Frontpoint Vs. Link Interactive

Frontpoint and Link Interactive both offer viable home security options with plenty of overlap in features. Both companies offer DIY installation and Z-Wave home automation options. Both have a variety of contract-length options and available mobile management.

Key Similarities:

  • Available one-year and three-year contract options
  • Mobile management options
  • Z-Wave home automation options
  • DIY installation

Key Differences:

  • Link Interactive offers one-year, two-year or three-year contract options. Frontpoint only offers one-year and three-year contracts.
  • Frontpoint uses mostly GE technology. Link uses mostly 2Gig tech.

Winner and Loser Categories

Packages, Equipment and Pricing

Winner: Tie

Frontpoint uses GE technology and offers three distinct, customizable packages with a combination of upfront equipment fees ($99-149), monthly fees ($35-$45), and additional activation fees. The company has a variety of available equipment offerings including cameras and glass break sensors.

Link Interactive offers separate equipment and monitoring packages. Equipment packages range in price from $134 to $630 and have variety of available options including smoke/heat/freeze sensors and an indoor night vision camera. You can also create your own system from a wide variety of available equipment, but prices will vary. There are two available monitoring package options: Gold, at $25, and Platinum, which includes video monitoring, at $43. Depending on your monitoring package choice, you can get some equipment purchase credits.

Link has a relationship with Costco, so members can purchase their equipment packages through Costco for a 5 percent discount. There are no activation fees.


Winner: Link Interactive

Frontpoint offers one-year and three-year contract options. Choosing the one-year contract will increase upfront equipment costs. Link offers slightly more flexibility with available contracts for one, two, or three-year durations.

Mobile App

Winner: Link Interactive

A Partner of, Link Interactive offers a free, highly-rated app to manage your security system as long as you have a monitoring contract. The two more advanced Frontpoint plans also allow for smartphone management.


Winner: Tie

Both Frontpoint and Link Interactive offer DIY installation.

Home Automation

Winner: Tie

Both Frontpoint and Link Interactive have available Z-Wave home automation options.

Who Frontpoint is Better For: 

  • Users interested in GE technology

Full Frontpoint Review

Who Link Interactive is Better For: 

  • Users looking for a two-year contract
  • Costco members

Full Link Interactive Review

Both Frontpoint and Link Interactive both offer strong security system options with a lot of overlap in provisions. Those looking for DIY, home automation, mobile management and one or three-year monitoring contracts will find options with both companies. Those particularly interested in GE equipment will likely prefer Frontpoint, while those who are Costco members or looking specifically for a two-year contract will likely be happier with Link Interactive.

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