Frontpoint Automation and the Smart Home

Frontpoint Automation and the Smart Home

Home automation is a huge new technology trend that builds off the back of sensors spread throughout your house. Of course, those sensors can also help your home security. Frontpoint offers home automation and smart home integrations via Z-Wave integration.

Z-Wave is a protocol that connects devices via a low-energy “mesh” network. That means that each device carries the signal of other devices, so dead zones aren’t a problem like they are with Wi-Fi or cell signals.

The GE hardware that makes up Frontpoint’s security systems all talk via Z-Wave, making the standard a core part of customers’ homes. However, Frontpoint’s system doesn’t really connect with larger Z-Wave systems, meaning you’re not able to shop outside the company’s offerings to add to your smarthome.

However, Frontpoint does offer some smart home equipment. The Wireless Light Control has some security-specific features, like turning on lights when certain sensors are tripped. But it also allows lights to be activated from afar and set on timers.

Automated thermostats can also be paired with your Frontpoint system, as can connected door locks. These allow control from the Frontpoint app and bring users more functionality through just one program.

Frontpoint allows enough smart home automation in its security product for average users, but smart home pros may want to look for a more compatible system to hook into their homes. However, Frontpoint’s system doesn’t interfere with other smart home functionality, and it doesn’t rely on any outside tech, so tinkering with your smart home setup won’t bring down your security system.

For more information on the Frontpoint home security system, check out our full review.

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