disarm their system using a passcode.

Frontpoint Hub
Frontpoint Hub

The Hub and Keypad come with Crash and Smash Protection, meaning the system will keep working even if an intruder smashes either device. The Hub is also what connects the system to cellular backup, which keeps it on in the event of a power outage, along with Wi-Fi backup in case your Internet fails, and even battery backup.

Installing the Frontpoint Keypad
Installing the Frontpoint Keypad

Both the Hub and the Keypad are pre-programmed with each other and the rest of the system right out of the box, available in a package for $249.99. However, an extra Keypad is also available for $49.99 for users that want to control their Frontpoint systems from different locations in their home, to be placed within 100 feet of the Hub. 


One of Frontpoint’s latest products is a touchscreen that lets users arm and disarm their systems as well as control any connected devices, from sensors to smart lights to smart locks.

Frontpoint Touchscreen
Frontpoint Touchscreen. Photo provided by Frontpoint.

Paired with the hub, the touchscreen requires Wi-Fi and must be on the same network as the hub, available for $119.99. 

Door/ Window Sensor

Also known as entry or contact sensors, door/ window sensors are two-part sensors placed on a door/ window frame and the door/ window itself.

Frontpoint Entry Sensors
Frontpoint Entry Sensors

They are used to detect when doors or windows have been opened or closed. Users can also place these wireless sensors on cabinets or drawers to be alerted whenever it detects movement. 

Motion Sensor

Frontpoint’s motion sensor detects motion within a 30 x 35 range with a field of view of 80 degrees. With heat signature sensing, the motion sensor can differentiate between people and pets under 40 pounds so that pet-owners don’t receive false and unnecessary notifications.

Frontpoint Motion Sensor
Frontpoint Motion Sensor

The motion sensors should be placed in large common spaces or in any room with multiple windows. Battery-powered, the sensor has a two to four year battery life. 

Glass Break Sensor

Instead of opening a window, some intruders will break the windows to avoid setting off door/ window sensors.

Frontpoint Glass Break Sensor
Frontpoint Glass Break Sensor

For this occasion, Frontpoint offers a wireless glass break sensor with a 20-foot radius to be placed either on a shelf or on a wall. The glass break sensor has a five year battery life, even more than the motion sensor. 

Garage Door Tilt Sensor 

Standard door/ window sensors won’t work with garage doors, which is why Frontpoint offers the garage door tilt sensor. Sold for $22.99, the tilt sensor is placed on the upper panel of the garage door facing inwards. If the garage is opened for an unusually long time, the user will be notified through the Frontpoint app. 

Keychain Remote

Another way to arm and disarm the Frontpoint security system is through the wireless keychain remote.

Frontpoint Keychain Remote
Frontpoint Keychain Remote

There’s also a panic button that will trigger the alarm. Frontpoint recommends that every household member gets a keychain remote to be placed with their other keys, as well as copies for hired help. The remote has a battery life of five to eight years. 

Panic Pendant

The panic pendant is a wearable panic button that can be customized back on users’ medical needs.

Frontpoint Panic Pendant
Frontpoint Panic Pendant. Photo provided by Frontpoint.

Working within 100 feet of the hub, the panic pendant is ideal for the sick or elderly, with a recessed button to prevent false alarms. 

SkyBell Slim Line Doorbell Camera 

Frontpoint also offers the SkyBell Slim Line Doorbell Camera to be placed at homes’ main entrances.

SkyBell Slim Line Video Doorbell
SkyBell Slim Line Video Doorbell

Wireless with a three to five year battery life, the SkyBell Slim Line Doorbell Camera works in temperatures from -40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and lets users see and speak to their visitors remotely.

The camera itself has 720p HD video, a little less than the current industry standard of 1080p HD, plus the widest possible field of view of 180 degrees. Storage is through along with local storage on the device itself. 

Unfortunately, the Slim Line lacks smart platform integrations as well as person detection, so users might receive some unnecessary notifications from movement of any kind. However, it’s possible to be notified only when the doorbell is rung to limit the amount of notifications that a user receives. Another drawback is the camera’s bright white light and lack of infrared night vision, making for a conspicuous device in the dark. 

While the Slim Line is certainly not the most advanced video doorbell we’ve ever reviewed, it is appreciated that Frontpoint offers it for only $149.99, as the average video doorbell costs around $190. To learn more, read our full review of the SkyBell Slim Line Doorbell Camera

Yale Z-Wave Smart Lock

In addition to their home security offerings, Frontpoint offers several Internet of Things, or IoT, devices that work with their systems.

Yale Z-Wave Smart Lock
Yale Z-Wave Smart Lock. Photo provided by Frontpoint.

The first is a smart lock from Yale, one of the leading lock manufacturers. Users will be able to lock and unlock their doors remotely as well as provide entry codes to let people in when they’re not home. Available in black or silver, the Yale smart lock costs $149.99, which is an average price for a smart lock. For other options, read our review of 2020’s best smart locks

Wireless Light Control 

Smart lights have become an increasingly popular IoT product, allowing users to control their lighting remotely. Not only does the wireless light control work with smart bulbs, but it also works with smart appliances, allowing users to control them remotely for the Frontpoint app for a cost of $49.99.

Light Bulb

This LED, dimmable bulb can be set to schedules or connected with other IoT devices to automate actions. An example would be to have the lights turn off when the front door is locked, meaning someone left their house. Frontpoint’s bulb costs $24.99, slightly less than the industry average of $32. For more options, read our review of the best smart light bulbs of 2020

Indoor Camera 

Frontpoint offers two different indoor cameras: their original, which we’ve tested personally, and the Premium version, which we have not.

Frontpoint Indoor Camera
Frontpoint Indoor Camera

Like every security camera, we put Frontpoint’s indoor camera up to Security Baron’s Necessary Features Test to see if it meets our standards. 


Frontpoint’s indoor camera has the industry standard of 1080p HD video, but it’s field of view is a bit narrow at only 113 degrees.

Frontpoint Video Display
Frontpoint Indoor Camera Video Display

Another disadvantage is that users can’t zoom in optically or digitally, so it may not be the best choice for capturing details. 


Fortunately, the camera has a speaker and microphone enabling two-way audio, allowing users to speak to whoever the camera is recording through the Frontpoint app. 

Night Vision

Two infrared lights allow for a clear view at night, nearly invisible to the naked eye.

Frontpoint Indoor Camera Night Vision
Frontpoint Indoor Camera Night Vision

We prefer infrared night vision to color night vision stemming from a bright white light, as it’s much less conspicuous. 


Frontpoint’s indoor camera doesn’t have a slot for a micro-SD card. Rather, the clips with save to, 1,000 clips a month for free, regardless of clip length.

Beyond that, users should download their clips and save them locally for backup. As we prefer cameras with both cloud and local storage, the lack of local storage is a definite drawback. 

Smart Platform Integrations

Users can have Alexa or Google Assistant control their cameras, both Alexa has more capabilities. Users can tell Alexa to record a clip or to pan, as well as arm or disarm the camera, while Google Assistant can only arm or disarm the camera.

However, since we look for security cameras with at least one smart platform integration, this indoor camera certainly meets our standards in this arena. Keep in mind that the Google Assistant integration only works through the action, while the Alexa skill is under the Frontpoint brand. 

Artificial Intelligence 

Finally, this indoor camera lacks person detection, so it can’t differentiate between people and other moving objects like pets, cars, etc. This may mean some unnecessary notifications for users, unfortunately. 

Premium Indoor Camera

Frontpoint’s latest is their premium indoor camera, available for $193.99.

Frontpoint Premium Indoor Camera
Frontpoint Premium Indoor Camera. Photo provided by Frontpoint.

Unlike their original indoor camera, the premium version can zoom in, has a super-wide field of view of 180 degrees, and a microphone with noise-cancellation for clearer two-way audio. Plus, the camera even includes Bluetooth speakers to play music, podcasts, or audiobooks wirelessly. Interested in smart speakers? Read our review of the best smart speakers of 2020

Outdoor Camera

Another more recent offering is the outdoor camera, a wireless option with infrared night vision sold for $167.50. 

Frontpoint Outdoor Camera
Frontpoint Outdoor Camera. Photo provided by Frontpoint.

To find other great options, read our full review of the best outdoor security cameras of 2020.

That’s it for Frontpoint’s security and home automation products, but they also offer a few environmental sensors essential for any home. 

Smoke and Heat Sensor

A good smoke sensor should also recognize a large change in temperature. Not only does Frontpoint’s sensor detect smoke and heat, but it also has an LED status light plus a loud siren to let users know of dangerous conditions. Like the rest of the security sensors, all of the environmental sensors are monitored by the team, who can contact the fire department for you if necessary. Learn more by reading our review of the best smoke and CO detectors of 2020

Carbon Monoxide Sensor

Odorless, colorless and nearly impossible to detect without a device, the carbon monoxide sensor alerts users if it detects toxic CO levels, which could be lethal, via a warning light, an alarm plus notifications to the monitoring team and Frontpoint app.

Wireless, the CO sensor has a battery life of five years and should be placed in bedrooms or the hallways outside of bedrooms. Explore other options in our best CO detectors review

Flood Sensor 

Floods, which can cause thousands of dollars in damages, are actually preventable if they’re caught early enough. The flood sensor can detect water, typically in your basement or utility room, alerting you even if it’s completely floating in water. With a battery life of eight to 10 years, users won’t have to do much maintenance with the flood sensor once it’s installed. Want to check out other options? Read our 2020 best water leak detectors review

How It Performs 

Now that we’ve gone over all of Frontpoint’s different devices, let’s talk about how well these devices work in practice. 

How Well It Worked

A large part of what makes Frontpoint so easy to use is it’s excellent customer support team. Even if DIY installation seems completely overwhelming, the support team could easily walk a user through step-by-step.

Frontpoint Keypad
Frontpoint Keypad

However, the setup was very simple, not requiring drilling or nails, and once it was up, it worked without a hiccup. It was easy to integrate it with my voice assistants, allowing for remote control. Plus, we appreciated how Frontpoint offers two-factor authentication for added security, sending a passcode to a mobile device to ensure only authorized users have access to their app. 


As Frontpoint is mostly wireless, most of its components come with adhesives which actually ripped the paint off some of my walls, particularly the keypad. But while the majority of the components are made of plastic, they’re still hardy and durable. 

Smart Platform Integrations 

Frontpoint works with Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, as well as Google Assistant, Google’s version. Let’s see exactly how you can use Alexa and Google Assistant to control your Frontpoint devices. 


Users can have Alexa arm and disarm their security system, unlock their door, change the thermostat, turn lights on and off, and have the camera record or pan. Here are the commands users can tell Alexa to control and monitor their Frontpoint devices: 

  • Alexa, ask Frontpoint, is my security system armed/ disarmed?
  • Alexa, ask Frontpoint to arm/ disarm my security system. 
  • Alexa, ask Frontpoint is the door unlocked? 
  • Alexa, ask Frontpoint to unlock the front door. 
  • Alexa, ask Frontpoint what is the temperature? 
  • Alexa, ask Frontpoint to set the living room to 70 degrees. 
  • Alexa, ask Frontpoint to turn on/off the light. 
  • Alexa, ask Frontpoint to set the light by 10%. 
  • Alexa, ask Frontpoint record with the kitchen camera. 
  • Alexa, ask Frontpoint to pan the outdoor camera. 

Google Assistant 

In order to connect Frontpoint to Google Assistant, users will need to download the action and log in using their Frontpoint usernames and passwords. From there, they will be able to have Google arm their security system, control lighting, thermostats and door locks. The commands will be along the lines of: 

  • Ok Google, ask to arm the security system. 
  • Ok Google, ask is my security system armed? 
  • Ok Google, ask to turn on/off the lights. 
  • Ok Google, ask to turn the lights up by 50%. 
  • Ok Google, ask to set the thermostat to 50 degrees. 
  • Ok Google, ask to lock the front door. 
  • Ok Google, ask is the front door opened? 

How to Set Up Instructions

Frontpoint offers installation guides on their website, split into “Getting Started,” “Cameras” and “Home Automation”. Here are some first steps to get started: 

  • Never used Frontpoint before? Head on over to to create an account, then download the Frontpoint app on either iPhone or Android. 
  • Then, plug in the hub and mount the keypad. 
  • From there, the Frontpoint Setup Wizard will guide users through the process in the Frontpoint app. 

In our installation process, we really appreciated the fact that the entire Frontpoint security system comes pre-programmed, and the fact that most of the system comes with adhesives on the back.

The only part that wasn’t as easy as placing a sticker was the indoor camera, which requires plugging in the ethernet and power cables. But from start to finish, we got our Frontpoint system up and running in about an hour. 

Subscription Plans

All Frontpoint systems come with 24/7 professional monitoring and cellular backup. That means that a team of monitors will be alerted whenever an alarm goes off. After verifying the emergency, the team can contact emergency services for the user, be it the police, the fire department or even a local hospital. All plans include cellular backup, which keeps the systems on in the event of a power outage.  

Price and Contracts 

For users looking to get the lowest possible monthly fee for Frontpoint, there’s the Interactive Plan for $44.99 a month.

Frontpoint Monitoring Options
Frontpoint Monitoring Options

These users will be able to receive notifications, control their system remotely and view a sensor history. However, for users that want livestreaming, cloud storage, night vision, and control of smart lights and locks, there’s the Ultimate Plan for $49.99 a month. All plans are monthly so users won’t receive any cancellation fees, a nice departure from their previous long-term contracts. 

Moving Fee 

There’s no fee for moving the Frontpoint system. Users must simply tell the company they’re moving, and they’ll be sent more double-sided adhesive before activating the system in their new home. Before the move happens, Frontpoint will make sure that they can get a cellular signal at the new location, which they probably will as they’re covered over AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon, the largest mobile carriers in the country. 

Customer Support

Users who need help with their Frontpoint systems can either check out their online help center, call support, email support or fill out an online form. 

Phone Number

For customer support help over the phone, call 1-877-602-5276. Representatives are available weekdays from eight AM until 11 PM and weekends from 10 AM until seven PM, EST. 


For support over email, send a message to [email protected] to reach representatives in the same hours as above. 

Online Help Center 

Frontpoint also offers a support center on their website with general FAQs, user guides, videos and even information on their mobile app. In our experience, almost every question we had was answered in their online help center, especially in the extensive FAQs. 

Live Chat 

While Frontpoint lacks support over live chat, users can fill out an online form to contact someone, if that’s more appealing than calling or emailing support. 

Our Experience Contacting Support 

In researching, installing and testing the Frontpoint security system, our team of experts contacted Frontpoint twice over email and didn’t receive a response either time, which was obviously disappointing.

However, we found that the phone support was excellent, with knowledgeable representatives happy to answer our questions. Of course, we wanted to see what other Frontpoint customers had to say about their support, which is why we turned to ratings on Google. 

Google Ratings 

Currently, Frontpoint has a 4.4 star rating on Google from 843 reviews, certainly impressive. The most recent review is by Raymond Goldbach, who gave the company five stars. He wrote, 

I have a Frontpoint system for about 5 years.  The equipment is very good and very durable. The customer service is excellent.  Always very knowledgeable and very helpful. The monitoring is excellent, they call very fast for any alarm.”

Looking at the 18 reviews tagged under “tech support,” we counted that a little over 70% were positive and about a third were negative. Given the status of customer support in most companies, this is a good sign from Frontpoint, a company known for their excellent customer support. 

The Frontpoint App 

The Frontpoint app is how users can livestream footage, check the status of their systems and control them remotely. 

The Frontpoint App
The Frontpoint App


The Frontpoint app lets users arm and disarm their systems, receive notifications, livestream footage or view cloud storage, and control connected devices like lights, locks and thermostats. 

Apple Store Rating 

At the time of writing, the Frontpoint iOS app has a 4.6 star rating from over 1,300 reviews, very impressive. The majority of the app reviews are five stars by a long shot, making Frontpoint a great choice for iPhone users. 

Google Play Store Rating

On Android the Frontpoint app did not fare as well with only a 3.3 star rating, down from 4.1 last year.

Many users seemed disappointed that, under the Interactive Plan, they were unable to livestream footage, view video and image history, receive motion triggered alerts, get night vision and control their smart lights and locks. However, this speaks to more of an issue with Frontpoint’s sales team and website than it does the app itself. 


In this section, our experts compare Frontpoint to other top security systems that we’ve tested including SimpliSafe, ADT and Vivint. 

SimpliSafe vs. Frontpoint

24/7 professional monitoring and cellular backup with SimpliSafe will cost users a minimum of $14.99 a month, $30 less than with Frontpoint. However, to receive notifications and control the SimpliSafe system remotely, the monthly cost increases to $24.99 a month, still $20 less than with Frontpoint.

SimpliSafe also has a professional installation option available for only $79, which is a nice feature. In testing out SimpliSafe and Frontpoint, we recommend SimpliSafe over Frontpoint due to its more affordable professional monitoring options, its option to self-monitor plus it’s more simple installation. However, Frontpoint does have better customer support and a higher-rated app. 

To learn more, read our full review of SimpliSafe vs. Frontpoint

Frontpoint vs. ADT

Frontpoint and ADT have a ton in common, from easy, DIY installation to requiring 24/7 professional monitoring and cellular backup with all of their security systems. However, while Frontpoint has two monthly fee options, ADT bases their fees on the amount of equipment and services, making it unique to every customer.

In terms of customer support, Frontpoint takes the cake, plus, we found Frontpoint easier to install than ADT. While ADT has the better app, Frontpoint is a better choice overall, especially for users that want to avoid a long-term contract, as ADT binds it’s customers for three years. 

To learn more, read our full review of ADT vs. Frontpoint

Frontpoint vs. Vivint

Vivint has some distinct advantages over Frontpoint, from it’s free, professional installation to it’s self-monitoring option. Despite these pros, we recommend Frontpoint over Vivint, as it has more affordable professional monitoring and better customer support.

Vivint’s pricing works pretty differently from Frontpoint. Users don’t pay for their equipment upfront, but rather, pay it in monthly fees which can range from $29.99 a month to $49.99 a month. From there, professional monitoring costs $49.99 a month for two cameras, $54.99 for three, and $59.99 for four, much more expensive than Frontpoint which has a maximum monthly fee of $49.99.

However, for users that want to pay in monthly installments for their equipment, Vivint might make more sense, although they’ll spend more money overall. 

To learn more, read our full review of Vivint vs. Frontpoint

Company Information

That covers it for the Frontpoint security system, but here is some more information about the company itself. 

Company History

Frontpoint was co-founded by Aaron Shumaker and Chris Villar in 2010. Like we pointed out before, they were the first company to introduce a self-guided app setup process, and the first security company to include smart security in all of their systems. The company is based in Vienna, Virginia, but beyond that, there’s not much information about Frontpoint available online. 

Where to Purchase 

Users can purchase Frontpoint devices directly from the Frontpoint website. Frontpoint no longer sells their devices on Amazon directly, although there might be some options available from third-party resellers. However, these items won’t necessarily be covered by a warranty, so we recommend buying directly from the source. 


For customer support, users can email Frontpoint at [email protected] or call at 1-877-602-5276. To request a quote, call 1-833-408-8428 or email s[email protected] weekdays from nine AM until nine PM, EST. There’s also an online form available on their website. 

Social Media 

For users who want to follow Frontpoint on social media, here are the links: 

Warranty Info 

All Frontpoint equipment comes with a warranty that ensures that any defective devices will be replaced for free. 

Return Policy 

Frontpoint offers a 30 day money back guarantee from the data the system is delivered. However, this doesn’t include shipping and restocking fees, which will be deducted from the reimbursement. Beyond that 30 day window, users can’t return their Frontpoint equipment, unfortunately. 


Overall, we would recommend Frontpoint as a security system. Although it’s not the most affordable option around, Frontpoint provides home security you can trust with 24/7 professional monitoring and cellular backup to boot.

However, users that want to self-monitor your security system and avoid monthly fees should look elsewhere. We hope this Frontpoint review was helpful. Look below or leave a comment for more information.


How much does Frontpoint cost per month?

Frontpoint costs either $44.99 a month with the Interactive Plan for $49.99 a month with the Ultimate Plan. Both plans give users 24/7 professional monitoring, cellular backup, notifications and remote control, while the Ultimate Plan also allows for livestreaming, cloud story, night vision, control of lights and locks and more. 

Is Frontpoint a good security system?

Frontpoint is a good security system. Although it’s not the most affordable option around, Frontpoint provides home security you can trust with 24/7 professional monitoring and cellular backup to boot. However, users that want to self-monitor your security system and avoid monthly fees should look elsewhere. 

Which is better, SimpliSafe vs. Frontpoint?

In testing out SimpliSafe and Frontpoint, we recommend SimpliSafe over Frontpoint due to its more affordable professional monitoring options, its option to self-monitor plus it’s more simple installation. However, Frontpoint does have better customer support and a higher-rated app.