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Frontpoint’s equipment offers homeowners plenty of customization for their own security. While the basic packages fit almost anyone’s needs, users can add on a huge variety of options like light controls, water sensors and cameras to make sure Frontpoint covers their security.

Check out the equipment options below, and be sure to head over to our review for all the detail about the Frontpoint home security system.

ControlsSensorsCameras and Home Automation
Touchscreen Control PanelDoor and WindowWireless Indoor Camera
Pushbutton ConsoleRecessed DoorWireless Outdoor Camera
Keychain RemoteGarage DoorLight Control
Panic PendantGlass BreakKeypad Lock
Carbon MonoxideDoorbell
Smoke and Heat
Water and Flood

Touchscreen Control Panel

The 7″ color touchscreen panel connects by cellular waves and by Wi-Fi simultaneously. It works on AC power, has a battery backup, and is protected by “crash and smash” from vandalizing or attempts to disable.

The panel has a built-in siren and an image-capture camera. If anyone attempts to remove or damage the panel, a photo is taken automatically and sent to the user’s smartphone and the monitoring center by text or email.

This panel will also link all Z-Wave controls to the system.

Pushbutton Console

The push button console has the same smash-and-crash protection as the touchscreen. There is also a 24-hour backup lithium battery in case of power outages.

You can program up to nine user codes. The system does not have Z-Wave connectivity, nor can you connect video. The console comes with the Protection and Interactive Plans.

Keychain Remote

The Keychain Remote has four buttons: arm, disarm, panic and light. The light button actives a small light in the remote.

Panic Pendant

The panic pendant is weather- and shock-resistant. You can wear it around your neck or clip it to a belt. The recessed panic button must be pressed and held for two seconds to activate the alarm. You can program it for medical, emergency response or both from the monitoring center once activated.

Door and Window

Door and window sensors always come in two parts: sensor and magnet. The sensors have a low-battery indicator that will transmit a low-battery signal to the panel when the battery must be replaced. Batteries are generally good for five years.

Recessed Door

The recessed door sensors let you install the sensor inside the door frame. No one can see them from the inside or outside. You must drill a hole into the frame of the door and slip the oval-shaped sensor inside. The magnet usually goes on the door.

Batteries are good for five to eight years.


The Frontpoint doorbell was recently updated with a slimmer design for a more modern look. It contains a camera and microphone so you can see who’s at the door from anywhere. You’ll get an alert when the doorbell rings, or even senses motion if you want. You can also talk to whoever is at the door, letting the delivery driver know to leave the package behind a bush.

Garage Door

The garage door sensor works by activating a signal whenever the sensor is tilted at a certain angle. You can program the touchscreen panel to alert you by text or email if the sensor activates.

Glass break sensor

Glass Break

The glass break has a 20-foot range. The audio sensor inside is tuned to the sound frequency for breaking glass.


The motion sensors are “pet-safe” for pets up to forty pounds. They have a range of about 15 feet. The batteries last from two to four years.

Carbon Monoxide

The wireless and battery-powered carbon monoxide detector has a built-in siren to complement the control panel siren. The sensor element works for up to five years before it will need replacement.

Smoke and Heat

The smoke and heat detectors have two sensors inside. One will alarm when the temperature rises a certain number of degrees during a certain period. The other detects particulate matter from smoke.

The sensors last approximately five years.

Water and Flood

The transmitter and water sensor are separate. The water sensor portion is usually installed along the floor by an appliance like a washing machine, dishwasher or by the water heater.

Wireless Indoor Camera

The rectangular-shaped, miniature video camera comes with a stand. It is only for indoor use. It has infrared night vision and has excellent picture clarity at up to twenty feet, plus a speaker for two-way communication.

Wireless Outdoor Camera

The outdoor, fixed-lens camera also has infrared night vision. Motion sensitive, any movement will trigger a recording. You can activate and view live images at any time using your smartphone or the online customer portal.

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Light Control

The light control, connecting by Z-Wave, lets you do a number of different things with your system. You can plug in any light fixture and have it turn on whenever an alarm is activated. You can also program it, using the console, smartphone or customer portal, to turn the lights on and off at a certain time of day or night.

Keypad Lock

The keypad lock has an electronic deadbolt. You can give everyone in your family a different access code and then view through your smartphone the time and date of whichever access code locked or unlocked the door. You can have texts or messages sent to you telling you when a certain code user accessed the house.

The lock allows you to program it so that when you arm your system the door locks automatically.


The thermostat can be pre-programmed depending on your desires. You can also change the settings at any time from work or when on vacation.


The geo-services allows you connect your Frontpoint panel with your smartphone GPS and maps. Each user can set up one or more virtual security perimeters and establish rules that will do certain things once you pass the perimeter boundary. You can remind yourself to arm the system, turn up or down the thermostat or even activate a Z-Wave garage door opener (not sold directly by Frontpoint) whenever you are a certain distance from the house.

For more information on the Frontpoint home security system, check out our full review.

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